Monday, August 1, 2011

Gangstalking Australia

You might wonder what a discussion of organized stalking in Australia has to do with Central Texas. The reality is that organized stalking, like the organized crime that utilizes it, is an interconnected, global problem.

Like me, the woman on the other side of the world who writes the Gangstalking Australia blog, which can be found at, was also targeted by property developers who were desperate to obtain her property. Her blog came to my attention through a discussion of her situation by my friend Medawar; see his Medawar's Cornflakes blog that's linked here under "Followers". Both of our cases are prime examples of Medawar's axiom that there's nothing property developers won't do in order to obtain land for development!

The author of Gangstalking Australia is a talented artist who lived with her dog in a house in Adelaide that property developers wanted very badly to replace with a modern housing development. As a result, she and her dog became the victims of very aggressive organized stalking and serious physical attacks designed to drive her out.

Eventually, the woman fled her house in an effort to find relief from the round-the-clock stalking, harassment, and attacks. And like so many other organized stalking victims I've been in touch with, once she gave her attackers what they wanted, she discovered to her horror that the stalking and attacks on her became worse, not better, and became much more physical. There's no need for me to describe what was done to her here, because you can go to her blog and read her harrowing descriptions for yourself. (Medawar also has an excellent summary and discussion of her case posted.) Suffice it to say, she was forced to drive from campground to campground like a nomad, while being constantly sprayed with toxic chemicals, attacked with a stolen military laser, and stalked and harassed continuously. Her last post to her blog has her lying in the doorway of her van, vomiting continuously on the ground, and too weak to move.

That was over a year ago; no one seems to have heard from her since. How she found the strength to write her last few posts, I'll never know. (You can clearly see the deterioration in her writing toward the end of the blog.) Her courage in sharing such detailed descriptions of what was being done to her leaves an important and lasting record that can be accessed by anyone. Although I never met her or corresponded with her, I pray for her often and hope to someday find out what's happened to her.

Victims of the same organized stalking gang that is targeting my children and me are telling me about similar things being done to them, although here there seems to be more emphasis on attacking stalking victims with Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) instead of lasers. I know very little about DEWs myself and therefore must direct readers with questions about them to Dr. John Hall, a San Antonio physician and fellow victim of the same stalking gang, who has testified before Congress about these types of weapons. Dr. Hall's website at has more information about DEWs and an email address for contacting him about them.

Like the Australian victim, organized stalking victims like myself and others targeted by the San Antonio-based gang are also being poisoned by toxic chemicals in various ways. One of the most common methods for doing this is to spray the long-range and long-acting wasp and hornet killers that are readily available over the counter around the edges of victims' windows and doorways, particularly the ones opening into their bedrooms, or into the air ducts of their homes. More sophisticated toxic chemicals are sprayed or applied onto surfaces victims commonly touch. These include nerve toxins and substances that induce the sudden severe vomiting described in Gangstalking Australia. Many organized stalking victims (including Dr. Hall) describe toxins being added to food or drink during home break-ins while victims are out; plastic water bottles are especially used for this. Victims also describe being made ill by toxins put into their hair care products (shampoo and conditioner) and makeup.

It's important to note that although all the U.S. victims I'm discussing here are believed to be targeted by the San Antonio-based stalking gang, many of these victims live in states other than Texas. By sharing information on people, places, vehicle information, and more, we've been able to connect our cases in various ways. It's now clear that the group targeting us has a very long reach indeed!--which is why trying to flee from them doesn't work. We are now beginning to unravel many of the far-reaching connections this gang has. Victims of organized stalking must understand that their best chance of going after their stalkers and obtaining relief is to reach out to fellow victims and start sharing and comparing information. When you understand the importance of this, you will soon realize how much of organized stalking is deliberately designed to keep victims too isolated and too frightened to share what they know!

In the spirit of this kind of sharing of information, I must point out that there are some additional interesting coincidences between our situation here in Central Texas and that of the writer of Gangstalking Australia. A man who lives in our town, is an associate of my ex-husband's, and has been involved in numerous serious stalking incidents directed at my children and me over the years, happens to have the same last name as one of the close associates of Rupert Murdock going back to the 1960s in Adelaide, Australia, where they first began working together. The Texas man with the same last name has ties to a property development company with an office address that's the same as an old house with no sign out front (that may be abandoned?), located a few blocks from our house.

Please keep in mind that our home is 30 minutes or less from the LBJ Ranch, the Bush Museum of the Pacific War, and Karl Rove's house for voting purposes. Also remember that the man who heads the stalking gang targeting my children and me is (or is said to be) a former FBI agent with close ties to the San Antonio FBI office.


Medawar said...

Medawar has mentioned gangstalking australia a few times in various places.


and try:

Medawar said...

A native American journalist called Terri Hansen was targeted in a very similar manner around the same time that Gangstalking Australia was.

Anonymous said...


This is one of the remaining versions of this article on the web: some of the others aren't up anymore.

ML said...

All the help with the links is much-appreciated!

ML said...

I just looked at the Indian Country link provided above and was astonished to see how many of the locations mentioned in Hansen's article have ties to our case here!: Santa Rosa, Arkansas, British Columbia, Michigan, and more.

Anonymous said...

A corrupt attorney pretdetermined before my late parents even died that he wanted their home, tho it was left to us. Like the first case, we finally gave up and let him have what he seemed to want so desperately....but we still had some of the money. Following the illegal sale he had us stalked cross country and almost murdered on several occasions....We lost the money. He still has me tormented and stalked.

