Sunday, May 8, 2011

Watch Out For Your Contractors!

If you are a victim of organized/gang stalking, I'm learning that you need to be especially wary when you hire contractors of any kind. The following are a few examples of some of the kinds of things to beware of.

Heating/Air Conditioning Installation and Repair Technicians: separate air duct installed at some point that bypasses rest of ducts and instead runs straight from the blower to directly over victim's (i.e., my) bed [Photo 1]; insides of air ducts lined with black felt (to muffle sounds made by moving remote-control fiber optic cameras; also to absorb toxic chemicals used as bioweapons) [Photo 2, showing inside the outlet of duct shown in Photo 1]; for another example, see "Heating Up In Texas" post of 6/25/09

Plumbers: opening cut under kitchen sink at base of kitchen island to install illegal camera/s; fiber optic lines running up from this area and through tiny openings through cabinet [Photos 3 and 4]; also see 4/4/11 post

Carpenters: large, crude screws in back of cabinet showing where it's been opened to insert illegal surveillance equipment and then both screwed back together and glued closed [Photos 5 and 6]

Electricians: see description of bathroom example in previous post

Builders: see sliding door example in my 3/30/11 post; Dr. John Hall of San Antonio tells me the particular stalking gang targeting us also likes to hide cameras inside hollow doors that can be prepared ahead of time and then quickly switched, but most of our doors are solid (Dr. Hall says if you shake these doors hard, you can often hear the camera batteries rattling around inside)

Stereo Repairpersons: old speaker that gives off radio frequency (RF) signals even though it isn't hooked up to anything [Photo 7]

Taxidermists?: something nearby gives off strong RF signals; probably behind the wall nearby, but could be something in the mount as well, since a hole has been drilled into it [Photos 8 and 9]

Pest Control Technicians?!?!: large amounts of PVC pipe in our attic with no apparent legitimate function that were dubbed "The Gerbil Run" by one observer [Photo 10]; left open in at least one location [Photo 11]; one segment runs down into children's bathroom on one end [Photo 12] and down into the corner of my bedroom on the other [Photo 13]


tucoisafag said...

ame thing is happening to me right now...this stalker idiot has tie to San antonio too...I don't know his real name,just know it's that Guy on YouTube called ray William Johnson..

tucoisafag said...

Sounds like we have the same stalker...we should talk! ?