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A Greater Moral Compass

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Thursday, February 24, 2011Tortured FBI Whistleblower Warns Wikileaks Fans by Deborah Dupre
Deborah Dupre is a Human Rights Columnist.

The following article was copied in full from:

An FBI whistleblower has alerted that supporting WikiLeaks founder, Julius Assange and subsequently calling for revolution due to government cover-ups are intended results of a counterintelligence reverse tactic not in best interest of the public.

Bob Levin, FBI targeted whistleblower since 2000, knows sophisticated counterintelligence tactics designed to manipulate the unwitting.

Levin has lectured Special Agents in Training at the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. He has been requested to brief Counterterrorism Taskforce Agents relating to his skill sets and investigative techniques.

“My background was in codes and local, specialized state and federal law enforcement that ended in the FBI,”

Levin wrote to this writer in an email.

Levin is now one of thousands of Targeted Individuals in the United States, battling to survive both a hidden form of CIA torture he knows to be part of the CIA Torture Paradigm inflicting citizens in U.S. neighborhoods plus ongoing Cointelpro tactics used in conjunction with the torure. The combined effect is to ruin lives and even assassinate.

The torture Levin experiences is hidden by nature of military grade Directed Energy technology used on targets and their property. This form of torture is also hidden by mainstream media, another indication that corporate owned media no longer serves best interest of the public.

“I became a validated FBI whistleblower in 2000 and have remained sanctioned in political retribution while targeted under the CIA Torture Paradigm and ongoing illegal Cointelpro operations."

On December 8, Levin distributed an emailed alert using the following example posted by a WikiLeaks supporter:

“People NEED to be supporting Julian Assange through this ridiculous time. What a brave man for sharing the truth with the world. The governments of the world are just digging themselves a hole. IT'S TIME FOR A REVOLUTION!!!”

Levin’s email warned about “FBI, CIA and NSA counterintelligence reverse tactics used to bait passionate persons into an actionable trap.”

The recent operation on Somali and Nicaraguan youths that psychologically herded them into acts of terrorism need be a warning to Americans about PSYOPS master-minded so that innocent people are roped into actions against their best interest according to Levin.

“I’ve trained agents to do this against criminal targets, but as we know, these agencies have increasingly been politicized like the Gestapo,” he stated.

Legal Restorative Justice Revolution

Answering the call to support WikiLeaks and revolt, Levin advocates a restorative revolution under lawful terms of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.

This type of revolution “begins with a series of nation strikes and boycotts, followed by insistence that the USDOJ prosecute culpable congressional actors under FBI investigations as named by whistleblower patriots.”

Beyond that, Levin says, “It is imperative that no person allow their passions to exceed lawful conduct or solicit any manner of harm to another human being.”

“We the people must stand with a greater moral compass than the continuing criminal enterprise operating beneath the mask of the U.S. government.”

“What is important for activists not coming from my background to remember is that there are regular good people in the FBI, CIA and other agencies. There are exceptions in most things and we notice the outlaws more than those following their oaths."

How many FBI are good guys?

“At least 85% of one FBI field office shares my views,” says Levin.
“Hollywood's depiction of the FBI has a lot of BS.”

According to Levin, agents curse like sailors behind closed doors, some hold their own drinking bourbon, and others are incredible bakers and dinner party hosts.

“The point is that we are only as strong as the weakest of our parts and cannot allow the corrupt ruling class to turn us against ourselves.”

Countering sophisticated psychological operations calls for knowledge and restraint, else targets in the WikiLeaks scenario, including the American public, can be easily be led to act against its best interest.

“I hope you will share my thoughts with others and please do not support any violent or unlawful activities possibly solicited by others who do not possess your good character”

Levin’s opinions can be viewed online within All Voices and Scribd.

According to Levin, when his Blackfile summary report is published, its pages of truth will dwarf present embarrassment of the government from Julian Assange and WikiLeaks' released diplomatic communications.

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Anthony Chavez said...

horrible... well at least you are aware of what is being done to your children. i was totally oblivious to the perpetrators and all alone. i was gangstalked and electronically harrased at the age of 5