Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Why They Do It

For a long time, I've wanted to do a post about why people participate in organized/gang stalking. I'm still researching and thinking about this subject and will probably end up tackling it numerous times as more information about organized stalking comes out and more research into it is done.

I've discussed elsewhere in this blog the general estimates that approximately one-third of the people who participate in the organized stalking of others are mentally ill perpetrators who enjoy persecuting innocent people, roughly another third are people who participate in stalking because they've been lied to or tricked into doing so, and a final third who participate out of fear of becoming victims of stalking themselves. However, in the small community of primarily German immigrants who are intensely clannish and close-knit and always know each others' business very well that I live in, the idea that a third of the people participating in anything at all that requires them to be clueless about what they're involved in is difficult to believe.

In our community, where the majority of citizens do appear to participate in organized stalking, a larger than normal number of the stalkers seem to enjoy the victimizing of others and do most definitely participate with full knowledge of what's actually going on. Most, if not all, of these perpetrators exhibit recognizable signs of psychopathic behavior to various degrees. (For more information on psychopathic traits and how to recognize them, I refer readers to excellent works on the subject by Dr. Hare up in Canada.) Because numerous researchers have noticed strong genetic connections with regard to psychopathic disorders, I believe the intermarriage that has been and continues to be so common in my community may well be breeding larger numbers of psychopaths than in normal populations (and probably more severe ones as well). These people are characterized by their lack of empathy for others, the way they enjoy conning and manipulating others, and many additional traits that are necessary for stalkers, so I suspect that stalking holds a special attraction for these people.

In addition, it's becoming increasingly apparent to those who study persons who enjoy stalking others that there is an extremely strong connection between stalking and homicide, with stalking being considered unrequited murder so that a gradual progression occurs between the two. Obviously, the people who do this are very mentally ill/psychopathic indeed.

While it's difficult to believe that a large portion of our local stalkers are participating due to having been lied to or tricked rather than knowing what's really going on, certainly some of those here who stalk do so because of having been fed false information. Organized stalking cannot exist on any major scale without many of the perpetrators having been lied to and/or manipulated by the psychopaths discussed above. My good friend Medawar, who has spent a lifetime studying organized stalking, has posted an in-depth discussion of how pathological liars actually drive organized stalking by committing what he terms "psychological violence", the forcible hijacking of what normal people think and believe by the use of deception. In an inbred community like ours, with higher than average numbers of psychopaths, the lying and manipulating of others is epidemic, even among lifelong close associates (many of whom are too close to see it?).

Finally, because there is so much serious and completely unchecked crime here due to the numerous and extremely high-level connections locals have (remember that the LBJ ranch and the Bush Museum of the Pacific War are located here, for example), it's clear that significant numbers of local people are participating in organized stalking out of fear of becoming targeted individuals themselves. In such a small community where everyone knows (or believes they know) everyone else's business, people are exposed on a daily basis to the suffering endured by local organized stalking victims and have intimate and detailed knowledge about what's being done to these victims, particularly with regard to illegal surveillance, serious financial crimes, and murder. A strong "keep your head down" mentality exists, and when this fails, reluctant participation is the logical next step for what is perceived (often rightly) as survival.

Notice that I'm staying completely secular in my discussion of why people stalk for now. However, as a committed Christian, I've also been curious about the spiritual aspects of stalking and am deeply concerned about the spiritual conditions of those who practice it. More on that later...

Finally, here is a link to a recent post by another good friend of mine in which someone who is involved in organized stalking at a very high level confesses a good deal of what they and their co-conspirators do. I'm asking readers to take the time to go to this article and read it carefully, because the revelations it contains are detailed and shocking to the unaware. Sadly, in my experience, they are also extremely accurate.


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Medawar said...

There could be something in the idea that a close community, with endemic inbreeding, might contain a disporportionate number of psychopaths.

This link is just one of four cases around the UK, all involving members of the same extended family who have taken mentally handicapped people from Job Centres and Soup Kitchens to use as slaves. Note well that the "brother in law" has the same surname as the brothers.


The other cases have been kept relatively quiet until now, but at least one (near Gloucester) involves a fatality, of a person who'd apparently been in their hands for three years beforehand.

