Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Upon Returning

Another common act committed by organized/gang stalkers is to have someone waiting in front of a victim's residence when they return after having gone somewhere. This is done to let the victim know they are under constant surveillance by the stalkers and also to let them know what a great number of people are actively involved in stalking them, since the person or persons waiting for them are rarely the same. Often the stalkers who are lying in wait are in a vehicle as in this example, but sometimes they are on bicycles, on foot, or even on skateboards (in our case, often openly trespassing down in our driveway!).

This particular man was waiting directly in front of our house when one of my young adult children returned home after running a short errand. My offspring wrote down the vehicle and plate information and pulled up next to the man and took his picture. We then logged the incident in our logbook and sent the plate number off to a friend who runs them for us. (Yes, we've been checking plates for some time now and have amassed quite a data base of information.)

It's interesting to note that the former FBI agent who runs the major organized stalking gang out of the San Antonio area that's been targeting us for years as discussed in previous posts is now generally having his own employees stalk and harass us on bicycles, mopeds, or on foot, probably because he is aware we are collecting information on license plates and vehicles. He has started leaving the identifiable vehicle stuff to people who live in our area who don't realize they risk getting caught stalking.

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Medawar said...

It's done to alienate victims from their homes: they want to make the victims reluctant to go home, and eager to run away. Once running, they are never, ever, allowed to stop running.

Make it clear that you are noting and identifying every last one of the people who do this.