Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Lincoln Town Cars

As I was driving on I-10 recently in heavy traffic that was moving well, someone in a dark pickup pulled up next to me, to my left and slightly in front of me, and suddenly threw a square black metal object directly at my vehicle very hard. This object just missed hitting my vehicle, and I heard it hit the road and go flying off somewhere. I never saw who was in the truck the object came from, and I never saw anyone reach out to throw it; all I saw was a distinctive-looking black metal square come flying toward me. In describing this square to others later, I learned that it was probably a plate that goes on the bottom of a scaffolding pole or on top of a builder's screw jack.

Then, on the morning after Thanksgiving (11/25/11) at around 9:45 AM, I had just entered I-10 at the La Cantera entrance ramp heading west in heavy traffic that was again moving well, when a white Lincoln Town car came speeding up, pulled in behind me, and began tailgating me. About a minute later, this car abruptly pulled into the lane just to my left and came speeding past me, going very fast. As it passed by me, I tried to see who was inside, but the windows of this vehicle looked almost as white as the car, as if they were frosted, and it was impossible to see anything inside.

The white Lincoln then cut in front of me and began driving directly ahead of my vehicle in the same lane. It began swerving back and forth a bit, so I tried to make out the license plate, but I couldn't see it well and couldn't make any of it out; in retrospect, I believe it was either a temporary tag or was obscured by a plastic cover.

Then all of a sudden, a light tan piece of what looked like wood came flying directly at me and very hard from the passenger side of the Lincoln. By some miracle, the wood fell just short of the front of my vehicle, missing it by a foot or less. I both saw and heard the projectile hit the road very hard, and I saw it bounce off the pavement and go flying fairly high up into the air before coming back down and sliding off the righthand side of the road. Once again, I had not seen an arm reach out to throw the object; I'd only seen it hurtling straight at me.

This second object had a square shape, size, and thickness that were all very similar to the black metal one from the previous incident, but it was even stranger and more distinctive-looking to me than the first. Although it had looked like it was made of light-colored wood, each of its four corners had a small diagonal line running across them that looked, in the split-second glance I had at them, like each corner had a small, sharp cover over it. I'm pretty sure these covers were metal, because they were shiny gray in color, and I thought I could see small sparks as the corners hit the pavement and bounced off. I'm less certain that the body of the square projectile was actually made of wood as it appeared, since the tan square seemed a bit heavier than I'd have expected and had made a sort of brittle noise when it bounced.

Besides the surprise of having these items come suddenly flying at me, the other thing I remember most about both incidents is how hard they had to have been thrown at me. In thinking about what I saw (and didn't see), and in discussing the incidents with others, I've come to the conclusion that these objects were probably launched at me mechanically somehow, rather than having been thrown by a person. This could have been done by something like a clay pigeon throwing device used for shooting skeet, or by using some sort of combination of a rail and surgical tubing. But again, I never saw anything like this protruding from either of these vehicles, either, although to be honest, I wasn't exactly looking for them at the time.

As soon as the wooden? object bounced away, the Lincoln immediately sped off down the freeway, going very fast (well over the speed limit) and still weaving slightly. As you can imagine, I was fairly shaken up by both incidents, particularly the second one, since that projectile had come much closer to hitting me and had been aimed straight at my head when it first came flying at me.

The other thing that shook me up badly about the second incident was that both LBJ and my former mother-in-law used to be famous for driving around our small town in white Lincoln Town cars, although they of course were older models than the one I had the incident with. (This is the reason the title of this post is plural, not singular.) My former father-in-law and his father were close business associates of LBJ's, and my ex-'s mother never made any secret of the fact that she enjoyed driving a car just like Johnson's.

I believe both of these incidents, and particularly the second one, were attempts on my life. The first I thought might possibly have been an accident at the time, but the second was clearly a serious attempt to injure or kill me, either by hitting me in the head or making me swerve, causing me to hit someone or something. Worse, these attempts aimed at me might have also hurt or killed someone else who happened to be driving nearby me.

I have reported the second incident to the Texas Department of Public Safety by email but have not yet had a response and have not yet had time to talk to anyone there. I doubt there are many white Lincoln Town cars owned by people living in our area, so I'd appreciate any information on them that my readers might be able to email me through this blog (anonymously is fine) or post as a comment here.

Before I end this post, there's one more thing I need to add. I'm currently working for a national company whose name you would immediately recognize, and as part of my on-boarding paperwork when I signed on with them, they required me to sign off on a vaguely worded life insurance document that said it covered me while I travel to and from work with them. And sure enough, I was indeed either heading to or from my work with them when each of these projectile attacks against me took place.