However, the defective gene in question only produces a potential for psychosis: if the person's upbringing is stable and happy enough (especially between the ages of nine and eleven) psychopathic traits need not emerge. Indeed, the researcher who worked on the genetics and abnormal brain structures of a number of serial killers, found that one code-marked profile and brain scan was "absolutely classic serial killer". He then asked for the name the code related to: it was his OWN profile and brain scan.

This shook him considerably, but it does show that genes bestow possibilities, not predestination.

But an environment of all-pervading callousness and cruelty, such as ML describes amongst the gang-stalkers of Fredericksburg, well nigh guarantees that children with genetic psychopathic potential, will bloom into full-blown psychopaths.

ML said...

Since I wrote this, one of my young adult children has pointed out to me that some persons may also be participating in organized stalking for reasons related to financial gain, whether by being paid in cash, goods, or services, or by being allowed to participate in other lucrative criminal activities as a result of their cooperation. We have discussed this together at some length, and I have come to believe that the number of people participating for this reason may in fact be considerable.

Certainly money and power are the most corrupting things there are. And, as my offspring (who grew up here) pointed out, most local families want their younger generations to remain close by, due to the provincial, clannish nature of the local society, while the young people themselves tend to want to stay here because of their "big fish in a little pond" status that they would not enjoy elsewhere. The problem is that it's very difficult for people to be able to support themselves sufficiently financially in order to be able to make a go of it here by normal/legitimate means--farming and ranching are risky and don't pay well, and there are relatively few other jobs available that pay enough to support oneself.

Regardless of the reasons why they do it, the fact remains that organized stalking in the United States is illegal. (For a detailed discussion of U.S. anti-stalking laws, please refer to my earlier post on the subject.) NOTHING persons actively participating in the organized stalking of others can possibly justify victimizing people in this way!

Anonymous said...

People can believe this or not but I know that the power co. provides FREE as in FREE service to some addresses. They do this by changing out the meter every month. What do they do with the meter with run up on it? I do not know. But I do know this happens and have watched and video'd it many times. The company I refer to which I know has stalked my family and caused a lot of this trouble has a director who also sits on the power co. board. After I mentioned this on an older blog my power was shut uff three times for no reason in the coming months. No, seriously: NO REASON. I finally had to reach out and complain very high up and then found another person sitting on THAT commission related to all of them. Inbred or in crime families together. They also pretend they do not even KNOW each other never mind RELATED.

To relate back to your comment on your adult child's revelations, wouldn't it be nice not to have a power bill? I have to admit I was pretty surprised by that. BUT they did it right in front of me purposely so I would find out. All Masonic or biker with thos strange beards braided and long, were all the power co workers I saw. Every time. In other places, how they bust drug and "grow" houses is from the amt. of electricity they use or steal. So that is very important to the drug culture and not just as a bargaining chip. Lots of these people could not make it in the real world, they lack the necessary skills so are taking the easy way out at our expensel

Anonymous said...

Also, I inquired after public records to uncover this crime. THAT is how I discovered they would fight you like a tiger to keep it hidden. Utility companies are now three tier. Some public, some private and investor and others a combination. I mean they were NASTY about it and then started shutting off the power. It's really quite a lot of good evidence.

Anonymous said...

I can relate to all of the comments and have been gang stalked for years and years. I just didn't know what it was. I have somehow not gone crazy and have actually learned to fight back in many ways without getting into trouble. They are scared when you fight back usually and it does eventually get back to all of them that you are smart and on it. They become more cleaver as you strike back. I have often slowed down when being tailgated and let them pass Then when I know its od, I act like I am going to ram them into oncoming traffic and they usually freak out. I only do this when necessary. Of course, I would never involve inocent people, I usually do this on the interstate. I make sure they pass by slowing down to a crawl and once they finally have to pass, I waite untill I see an ondcomming semmi that would be harmless for the driver and I act like I am going to tail spin them so stratigically they will have a head on collision with the semi. of course they sweat and never bother me again for a long time.

Anonymous said...

