Friday, February 25, 2011

U.S. Anti-Stalking Law

The woman with the very short, straight brown hair and glasses who suddenly U-turned her silver Toyota sedan bearing Texas plates HXZ-637, pulled in behind me, turned on her bright lights, and began aggressively tailgating me as I ran a quick errand at noon today should read the following new (2/25/11) post regarding U.S. federal organized stalking laws as soon as possible:

And ANYONE ELSE who's ever participated in anything whatsoever to do with organized/gang stalking (for example, the man with the backpack who was standing just around the corner reporting to the above woman that I was coming) should also read this post and make certain that they fully understand it. Trying to claim you participated because someone else told you to isn't going to work. Ultimately, you and you alone are responsible for your actions, not someone else, the town where you live, your employer/s, etc.!

Finally, I sincerely hope readers of the article linked above will pay particular attention to the discussion in it about eligibility for the death penalty. (Claiming you didn't read it or didn't know is no legal excuse.)

Update:  See

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for showing this article to make people more aware. I have personally been stalked (more times than a normal person). When I worked as the Ass. Chief of Staff for the Mayor of Houston, Mayor Bob Lanier, I had a private detail placed on me 24/7 by the Chief of Police. Our police Chief Nuchia was a former FBI profiler and a lawyer. I was like a goddaughter to him. After some close calls which required me to move and change my phone number he assigned a squad car to come in and out of complex every 20 minutes. However, after a Dallas police officer tried to kill me in Dallas during Texas/OU weekend he put a 24 hour detail on me. He did all this without ever telling me. I only found out after I decided to resign from the Mayor's Office because of health problems. I also found out that the Dallas officer was investigated by the FBI and IA Dept of DPD (Chief Nuchia did not trust DPD to did it themselves) and it was found out that he had murdered several prositutes on his former route and I was his first target in the "real world". For some reason, the Chief surmized that I drew trouble to me like bee's to honey. It seems that I look like an easy target, but as they say looks can be deceiving because I always carry a gun (was taught how to shoot at the age of 5), I know how to fight, how to drive fast to get away from people trying to drive me off the road, and manipulate a situation in my favor. My dad taught all of this too me. I guees he knew I would be a target. Parents today need to not only teach their children to stay away from strangers, but also how to survive. I didn't mean to make this a life story, but people need to realize that anybody can be a target. You don't have to be famous you just have to be their "type".