Saturday, May 21, 2011

Accountability (Or Lack Thereof)

The top article was just published in the San Antonio Express-News. It explains how San Antonio, Austin, and El Paso were recently passed over completely for receiving federal Homeland Security funding.

The bottom item, also published in the San Antonio Express-News, documents previous problems with missing DHS equipment purchased with these funds (over 30 million dollars worth, some of it sophisticated surveillance equipment). Although WOAI reporter Brian Collister said he had turned over a list of the missing equipment to Rep. Lamar Smith at the time, and Smith stated in the telecast segment that he would look into this, as far as I know, nothing was ever done.

It's encouraging to see that the federal government is refusing to hand out money to entities who refuse to be accountable for what they do with it!

Now I suggest you go back and look at my previous series of posts showing and describing some of the illegal surveillance we've found installed in our house so far. Then go back to my 11/17/09 post titled "Illegal Surveillance Summary" and wonder, as I do, whether any of the items I'm finding is missing federal equipment. (Take into account the fact that I'm dealing with former federal agents as detailed in "Who's Lying?", "He Said", "Bringing the Dirty Tricks Home", and elsewhere on this blog.)

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ExposeAustinTexas said...

Texas is extremely corrupt. They have kangaroo courts everywhere; religious cults everywhere; astroturf groups everywhere; and awful public schools. It's a disaster.