Tuesday, May 31, 2011


These small openings that give off strong radio frequency (RF) signals might be for illegal surveillance cameras, but their positions fairly low on the walls plus their locations suggest they are instead for illegal microphones.

One is next to the front door of our house,...

...and the other is next to our back door. (Notice that someone placed a pencil mark next to the back door one. We've noticed the locations of illegal equipment having been marked this way in other areas as well.)

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Anonymous said...

maybe it's an interruption beam. So that's how they know when you come and go. Cellphones can also be used as microphones. Do you and your kids ever try writing quietly to each other rather than talking out your plans? Just curious. I like to surprise them. Sometimes there are so many of them I was afraid they woudl hurt each other so I joked I would post our itinerary every day. NOT SO MUCH. Let htme WORK FOR IT. Try covering those things with a thin piece of metal like those disks .... very small, or screw a doorstop in there. LOL.