ML said...

Now I suggest that my readers go back to my "Truck Wars" post of 11/19/11 on this blog and take a close look at the comment that was left there on 11/22/11. If you go to the link in the comment, you will discover that it is not known what made that driver swerve and lose control of his vehicle.

Anonymous said...

I kinda just thought you were under attack due to my connecting tampa to texas so I have tried to shush a bit. I remember them doing stuff like this before and swerving in to (dangerously towards) my vehicle, tossing those containers of gas in front of us (round replacement things .. propane) trying to think... so MUCH has gone on. What was the last thing, I know it scared everyone in the car? It was pretty major ... I also believe mine is criminal BUT like yours, the criminals "happen" to be the face of the govt in my area so there is NO HELP to be found. They're all connected. MAYBE that is what cointelpro really is(pure conjecture on my part)
I'm going to try to start reading the newspaper you clip here and you should maybe start reading st pete times. I know you are one of the few who will believe me when I tell you this. VERY OFTEN that damned nazi propaganda newpaper will directly threaten me. I'd have to show you individual blog posts I've made (or comments) and then the "response" articles.

A lot of the problem here is the Irish Republican Army. I DO NOT say this in jest AT ALL. Four Green Fields Platt st. Everyone knows. But they aer poison NOT freedom fighters or any of that romantic stuff. (btw I am Irish) Just thieves and murderers and they have a DOJ attorney and judges and all manner of lawyers and otehrs in their pocket. A DOJ atty is THE OWNER (HALF) THE OTHER HALF is owned by Colin Breen who is ding ding ding ... horsey man and Publix magnate Howard Jenkins' backyard neighbor. They came AFTER MY FAMILY. stalked us to infiltrate. Wish I had more time. When cars do this to you from now on ... feign car difficulty, put your flashers on and slow down...(practice it) I know it's blighter traffic there likely but you MUST safekeep yourself.

Anonymous said...

Just take yourself out of harm's way. NOW you've seen how they do it, play it over in your mind and think how they might change or "improve" it after reading this. Then build yourself some reactionary measures. Because the window is obscured it makes me believe due to your hypothesis that perhaps someone is crouched on the floor operating a catapult type thing. Or just heaving it. It would be very difficult without an eyewitness to know wehre that came from. I WISH YOU HAD THE OBJECTS. I save every scrap of everything and yeah it's quite a sundry mess... but one day I'll be applying them legally to someone's holy place.
Don't swerve. Take the blow and if you think it will hit you then steer left(or right) a bit to deflect the sharp edge if it will hit. Your windshield will shatter safely.
(worst case scenario) Call a junkyard in any state anywhere and talk to the owner... or better yet a lot guy. Tell him what you can without sounding crazy, ask him what your windshield will withstand and where the safest place for it to hit would be. He'll know (I do not but believe it might be the top or bottom corners and edges the glass looks thicker) Here's my synopsis: The reason people get hurt or harm their cars is due to not possessing good ingrained skills, not knowing consequences of defensive or offensive actions behind the wheel and swerving.... I rarely swerve.. what I do instead is cut sharply and slam on my brakes. And go again if I am safe in just that instant. Think about it. I tell less "adventure-forced" drivers if they must take a choice between a pole and a car, cut hard to the pole to hit as far from you as possible and slam on your brakes. What they've done to you with the dumptrucks or semis (done to me) if you have no choice ... choose the car cut into it and slam on your brakes. OR just slam on your brakes. and then let off just before impact. I guess this sounds gruesome. When my grandfather and I would drive across bridges and I would be afraid he would counsel me on how you keep your head and even IF you are shoved over the bridge wall you work on the way down to safeguard yourself when you hit the water and to be ready to escape (you know it's odd how comforting it is instead of thinking about sinking into icy depths to have a guy like my gramps who said .. "NO ... THIS is what you do..." (and nothing will happen) and before you know it the bridge is in your rearview mirror and yuo're having ice cream with grandpa. (LOL but true story) ... I think that planted the seed for how I think about scenarios. Just think it through and stay in control of your vehicle at all times. Don't tense up. You sound very able. Every car I get when I feel like it's safe I learn how it road handles... confidence in your actions is the key. I just practice so I won't hesitate.

Wish I had time to talk more about paradise lakes and the myriad facets THAT brings in to the guy's suspicious death.

Anonymous said...

I guess it goes without saying to have THE BEST tires, all-terrain that you can afford.

Anonymous said...

I also made these above comments advising you on tires and how to handle some of these road dangers ... (tampa to texas)