I remember the day my mother died. She was getting harrassing calls up until about the day she died. I went through all the notepads with wrong number, asked if we were a bank etc. My poor mother. The day we had to burry her, My brakes almost went out and they were screeching as we went through the funeral procession. I couldn't even drive home, As they were putting dirt on her grave, I had to take my car to the shop and walk to my home with the flowers in my hand. when I reached my house, there were two men parked in front of my house parked the wrong way and laughing at me. then then left as I approached. Just about a year earlier, both of my dogs were hit on that same straet as I was going home with my young son at the time. I think I have snapped in a way that scares them because I am dangerous now and have alot of anger built up with them. I can easily spot them and often screw with them and say odd things to them as I watch them try to stalk me. They are scared. I have done other things that I prefer not to mention. I am a not a bad looking woman of medium height with swedish looks. It is something we all should do is try to find ways to fight back without letting them get us in trouble which is another thing they try to do. They want you to crack when you come home and find your peanut butter has been spit in or the milk that you bought at the store have been opened and drank out of. I don't believe in turning the other cheek. For the most part, I believe that fighting fire with fire in a way that will not effect innocenct people is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

I have been gang stalked for years as I was mentioning, and one of their tricks is to know your routine. One of the best ways to stop them is to outsmart them and scare them back. I often take different routes or backtrack as I see a man parked with a cell watching me drive by unsuspectingly. I will turn around and go back and start up a conversation to see if he acts funny. Usually, I can tell their guilty although sometimes I am wrong and they are innocent. You get good at knowing the difference. I have an idea who is behind the stalking in my case and I believe it is money related. sadly my father was adopted out of the catholic charities and I believe he came from money which was kepted from him due to greed and cover up and to make sure our family didn't get wind of this, we have all been victims. however, I am probably the only survivor in my family that has a clue.

Anonymous said...

ML, Its always financial gain I believe they are either trying to stay out of prison due to blackmail from something they have done that is being held over their head, trying to keep there family fed, getting laid, or just returning a favor owed that they couldn't pay back financially.
I have had brakes go out on my car several times and on one occasion, I had my young son in the car and he already knew that to duck and cover in the middle of the back seat if necessary at the drop of a hat. I have gone through intersections and have learned how to control the car by laying on the horn and using the emergency brake and look for alternatives for ditching the car without hurting others in the process. I am all about not hurting innocent people and going for the throat when stalking back. I feel as though I have had my life revoked and now am only in it to get them back and I concentrate on it daily as I go through my routine that would terrify others if they had to walk a day in my shoes. I live it. I cannot even go to the grocery store without being harassed by someone. When I park my car, the first thing I do is think, where is it best off so it doesn't get messed with. I have gotten cameras that have been destroyed and no longer work or only work for a while. they are total a holes and they are pussies when alone. I have had them screw with my food at the checkout. On one occasion, a man got really close to me (touching me with his full body). I asked hem to step back please and the next thing I knew, as I looked away for a moment, he took his hand and jabbed it into one of my yogurts on the conveyer belt. I didn't notice it until the cashier stated to me, "do you want this one" and I almost started laughing as I realized the puss behind me stabbed he fat ass fingers in my yogurt. So I didn't want to make a scene in the store, I waited for him outside and he took forever, I had to hid behind one of the poles and wait for him. When I saw him walking, I immediately followed very closely like he did to me and asked if he wanted to get laid one last time and laughed. He was so stupid that he left paperwork on his dash with he name on it such as bills etc. But then, I thought maybe he was smart enough to use different mail to deter me an I realized he was nothing more than a walking breathing paramecium that was probably on a nut check doing a favor that he was not fully aware of. Unfortunately, I am easy to spot because I am a tall blonde.

Anonymous said...

Stalking is a sin and I think it should be added to the "thy shall not stock an innocent person" list of the 7 deadly sins. Let me share with you a few things that have happened to me over the years as this is only a few of the many.

It was valentines day and of course my car was in the shop so I was on foot to pick up my son from grade school. I wouldn't dare let him walk of course. when we got home, someone had gotten into my house and taken a huge number two in my toilet and of course didn't flush..I was only gone for probably 1/2 hour at most so It was more than likely someone in the complex. I think they may have been constipated since it looked like a lot of valentine chocolates. This is hard to believe but I could never think of doing such an act to an individual. I find this unthinkable but because of what I have had to endure, I know these sleazy people exist.

