Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Nonconforming Uses

First, if you have not already done so, please read


Then look at the recent official documents below.

It appears that the latest attempt to illegally obtain my property for commercial development will likely involve someone trying to burn my house down!!  And greater than 75% destruction of my house would have the added bonus of getting rid of a tremendous amount of documentation about the whereabouts of certain people at certain critical times!

Also notice that the one particular area specifically mentioned in the documents happens to be the other area besides mine in town where an unsolved murder took place and zoning changes to commercial use followed soon after; see

(and be sure to read all the way to the bottom of the post).

Update:  Also be sure to read the comments below.


Medawar said...

Taken as a whole the provisions allow someone with a residential or agricultural use of a property in a block that is now designated for commercial development, to be forced to sell by tax penalties and the like if their property happens to get damaged to the tune of more than 75% of its taxable value.

Arson would indirectly, but inevitably, force the sale of the damaged property under circumstances where the rightful owner has very little chance of being able to hold out for a fair price.

The provisions therefore create a strong motive for arson or other contrived damage, such as a runaway truck or subtle damage to drains resulting in flooding. But the need for repair costs to exceed 75% of the taxable value mean that arson is going to be the preferred method of destruction.

City government should seek to avoid creating incentives to arson unless its leaders are well practiced on the Lyre.

Medawar said...

It should also be noted that the murderer and arsonist who brutally killed Ms Linda Muegge in Fredericksburg has never been charged, though he may well have passed through the hands of the police during their so far inconclusive investigation so we cannot say he's never been arrested because he might have been. Or he might be someone who's beyond suspicion in Fredericksburg, of course.

Either way, the city DOES have a murdering arsonist at large amongst its poplace and giving him a profit mechanism can only encourage tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the way to solve the Muegge murder would be to look at whoever still displays an active interest in the property several years after the killing. Perhaps someone trying to displace Linda Muegge's sister from the site with the help of the new rules described in the post above.

The trail may have gone cold, but the greed of the killer can always heat it up again.

Anonymous said...

Don't keep documentation at your house! At least not all of it. Make a copy for safekeeping. Pick a spot that you can remember and no one else knows. Bury, submerge, or put it in a safe deposit or share with a friend somewhere else.

Stalking is more about control and/or sexual violence. If they really have daddy warbucks in their back pocket, they'd make a lucrative offer on you house. I doubt that is what they are after as it is more fun to create misery and paranoia.

And, even if they burn your house, surely you are insured to the max. It might be a good thing. Then the insurers investigators can examine your documents and put these azzwipes away for good.

ML said...

The two comments immediately preceding this one were both written by my ex-husband.

Anonymous said...

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Stephen Michos said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder what you are really about! Who are you other than an advocate for every cause in the nation, especially San Antonio?

When you claim that one of my posts is written by your ex, I am suspious.

BTW, I reconize a vehicle posted in your blog. This is a cyberstalker. I think you know it.

The spellcaster crap is about murder. You know that, too.

No one should have to live in fear for their life so others can build their fortune off terror.

You are indeed scum! I beleived you at first. Now I do not.