Friday, September 23, 2011

Trespassers Who Wouldn't Leave

Today, after running the usual gauntlet of road stalkers, I came home to find these two individuals openly trespassing in the middle of our front yard! And when I asked them to leave (repeatedly), they refused and got "mouthy". At that point, I threatened to both call the police and take legal action, at which point they finally left.


Anonymous said...

Okay if you have never experienced that before here's part of what they're doing. Now they think they know how you will react. Did they have a car? Leave on foot? Know them? Next time do something different. I understand from your previous posts that the police are in on this against you. SO >>. what they will do is make sure the "right" police officer is on duty next time. So, if you CALL ... he'll come. or her. So be very creative. I would also go inside my house and refuse to come outside .. they are trespassing MAKE THEM LEAVE. Once they get the cops there it gets dicey. Also have a camera. A VIDEO CAMERA. It pisses me off they look and try to act like they are cool people but are the msot wretched part of "humanity" going. Gather names and NAME THEM. google gangstalking and psychological harassment... Take care and see you soon. GOOD JOB ON THE BLOG !!! Don't give up.

Anonymous said...

In Cape Province, you'd have an absolute legal right to shoot trespassers approaching your house, or attempting to board any boat with a cabin that can be slept in.

You can even shoot policemen if they fail to indicate that they have a warrant and identify themselves as policemen immediately when challenged.

Stalking is a somewhat less popular hobby in the Cape than in the USA.

It's also a bit Darwinian: Sotuh Africans would remove these two from the gene pool fairly swiftly, to the benefit of all the rainbow nation's races.

Anonymous said...

I don't know but will google Ghana's relationship to Cape Province. I had a man from Ghana stalk me quite a bit in a very unobstrusive way. He seemed kind but wasn't. Always carrying a bible, didn't apply it. Said he was a preacher (visiting) at a local "historically black" church. When I said I would love to hear him preach he never showed up again. hmmmm. Later I found out he was one of those exhorting the vote for McCain. A young immigrant girl (no good english but not obviously black or African but could have been of any descent) related that it was all they talked about at her church. How to vote, WHEN TO VOTE WHO TO VOTE FOR.
I always suspected he was a hate preacher.

Anonymous said...

I am compiling a list of commonalities that Texas (on a whole) and Tampa share. There are a remarkable number. Some perhaps only known to me personally. Some that are available on the web.

South Texas Law School say anything to you?

I do apologize for leaving no name and contact. I did shut my blog but have another one but it's fairly filthy. I want to open another one wherein we perhaps tie these activities together. To that end I'll have to think up something but so far have not done so. Just found you last night !

Anonymous said...

Cape Province is thousands of miles from Ghana. Legal systems will be very similar, but not necessarily specific laws.

Cape Province was self-governing until the peace settlement for the Boer war: ironically, coloured people had the vote there up to then, they got it back again in 1994.

These days Western and Eastern Cape Province have separate local governments under the South African national government in Pretoria. The Western Cape Government is the only one in South Africa not to be controlled by the African National Congress: it is ruled by the Democratic Alliance instead. Largely because the ANC treats mixed-race people as inferior to pure blacks and pure whites, and in the Cape, mixed race people constitute the biggest "ethnic" group.

Anonymous said...

I find all that so sad and imagine you do, as well. We're all just silly people with so much to give ... need to understand each other. I am actually embarrassed at my geographical weakness of Africa, such a beautiful nation !!
Thanks so so much for the quick interpretation. One day when I have time it is on my list to get some idea what's going on. It always saddens me we refer to each other by color or origin. Here in Tampa, there are whites, white trash and mulatto or mixed (what have you I loathe labels of any sort). Due to personal intereest I have sadly discovered our black population looks down upon others as "not knowing anything about that because I am from ..... fill in the blank" or refer to each other in a system of paper-sack-tan, high-yellow, etc.... For me that is just horrible. But the hearts of man have a long road toward redemption.

Thanks again for your time.

While what you are saying makes no sense to me as a person, I have observed it so many times it's not at all hard to believe this pettiness is present officially. If you go past the "boundaries" of any cemetery in the United Statss you are sure to see the "others" ... even in death not welcomed among the "right" ones.

I liken this to the Catholic religion disavowing the right of "suicides" to be buried in "their" holier-than-thou cemeteries. Well, that is, until someone's higher up family member comoleted the act.

I let it roll off me like water. I have disappointingly found hate lodged in far too many people.

I do puzzle over the map of Africa from time to time and have maps up all over the house ... while it interests me, I'm afraid my time is consumed with other things. Again, I thank you for the viewpoint and quick facts.

Anonymous said...

Here is something I have made a start at. Because I do believe there is mcch we can accompilsh. The FBI here is corrupt and the DOJ guy here participates in the stalking so ... I wouldn't even consider contacting any of them. I say we provide insurmountable proof.
Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers

Hope you are able to help plan next steps when you have time. Sorry I am busy and that is my best effort other than quickly typing what I know here. I have now read most of your blog but not all and now know that you already know about the first comment I made up there. You are well versed.