Another tactic that these pussies use it tracking down where you move and then have some of their friends get into an adjacent apartment closely so they can constantly screw with you. I had a man move in above me on one occasion and he purposely turned the water on and left it running and the ceiling caved in on me. He then vacated the premises. The person that lived their prior to him never had a problem and the water was never an issue with leaks. In that same complex a lady moved in and almost killed my dog when I innocently left a cellar window open for air when I went to get my son from school, when I returned I realized that the lady upstairs had probably fed my dog some glass maybe mixed with ground beef or something. because she started defalcating blood. I rushed her to the vet and discovered slivers of glass in her intestines. I knew someone fed her glass while I was gone. Sick person. Thank god she survived, I loved her to pieces. Later that week the person I suspected who did this was picked up by the court marshals and I can only imagine why. and believe me, many times I wanted to do something but refrained due to the raising of my son.
Believe me, I know how sick these people are and a so called boyfriend that I met at one of the complexes I lived in I now realize he told to move in and screw with me to a point of trying to destroy me. I now realize it was money related and have put a lot of the puzzle together. I am sure I was not supposed to figure that out but, I believe it has all backfired on him and he is probably sorry he screwed with me!!1

Anonymous said...

Your mentioning of the power company being involved in dirty work does not surprise me and I can recall another story from my past that relates to the mud (metropolitan utilities district) in Omaha where a young man was found dead at the bottom of the street where I lived. Funny, because earlier that day, I decided for some reason to come home for lunch and I took the long way around to my house and as I was going around the block where there was a lot of brush and no property I noticed a man sitting in a mud car just waiting. I looked at him sort of funny and he gave me a death look. I sort of forgot about the incident and later that evening when I came home from work, I noticed police, ambulance etc.. at the bottom of my hill. My son was skateboarding around and informed me that a young man of about 26 years found dead (same exact area where the employee from mud was parked at noon earlier that day). well I got a good look at him and I kept quiet due to all of the trama that I had been through, and funny, that night I went to bakers store down the street and that same man ran into me really hard with a cart and gave me a death look again. it was the guy in mud car. That was the wrong thing to do to me because I have a temper now and that made me want to turn him in, but I refrained due to me trying to get out of that town as soon as my son graduated from high school so I kept my mouth shut, but now that I read your story, I realize it was probably due to drugs and power sources that were leaked out somehow.
Oh and of course, they said the young man was murdered by a friend which I find to be bullshit because someone innocent is doing time for the mud guy. bastard.

Anonymous said...

funny story about mud that I wanted to follow up on. One year when I had to set up electricity with mud in Omaha, I had to contact customer service and whenever you sign up mud would send you a packet or two of flower seeds that were water efficient during the summer months that would not use up much energy. You would also get this pamphlet showing how shade will help with bills etc and how inexpensive their water is (pennies on the gallon) etc... Well, when I got signed up all of a sudden I had this huge bill that was unbelievably astronomical. I finally had to end up paying it and I thank god was used to cold weather and could live out of one room and work there as well. You could literally see my breath in the other rooms during the winter but myself and my son got used to it. Long story short, after I paid the bill, I asked the customer service lady, Don't I get some water efficient packets of seeds for enduring such a large bill? she started cracking up and couldn't stop laughing. later that week, I ended up with about 10 packets of flower efficient high growth plants from mud that didn't use much water.
She is probably aware of what happens at that company but is stiff lipped and just loved my humor. By the way, I passed the seeds on to a neighbor as I wasn't long for that town and I knew it.

Anonymous said...

How is it tho that SO MANY folks can be involved in this crime and it is being ignored by officials? And how is it that its growing at epidemic proprotions and yet these folks ignore it? Something very warped in western society. This is horrific in the usa canada and especially the uk. Honestly what is it thats driving this? Is it the small amount of businesses w mega powered Ceo's wanting powe and maarginalizing people who dont go along with them?

Medawar said...

There is no single simple explanation as to why so many people take part in stalking, but, briefly:

Nearly all of the people initially coerced into doing it have an addiction, and people with one addiction are vulnerable to others, and cruelty is the most addictive "drug" of all.

Officials are often frightened of stalking groups, and they reconcile inaction by telling themselves, and everyone else, that the victim must have done something to provoke it, even though this isn't usually true and where it is, the thing the victim did usually turns out to be their duty as a good citizen, in reporting crime etc.

As Robert Altman noted in the sixties, the ratio between a CEO's earnings and those on the shopfloor was dangerously out of kilter in the sixties and it's now at least ten times worse. The Ford Motor Company is still here, but Henry Ford's economic theories based on a well-educated and prosperous working class to form a solid base for both the economy and society, have long been abandoned. (Ford's ideas weren't very far away from Robert Salt or Josiah Wedgewood.)

