Friday, July 29, 2011

Harassment By Public Entity

Yesterday, we discovered that this sign has suddenly been erected next to our fence and right next to the entrance to the driveway down to our house.

Our driveway entrance is located just to the left of the sign in these photos. To the right of the sign and set back a bit from the street (because of the parking lot in front of it) is a building that was formerly a Gambro dialysis clinic but is now a rehabilitation facility owned by our local hospital. According to the last tax records and official public notices I've seen, this entire piece of property bordering ours is owned by the local hospital, which is a public entity.

The sign has been placed in front of the narrow gap between the rehab. facility and our fence. If something else is to be built there, it will need to be either very small or very narrow in order to fit!

We believe this sign serves no useful purpose and was placed there solely as harassment directed at us. The fact that it is installed on what I assume is still publicly-owned property (because I haven't seen any of the official notices that are required when public property is bought or sold) means we are, in effect, being harassed by the entire community. Further, we believe this sign was probably erected as "punishment" for my previous post here.

If you find all this a bit difficult to believe or understand, I suggest you go back to "The Most Corrupt Town In America" (posted here on 11/10/10) and reread it carefully. Then start looking through the documents posted throughout this blog.

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