Medawar said...

Can any readers supply names for the stalkers in the photograph. Equally important, even if you don't know who they are, where else other than Fredericksburg can they been seen stalking?

Anonymous said...

They are probably some kids there on vacation if not local. I understand from reading she has people "on the hill" behind her. But everywhere else around is now commercial including her property? These people besides being Masons are also carnies (closely related) they travel incessantly. Their kids are transferred quickly into and out of different schools to harass children. I did put lots of names here. If I put a name here, it's because I have irrefutable proof.

Anonymous said...

Well, since this seems to be bother them so much, yippeeeee, I'll include Spence Roberts, Tampa Fire Station number 11 and Spence's entire prevaricating, property-thieving, murdering family on 17th Street in Lutz FL and elsewhere across Florida, South Carolina and other places.. It is believed but not certain that Spence has a SO and lives in with his lover, name of Rice, believe the first name is Bill. When I discovered this relationship, Bill and Spence took a powder off Public Records and sold that house with a quickness OR hid it from public records. THAT is how firemen hide their vast property holdings in Florida, along with judges, many attorneys, cops and all other leo and some who are "allegedly" related to them. Meaning that random singloe moms and the ho daughters they are raising to interfere with YOUR child's life are hidden at these addresses and the house itself obscured from public purview and these ummm "ladies" are labeled as sisters or x's or something similar. But, it's really to hide the property. At this time I do not recall exactly Rice's first name but feel certain I am correct, but do have it in records, but this was discovered years back. Around 2007 or 2008.

cont.... below.....

Anonymous said...

As well, the station which started this stalking by sitting by our car at a green ligbt when we were the only two vehicles in sight was Station 15 on Gandy and Himes in South Tampa where Mark McRae is currently employed. They sat by our car with the most annoying siren turned up full blast and I was not really paying attention but a passenger said .. WHY is that truck doing that?? I had assumed they were waiting for traffic and giving a warning but then I looked and there was none but us. They say and sat and sat, I beileve I pulled away first. Right there they can create a problem for you, of course. This was also bet. 2006 and 2008. It got mcuh worse from there with them nearly hitting my passenger's side of the car (I have a photo of the 15 ton truck MERE INCHES from his face) and then Station 14, a real bunch of what we now call firepigs, as well. These guys sent their wives out after me to EVERYWHERE. So it's firemen, their wives, children, misstresses, x's and you name it. PLUS, locally there is a woman who likely faded away but she always claimed if you divorced one of them forever afterwards they stalked you. Also, they NEVER get in trouble. NEVER. They may mistakenly get arrested or them may do something so egregious it cannot be ignred but the legal and court system of Florida belongs TO THEM. They quietly own most of the local property now. One stalked me in to flight lessons, followed a family member into his job, sat outside my gate glaring and circled back around to see if I were taking his photo and video at the small airport (I was). That was Christopher Stairs. He also lied and claimed to have heart trouble at a very young age as this is how some are being murdered. Found dead in their chairs, couch or car as was my sister after they had already set fire to her house. Eitehr way, they murdered her and now own her home. They never learn. The more they do, the moer I will talk. They believe they have me in a strangle hold at this time but I believe I have them wrapped in barbed wire. Never EVER look upon a fireman as benevolent unless you know that as a FACT. If they're so benevolent then why would they need to hide where they live???? Who wuodl want to hurt them? There is a guy serving a ilfe sentence in FL for murdering a few of them and shooting another but for the record, teh law has nothing to do with THAT incident. At all. So, the firemen and their attache' the I.R.A. here local and the corrupt state attorney in hills and other counties and corrupt LEO also now use the local papers as propaganda. I believe they use pseudonyms to write at times, the stories are so poorly put together. But, recently they (this was back in 1981) decided to burnish their tarnished images with a story sympathetic to the survivors of that shooting, ONLY they did not interview anyone who knew the truth. While the surviving son (now a tampa fireman) has all my sympathy, the truth behind the matter from the horse's mouth was NOT that the shooter was disgruntled. The shooter had been fired because he discovered the firemen were burning down homes with people inside of them (mine had already been burned down but I wsa VERY VERY young and then my sister's and then an attempt on this one or two attempts same family).. anyway, for some reason, maybe as simple as humanity, he threatened to expose them and made attempts to do so. They fired him. He's in prison, they now lie, those who survived. The interstate which runs through downtown tampa was built on burned down properties and in face of all these scummy newcomers moer and moer arsons are cropping up. Unbelievably they have pinned them all on a man who cannot walk without a walker. And another guy who had absconded probation but he was just an easy target and they only charged him with four. The guy on the walker supposedly did NINETEEN.
Okay, there you have it, Tampa Fire Rescue. Roar by again. I've got MORE. As you know.

Anonymous said...

I hope you don't feel I've taken over your comments. It was so awesome to find people who know the only way to stop this is to shine the light in their warrens and flush them out. I hope you are well.