Anonymous said...

OMG !! So your next post was on a
"Property grab"... also that toxic stuff. THIS is one of the first places I have ever seen this. They use something pretty bad around here. Yes, everything we touch, the mail, used to be all through the newpaper. I believe this is how so many are "found dead in their chair or after dinner/" OH MY GOD. I have all that newspaper and the paper towel from the library this old black woman used to rub on my keys like she was cleaning them when I walked away for a minute. I was already on to that so I smiled very big and thanked her and held out my hand for the towel ... LOL. GOTCHA. It is pink and still to this day: VERY TOXIC also sprayed around portable ac units and so much more. My property is also very valuable and they have attacked it and raped it like a man would a woman. I have been in defense mode since like 2003 ... I finally have it reasonable and now they are thwarted so they have taken to shutting the power off FOR NO REASON. They also had the water poisoned at various times so beware. And some stuff that absolutely singes your hair when you walk thruogh it as you are forced to and like you I have no DEW. I don't discount that I just don't have the experience. Lots of vehicle tampering, all kinds of stuff you descibe. Rear view windows fall off every car ... or are yanked off myself I believe it is tha gas applied inside the car. As I write the firemen are roaring around the block. For awhile they threatened to burn our home down but I pointed out they had already burned down so many in our family they couldn't get away with it again. My sister died four days after her home was burned. NOW a fireman's family lives in it. She thought the lady whose brother it is was one of her best friends... this goes on and on. I have to go. I had no idea I would find anything like this and have spent a lot of time here. Glad to see you .. so so glad. yes, we had jebbush in florida, that is when things really got bad here. I believe he had lawton chiles killed with this same type chemical. MANY MANY MANY suspicious deaths here. The freakin obits swelled to THREE PAGES from five or six or ten a day. THREE PAGES !!! Everyone in this neighborhood except for me is dead, in on it, or in prison.


The same family I referred to above owned the house right next door here and one around the corner... but NO ONE knew they were related.. just an offchance comment my sister made one time and I caught on. But then the other half the family went on quickly to say "but he has nothign in common with that trash..." yeah, lady he is only in a MURDER RING with them so you can NOT WORK and raise your trashy kids.


I have property, but i wanted to touch on the subject of the home entries for the main reason to keep my food supply posioned. my shampoo. body wash, liguid green laundry soap smells chemicaly and now has a silver shine swrill pattern to it.downy fabric softner thickly clabered up like spoiled thick it want come out.


MY LOVELY PARTI COLOERED COCKER SPANIEL WAS BEING POSIONED AND ABUSED , she refused to stay at home anymore. when i would leave and come home my tea tasted chemicaly, bottle of pepsi we just opened became flat and chemicaly, and every bottle of wine would end up so nasty strong it was horrible.


MY story is of three generations now, i realized as of 17 years old that our family had the abnormal amount of BAD LUCK. in my 20,s , at the birth of my son at 24,some in the hospitol took both his id bands and put them on a long skinny baby with a mowhawk hair and give him to an innocent candy stripper nurse se

Anonymous said...

I'm a firm believer that there are very few real coincidences in life. If you are seeing patterns emerge as you mentioned, there is a more than likely chance it's not random. I'm from the Santa Rosa CA area and have been fighting this form of domestic terrorism for almost a decade.

I'm now in another state but the situation has become much worse. Please check out SSSS, or silent sound. I am being forced to open my doors through a combination of drugs, high tech machines and hypnosis. The vandalism and minor poisoning has increased 100-fold and am now being subjected to violent sexual assaults numerous times a day. The memory is erased from my mind leaving me little or no way of fighting back or identifying my attackers. Please keep me in your prayers as I will for you TI's.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Most all of these attacks ate done digitally. They unground you and interface with Nazi trauma-based mind, thought, and brain control or melding that bypasses your natural defenses so they can use the spyware, programs, codes, and locaters to beam their thought forms to wherever you are via beast computer hookups. They can also make you broadcast out to others of their kind and to other possessed and wired humans so that they will all psychically attack you. Many times the things that make you sick are from them stealing your energies or implanting you or your food and pets and family members with demonic forces. Remember you are very powerful and this is why they want you out of the way. Others that are not a threat don't believe you because they aren't on the receiving end...yet.

Unknown said...

Hello OP... thanks for taking the time to write this for me ( My toes curled as I read your post! I TOO AM TARGETED BY THIS SAME GANG FROM CEN.TEX!! I was being followed by late model suv s. All tan, gray, black etc...all with after market LED head/tail lights. They frequently are missing a headlight or tail because they interchange the bulb for a hi freq. Emf bulb to cause you pain or stress...ever since this started I am followed by cars Shining led lights at me. My fb is hacked from San Antonio daily. More later

rockingwaters61 said...

I'm still here.Almost died three times poisoned so much my liver is damage.Went through renal failure. This has followed me from Alabama.Back to Tn.Then to Missouri.To North Carolina back to Tennessee now back to Missouri.So here I am alone.Lost my dog to this crime and my husband died.They love it when we are alone and have no one.Live in small town.I'm like the movie where Jim Caries is raised with a fake world for all to view.Forget the name of it.One horrible sick game to kill people.You can't run you can't hide.Were u going to go?What are you going to do?where do u shop?GPS on vehical.Surveillance Audio inside vehical and home.Even video surveillance inside home.Been through it all and still being done today.Peace and Love to everyone. Stay Strong stay alert and do your best to survive.