There is also Antony Burgess's theory of history to consider, in that rulers go through a cycle of ruling badly in three quite different ways:

Trying to perfect the human race; it's called socialism now, but various rulers have done this in the past, including Solomon.

Being very angry that the ungrateful sods resisted enlightened efforts to perfect them and punishing them for it. (Ie: what happened the moment Solomon's son succeeded him.)

Being horrified at the evil that rulers do, leading to effective anarchy for several generations until a ruler appears who decides that the warring factions have potential to become perfect and only need a little guidance....

If Burgess was right (see "The Wanting Seed") then I suppose that organized stalking happens on the cusp between failure of the perfecting humanity phase and the start of the punishing humanity phase.

It may persist into the anarchy phase as a way of keeping some kind of organization together, albeit one of sadists, which probably prolongs the anarchy phase by generations.

This is why the Protestant Christian message is one of salvation by the Grace of God rather than by submission to punishment and penance. Leaving it to God to perfect humanity over a very long period of time, rather than bureaucrats over a five year plan. Herod the Great was basically a punisher.

ML said...

See also


Thomas Bean said...

Layers of deception and slander is used to whip up a frenzy of retribution: THE GANG STALKERS AND COMMUNITY WATCH GROUP ARE ALL BEING USED, MISLED, AND MANIPULATED.

Since there is no oversight or evidence gathering of the stalking: THE CHANCES OF ALL THE TRUTH EVER BEING REVEALLED, SHIELDS THESE TACTICS FROM REVIEW, ADULT SUPERVISION, and understanding.

THE NEED TO SCAPEGOAT AND ASSAULT TARGETS: it's all based on boredom and incompetence and impotence.

The bully turns his impotence into omnipotence over the victim: WHAT THEY LACK IN SOCIAL LIFE, THEY TAKE FROM THE TARGET.


They cannot live their life with any degree of competence, consistency, or reliability.

Cops don't volunteer for service....because their good or graceful: they WANT THE BADGE AND ITS POWERS FOR THEIR OWN SELFISH-WARPED-SCATOLOGICAL DYNAMIC.

IT'S A BIG POWER TRIP, and with authority figures sanctioning it all with silence........IT MUST BE PATRIOTIC, GOOD, HEROIC...no????!!!

Thomas Bean said...

Strangely, in Fredericksburg...even the pigs in uniform know "it's all about that ten acres of land". They even said so????

Stalking for real estate profits?

Only the REPUBLICAN SCUM KNOWN AS THE US MILITARY-POLICE STATE....could some how rationalize terrorizing and stalking a single mom with three kids who had their animals murdered.


Just like they did when Dr John Hall's fiancé was raped by gang stalkers.

Just like Texas pigs did...when Cynthia Vurbeff was roofie raped and forced to move out of her home.

No response from prosecutors.


None of which...media punks care about...despite my best efforts to brief the dipshit pussies in Sioux Falls, SD.

Anonymous said...

All it took was one family member to get the ball rolling.
Usually a close family membeer w me it was my own brother Gearge p Erwin jr. When i walked in my moms house i noticed 5 panasonic wireless phones. one in every room. a house wired up and everything running into his computer system. 9340 monte vista st rancho cucamonga california . A real scumbag i didnt know that my cell phones were also linked to this system through the wiresless phones and a burgler system. ADT. all set up to spy on one vacationer me.I was lured from michigan to cali for a vacation. short story 3 deaths in volved. my friends and a son. I was ran over off my harley and my lawsuit was stolen. All a set up to kill me and collect a million. set up for a crime. then finially after 5yrs felony probation i left that hell hole w nothing. Im 60 now i a wheelchair and everything I owned i michigan was sold by my motber and is gone.?I always put everything in moms name becaus i have been disabled sence birth. Nice.. I lost a quarter mil in things. But am hartbroken for my family.
I found out there was a name for my demise and i bought a smart phone and googled it. My hart sank. see in 1995 this biker named Patrick woodward shot the shitbag that raped his 14 yr old step daughter. my story went world wide I was a hero then but was sentenced to 20 yrs. i only shot him in his ass. google me.Who runs this world I have found sence i woke is perverts. my brothr being one my step brother Doug Terranova is regesteded as a child molester so this is why i was targeted.?My revenge is comming soon.