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Update On Organized Stalking

Recently there has been some good updated information on organized stalking (aka gang stalking) posted in various places on the Internet that I'd like to share. These are posted here in no particular order, along with a brief explanation of what they're about, for your consideration.

The first of these is at

and is titled "Types Of Organized Stalking". This article was written by a friend of mine and contains a brief mention of me. The information this post contains is excellent.

The second link I'm asking my readers to look at is

This post, by the same author as the one above, discusses problems with Canadian mail and package deliveries experienced by a target of organized stalking. Her experiences with illegal mail and package tampering are very similar to ones my children and I have been the victims of in the U.S. for over 12 years now. ALL of our private (i.e., non-junk) mail arrives having been clearly opened, tampered with, and either left hanging open or having been crudely taped shut again. Sometimes bizarre items are added to our mail, as discussed in previous posts here dealing with mail tampering. Other times, the contents of our mail are missing or vandalized. For us, it does not matter how our mail or packages are sent; ALL the major carriers (USPS, Fed-Ex, UPS, etc.) are involved. I have filed repeated, very well-documented complaints with each of these to no avail. I have provided the USPS alone with copies of a stack of receipts for missing/stolen packages and certified letters that is over an inch thick, the tracking numbers on which all come back as "No Record", and they STILL won't do anything about it.

[Update, 11/15/11: The author of the above has posted an update that contains considerable additional information at ].

The nest link I'm providing here is for a post at the Topix National Gang Stalking Forum that was written by well-known organized stalking victim and advocate Eleanor White. This time, I'm also providing a partial sample of Ms. White's writings at this site, along with my hope that you will take the time to go to the site and read the rest of what she's written there in other postings. Important Note: Hektor Seven, who started this forum, is a very serious perpetrator of organized stalking who is well-known to me. He seems to have started the forum as a vehicle to taunt and torment victims, rather than as a way to help victims share information and help. It's also very important for those who follow this particular forum to realize that many, if not most, of the posts on this forum are actually written by Hektor Seven under a multitude of different names. Once you understand this, you'll realize that H7, as he's known, actually uses the forum to "talk to himself" in many different personalities, which serves as a GREAT example of one of my basic axioms for stalking victims: It's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims.

" [For below]

Eleanor White
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Friday Nov 11

I don't follow this thread real closely, but if police records of complaints about organized stalking are being discussed, there is a HUGE number of those.

One problem is that police often try to avoid taking a written complaint that would go in their files. This makes it difficult for crime statistics to reflect the true level of organized stalking activity.

But in spite of that, recent statistics (post 2000) show that for the U.S., Canada and the U.K., complaints of group stalking represent about one complaint to police out of eight. That's a huge number.

More detail is available in pages 9-12 of my e-booklet titled "Organized Stalking" at this link:

Also relating to numbers of complaints about organized stalking are the calls received by the National Center for Victims of Crime. An attorney who is a member of our group has been trying for some time to get NCVC to reveal their full information relating to organized stalking. They have resisted.

However, our attorney member provided me a copy of an affidavit he swore, which is viewable on pages 49-51 of the above e-booklet.

Attorney Keith reports one call-taker at NCVC acknowledged 10 percent of the calls she receives on an average shift are about "gang" stalking, which is a poor term but does mean organized stalking by groups.

The NCVC call taker, reports Keith, acknowledged "thousands" of calls per month relating to "gang" stalking.

Keith could not get supervisors to put that in writing, unfortunately. Subsequent attempts by Keith to find out why the silence brought a hint that the official NCVC position is, and again, this was hinted at, not publicly declared, that organized stalking complaints are the result of mental illness.

Of course no mental health worker or other official has ever explained to our membership why they roll out the red carpet for targets of a single stalker, but deny that stalking by more than one stalker is even possible.

What psychological or sociological barrier absolutely prevents two or more people from getting together to "give someone the business?"

