Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Strange Microphones

The small (approximately 0.2 cm in diameter) spot shown below was found stuck to the leg of my bed, at the head, and right next to our land-line telephone. Close examination showed it to be perfectly round, metallic-looking, paper-thin, and with a slightly raised gold-colored rim around the outside edge. When I tried to carefully scrape it off onto a piece of paper, it was so thin that it broke into several tiny metallic pieces (see last photo below).

I'm left wondering if this was some sort of sophisticated illegal microphone. We know from other things we are finding that our house contains many generations of illegally installed surveillance equipment--not all that surprising, since we've been stalking victims for twelve years now (with no end in sight!). We also know that the head of the organized stalking gang targeting us has close ties to the San Antonio FBI office and that other persons who have victimized us in the past have known ties to the Secret Service and the CIA. (Note that the LBJ ranch and the Bush Museum of the Pacific War are located close to us.) Certainly the location where I found it is indicative of its having been a microphone; indeed, the reason I spotted it is because I realized it was the ideal location for a microphone and was checking the area carefully.

I will need to defer to others with expertise in such things as to exactly what it is or was. (I still have the pieces.) Now, at least, I know something else to be on the lookout for, although these will be hard to find. As far as giving off radio frequency (RF) signals, there are so many in the general area of my bed that I can't say whether this item was giving them off or not.

Thanks to a fellow victim of organized stalking in another state, I also have information on another kind of strange microphone that's apparently being used by perpetrators. This victim stated their intention to go up into the attic of their house to look for something. They then went up and rummaged through a box but could not find what they were looking for, so they began going through a second box that was nearby. Inside this second box, they found what they described to me as a tiny (about 1 in. long) metal microphone that looked "just like the ones on t.v. only in miniature; it even had a tiny metal mesh head". They said that as far as they could tell, this little microphone had just been dropped into the top of the box by someone.

The victim took the mini-mike out of the box and put it in a place they believed was secure so they could photograph it and describe it for an incident report, but when they went back later to do this, the mini-mike was gone. It should be noted that this particular stalking victim has severe problems with stalkers illegally entering their home and attic, even when they are there. (I feel their pain!)

Other information I've received from this same victim matches very well with things I'm hearing from both persons connected with law enforcement and fellow victims from many different locations, so I believe their account to be accurate. Again, it's something else for stalking victims to be on the lookout for. It's also a great example of why stalkers are so afraid of victims who compare and share information. I'm grateful for this victim's having let me know about this.

If anyone has any additional information about these items, I'd appreciate your leaving it as a comment at the end of this post or emailing it to me privately at kamaudocs at gmail dot com.

Update, 6/5/11: I have received a professional opinion that, although this could indeed be an illegal microphone on the basis of size, shape, and location, a microphone having been installed illegally would be far more likely to match the item it was stuck to in color so it couldn't be spotted easily. I'm told this is more likely to be a spot of glue that dripped down from something it was being used to hold above. I have searched the bed above this, but the only unusual thing I've noticed so far is an area where the finish on the wood of the bed is blistered as if it's been burned by something.

I also noticed that the nearby phone jack under the bed is missing one of its screws for some reason, as shown below.


Whispering Bluegrass said...

The 1" long miniature microphone must have an RF function, if the perps were able to find where it was after it had been found and moved.

It does look as if someone has been into the phone jack: you can't get a serious shock off phone lines, (these days) so undo the other screw and have a look.

Microphones can be on the surface, but more usually they will be inside something with a hole to the target area, such as the phone jack.

ML said...

Your information is very much appreciated. I'll go back and do some more looking and checking now.