Friday, February 4, 2011

Organized Stalking Of My Children

Like me, my children are also the innocent victims of organized/gang stalkers. They are followed everywhere they go by people who tailgate them aggressively, flash their headlights at them, wait for them down the street or around the corner (and know exactly when they're coming and where they're going), and more. Their mail is illegally opened, tampered with, and stolen. Their computers and computer connections are hacked and tampered with constantly. Money disappears from their bank accounts, the bank refuses to give them complete copies of their statements (they receive a sheet with starting and ending balances only), and the Federal Reserve refuses to do anything. They drive down the street with someone setting off various obnoxious noises inside their vehicles--or stay home because someone has flattened their tires. They are disturbed at all hours by prank calls or faxes, loud broadcast noises, people with dogs dancing around in front of our house to make our dog bark, being illegally buzzed by aircraft, having loud vehicles driving past them repeatedly, and so much more. And these things don't just happen here in Central Texas, either; they also occur when my kids are away at school or visiting elsewhere.

Last Monday, one of my adult children was awakened at 7 AM by a text message to their cell phone saying their checking account was overdrawn by $9,999,999. (An hour later, our dog started barking at someone acting like an idiot in front of our house.) My child did not recognize the number on the overdrawn account and knew something was wrong, so they went to the bank and showed the text message to an employee. After a little checking, my child was informed that a male bank customer whose overdrawn account had been shut down had listed my child's private cell phone number as his contact number.

Last Wednesday, one of my adult children found they needed to go to San Antonio to purchase materials for a job they'd been hired to do. As they were leaving, we discussed the fact that they'd need to buy gas and also that because the trip was job-related, they needed to remember to log the mileage and the gas price.

My child went straight over to the gas station and began filling their car's tank. As they did this, a man in a white pickup truck pulled up next to them, got out, and immediately began making remarks to my child about logging the mileage and gas price information. The man who did this was heavy-set, Caucasian, in his 50s or 60s, and had very short gray hair sticking out from beneath an odd-looking yellow hat that was clearly worn to attract attention.

My child realized that the man had to have had access to illegal surveillance from inside our home and was confronting them deliberately in this way to let them know this. Because of a great many similar incidents over the years, my child knew exactly what to do. They took a long, careful look at the man so they could recognize him again, taking note of his general description. Then they walked over without saying anything and looked at the front and back license plates on his truck, both so they could remember them and also to check and make sure they were the same (because around here, they're often not). In this case, both plates were the same: TX 31C-HL7. They made some notes on all of this, and they entered it into our log book when they got home later.

My child said that as soon as it became clear they were obtaining the plate information, the man suddenly got a "deer-in-the-headlights" look in his eyes. He quickly jumped back into the truck and sped away.

Several years ago, someone in law enforcement told me that each time someone accesses illegal surveillance can result in a mandatory two-year federal prison sentence; I assume this is still the case. I've also been informed that persons accessing illegal surveillance can be traced by computer. I'm told there's no parole in the federal prison system, either.

For some of the people we've had lots of problems with over the years, that would equal a potential life sentence in Club Fed.

Update, 2/7/11:
The day after I posted the above, a former classmate of one of my children was waiting for me just down the street on his distinctive line-green motorbike when I went to walk my dog. He then drove by me enough times to make sure I'd noticed him in his odd-looking long white sport coat. A younger kid (his brother?) also circled me repeatedly on a small bike while wearing a striped shirt that was also clearly meant to attract attention.

This afternoon as soon as I stepped outside with my dog, someone began hammering something loudly on the hill above our house. At the same time, someone started banging the back of a large dump truck repeatedly nearby, on property my ex-husband is currently developing. When I got to the corner, several men in the vicinity of the dump truck began putting a street theater performance that involved surveying equipment, loud noises, and exaggerated, ridiculous movements. (The person who appeared to be directing this performance was parked just off to the side and partially behind a building in a white pickup that looked a lot like one my ex-husband owns.)

ALL of the people involved in these incidents definitely knew I was coming and were there waiting for me. The time that I walk my dog changes every day. These people HAD to have access to illegal surveillance of us inside our house in order to have had time to get into position in their costumes and with their equipment. There is simply no other possible explanation for what occurred.


Anonymous said...

Boy, your property must be worth EVEN MORE THAN MINE. That is quite eleaborate. I do wonder how much you've considered whether they are using your cellphone as a mic. As well, even though you CHANGE the time you walk your dog, THAT itself is a constant, probably> So they just get ready. Mine are much more useless than yours. Sometimes the best they can muster is to come raise the lid to their trashcan and peer inside for a long time. (DISGUSTING!!!!) But appropriate for trash !

Anonymous said...

message to all TIs
- Never carry cell phone, it is a tracking device,
- never speak to gang stalker
- encript your email
- use
- use TOR
- all and any electronic communication can be traced.
-learn spirituality
-learn life after death
-spread message by any means
-you are not alone
-daily go to holy place
-stay together
-we will win