Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Undeniable Evidence of Gang Stalking

Important Note: Although I use the term "Gang Stalking" in the title, this crime is more correctly referred to as "Organized Stalking".


Anonymous said...

Does this same man and dog do the same thing very frequently?

He is not the only perp to use a big dog as a means of projecting nuiscance. It is very clear that the dog is being habituated into running up and down in front of this particular property, barking, in the very early morning.

Another trick is to train big dogs to simply knock people over, especially older ones. NB: they are rarely trained to bite: magistrates usually do something about dogs that bite. But it's very hard to claim that being knocked flying by a big dog, wasn't some sort of accident. But then you find that some people own dogs that have been trained to do this on command.

Anonymous said...

Here's another example of a dog being used to harass and abuse.

It appears to standard practice with these deranged psychopathic lunatics.


ML said...

This man has been doing this frequently and over many years. He nearly always does this very early on weekends and at other times when he knows (almost certainly from access to the illegal surveillance of us documented elsewhere on this blog) we are trying to sleep late. The object, in case you can't tell from the clip, is to make our own dog bark and wake us up.

This video was made by one of my children from their bedroom windows. Notice that when the stalker realizes (probably from someone reporting to him) that he's being observed, he begins dancing around in a bizarre fashion--he doesn't seem to care at all that he's being filmed! Which may be because when my child tried to upload this video a few minutes later, their internet connection was somehow tampered with and disabled.

The most disturbing part of all of this, of course, is that it indicates the presence of illegal surveillance equipment in a young person's bedroom.

ML said...

If anyone can identify this man, I'd appreciate your emailing me at kamaudocs at gmail dot com. He uses a number of dogs, but the one used most of the time is a golden retriever. Also, he often wears a tan hat with a brim.

He sometimes runs by us at other times of the day when he knows we're coming as well, so he either lives close by or stays close by us very frequently. (Many of the houses around us appear to be stash houses for illegal drugs.)

We have seen things that lead us to believe this man may have ties to law enforcement (possibly federal) or the military, so learning his identity really is important.

Anonymous said...

Why not be ready for him and follow him slowly in your car filming until he goes inside a home that is his? Walk your dog an hour or two before he shows up. Even in the dark if need be. Call your dog (or make up a new name for your pup) and call him.

Or get a dog whistle and drive by when you can and blow it. They make no sound except for what a dog can hear.

ML said...

We are under round-the-clock heavy illegal surveillance, which makes it impossible for us to surprise these people. They know where we are and what we are doing at all times, and they make darn sure that we know this.

No matter what time I go up for the newspaper in the morning, the mail in the evening, or walk my dog, someone is nearly always waiting nearby to do something harassing to us. Ditto for when one of us leaves to go anywhere in a vehicle. Yesterday when I got the paper, it was an emaciated young woman (who acted as if she was high on something) who was walking back and forth with a dog to make mine pull and bark. (She was laughing the whole time she did this.) Tonight when one of my kids did the dog-walking, someone drove by in a truck and deliberately blew smoke at them, then sped off. These people ALL clearly knew we were coming and were waiting nearby. In the current heat here, I doubt they were waiting there for long!

The very early morning dog thing as shown here is designed to wake us up; if we're up early, they don't do it. My offspring had to jump up very quickly and be prepared ahead of time in order to film this video. Also, it took months of patient waiting, plus a couple of other tricks I won't go into, for us to be able to finally upload the video to this blog due to our severe and on-going problems with the hacking of our computers no matter what we do.

ML said...

The dog whistle idea is interesting. Will keep it in mind, and thanks!

Anonymous said...

There are ways. Just be patient and follow him to his warren. I would. OR google all the addresses around yours and get the names of the renters or owners and then narrow it down. What a LOSER. I know another man named Jerry Hamlett who is very involved with corrupt southeastern guide dogs who also is a stalker and also used a golden retriever. I have a soft spot for jerry for some reason but I do believe him to be evil. I also believe he and I are relaetd.

Anonymous said...

Set up a table or chair back a bit on your property and put fresh battery or plug to the house for a long-term videotaping (here go the firepigs again) wire it down or to a tree if you have to. get him up good and close. What a freakin LOSER. I'd want that name so baaaaaddddddd. Get something from the kids' schools to sell and go door to door. Does he drive a car there? I would be walking out to the end of my property and crossing the street and walking my dog up and down the other side until such time he departed and would sure be fixing his little red wagon. Be very creative. I love your kids. Just out think them they are NOT smart people. But I don't have any idea how much of your front area there is frontage or "right of way" ..... they could just be there "to meet someone" or suddenly his dog "just had to go" .. they're always ready and the cops are always on their side ... no problem. Good to know, right? Now work it out.. You're a much smarter and savvier lady than most out here.

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