Anonymous said...

a petition to help some hopefuloly

Anonymous said...

Interesting. For the first time in more than three years or maybe even MORE, I saw Erik the preacher from Ghana today. Got his tag number. What are THE CHANCES??

Anonymous said...

I wonder if these kids ever showed up again. The one looks pretty creepy, the other appears to do what he is told. In reality they BOTH do as they are told.

Anonymous said...

Wish I could have been there ML. The kid in the red shirt looks to be pretty short in the brain cell department. The other one.....well not to be insulting but he appears to be gay. And he definitely has the girly look down pat.

Both are about as scary as fuzzy bunnies.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't think they were fuzzy bunnies if you awoke to find them standing over your bed. Nor would you appreciate the little bunnies damaging or stealing property.

Thomas Bean said...

The bad thing about being a Targeted Individual is....if you defend yourself, YOU CAN GET PROSECUTED TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW WITH MAXIMUM PENALTIES BY EX PARTED JUDGES.

Let me say that again: WHEN PIGS AND FEDS AND PROSECUTORS WILL NOT POLICE GANG STALKER, you are at the mercy of that same team of lowlifes known as law enforcement, IF YOU USE ANY FORCE OR ARM YOURSELF ON YOUR OWN PROPERTY.

We all know, a load of 8 shot or rock salt would have sent a good strong message to young punks working with their pig pals....but...THAT GIVES COPLAND CAUSE TO RETALIATE WITH THEIR USUAL OVER THE TOP RECKLESS DISREGARD FOR LIFE.

And...prosecutors don't lose or pay....if their specious charges don't result in a guilty verdict (would you want to deal with gang stalkers and associates of gang stalkers on a jury panel?????).

You would have to defend yourself in court...where cops and prosecutors will play the "Win at all Costs" game: Brady violations, discovery orders ignored, perjury, suborning perjury, ex parted judges, subjective and biased jury pool intentionally used to subvert justice (as the judge approves).


You always lose......when these lowlifes have this much of a budget, this many coconspirators, this much immunity from oversight.

YOU LOSE....AND YOU'LL LOSE MORE if you hire lawyers who take your money, and screw up your case intentionally.

Happened to me.....for 32 years.

James "I'm a fat GOP fag" Comey at FBI patterns his apathy after Bob "my hands are tied" Mueller, III: FBI HQ AND DOJ HQ DO NOT WORK CIVIL RIGHTS's official policy and no one is innocent.

Thomas Bean said...

In Red State Republican South DAkota.....the gang stalkers were up and running back in 1986.

That's 7 years before WTC 1993....9 years before OK CITY in 1995...and 15 years before 9/11 (all used to pass The Patriot Act legalizing not only "sneak and peak" warrantless breakins, but also warrantless searches and seizures of any info collected by a business, corporation, or citizen).

All sorts of other false flag terrorism was used to pass The War Commissions Act, FISA Amendments, and Indefinite Military Detention Laws: NON OF WHICH ARE REVIEWABLE BY COURTS UNLESS YOU CAN PROVE STANDING REQUIRING ACTUAL AND EXPLICIT NOTICE OF SECRET SOURCES AND METHODS.

Brady violations are committed using Parallel Construction and/or The Hand Off Method of illegally disseminating tainted info.

Judges have held that The Exclusionary Rule only suppresses tainted evidence if police state actors acted illegally......thus.......THE COPLAND JUDGES DECIDED TO CREATE A LOOPHOLE SO THAT CITIZENS (not tied to law enforcement) COMMITTING PRIVACY VIOLATIONS CAN GIVE INFO TO COPS TO AVOID THE EXCLUSIONARY RULE SUPPRESSING TAINTED EVIDENCE.

Now you know....why copland created a civilian front to do all the dirty work: WARRANTLESS SEARCHES, SEIZURES, HARASSMENT to tickle the wire....etc.

It protects law enforcement......while law enforcement secretly protects THEIR CIVILIAN SECRET SURVEILLANCE FRONT that can never be arrested, charged, identified, prosecuted...etc.

Civilians under the command and control of copland, can and will violate the Fed and State Criminal Codes with impunity.....and....they get to work with pigs "cherry picking the surveillance file" so a defendant cannot use the entire file to make his defense.

That's a great advantage to "WIN AT ALL COSTS" PROSECUTORS AND PIGS who are only looking for a plea bargain based on their deception (that is a crime that remains unpoliced). challenge this pattern and practice (it's been policy since at least 1986) you need actual and explicit notice to satisfy another coconspirator called a Judge.

Those Judges don't last long....if they rule against the police state in any way: they become targets of the stalking and mind control entrapment like JUDGE PETER GREGORY in Sioux Falls, SD, who was compromised into cooperating with Bob Mueller's latest felony crime.

Go ask STeven Pluta at SD DHS......if he remembers the real my case.

Anonymous said...

It's called, lock and load. I thought you were from, Texas.