Organized stalking in the workplace has been recognized by researchers under the name "mobbing," and a book by mobbing researchers is available from under that title. The authors are Dr. Noa Davenport, Ruth Distler Schwartz and Gail Pursell Elliott. Copyright 1999. References there to other research.

So where do psychiatrists and officials get this idea that organized stalking happens in the workplace, but NEVER, no no no no no no NEVER, in the community?

We all pay officials and doctors HUGE cushy salaries, and we allow them to treat targets of group stalking like crap. Time for that to change.

Eleanor White"

My final shared link cam be found at Cause Stalking by David Lawson:

Lawson is a private investigator who managed to infiltrate an organized stalking gang and then wrote a book about his experiences. This link provides a great deal of additional information from Mr. Lawson's book.

I'm providing these various links to my readers because they contain a lot of accurate and basic information (some of it new) on organized stalking. I hope they will encourage you to explore the subject further. And then I hope they will help motivate you to take action to do something about it!


Anonymous said...

It's time this end ML and it seems the only way that we can make it end is by publicly exposing the companies and people who engage in it and ensuring that we have irrefutable evidence that they are lying snakes committing criminal acts.

I'm not religious but if there's a god there should be a special place in hell for Doctors who abuse the trust society has placed in them to engage in stalking and harassment behavior and by falsely claiming their victims are "mentally ill".

In your case, the Doctor is a stalker.

In my case, Doctors are accepting bribes and favors to engage in these criminal practices.

Anonymous said...

At least SOME of the doctors may fear for their lives.

Others diagnose patients with fatal diseases and enjoy the kickbacks. Imagine what your ex-husband is up to with the world at large if he will do what you report to you can his own children !!!

Anonymous said...

... if he will do what you report to you AND his own children."

For the record we have experienced the same with UPS, USPS but not FedEX. Although the guy from FedEx is a bit strange. The guy from UPS also once turned his big truck sharply in front of mine and nearly hit me. He's a very sinister guy. I would and do now boycott any business which only uses UPS or FedEX to deliver. Undermining the USPS is a bad mistake. FedEx and USPS have an agreement so I am more prone to avoid UPS as they are my worst experience. My dog can't stand the guy, either. LOL They tore open a package which contained sensitive documents and THEN when I called to complain the guy was yelling at me AND said, "it was a machine".. I reply, "Yes it must have been one of those new smart machines as it also tore open the tabbed document INSIDE/" He did NOT care.
In fact, the driver had notified him that I was rude or "something"... LOL. Imagine that. Some new world where I must be polite to horrible people from UPS. They, like others, crafted this image for themselves which is anything BUT reality.

Anonymous said...

"White Arrow" in the UK harboured a lot of perps a few years back. Parcels would be smashed, or they'd leave parcels meant for someone else -with an address several miles away. They went out of business and what was left was taken over by another company.

It's actually a very disruptive trick to play on an honest person: dump someone else's property on their doorstep and have them sort it out, because the addressee is bound to think that you're somehow involved in their parcel not arriving: after all, you live in another town and you're saying that White Arrow simply dropped a couple of thousand pounds worth of goods on your doorstep and drove off into the distance without explanation or even ringing the bell...

It's not just the customers who are the target of systematic interference in parcels: the company itself may be driven out of business or into a takeover in the process.

Anonymous said...

AGREED comments on white arrow. And be sure to take note of DHL the sinister company which arrived during the bush years in the horrid yellow trucks and then LEFT just as he did. INTERESTING. As well, DHL was involved in the "loss" of the ummm CRUCIAL EVIDENCE in a murder trial in Florida.

I've had the UPS guy Jerry Dupree dump stuff over my fence that belonged to the stalkers. I suppose I was to walk down and deliver it. No thanks. LOL !!! Instead I took it to a UPS store and said THIS IS NOT MINE. New ploy: the clerk said VERY QUICKLY .. YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR THAT to be re-delivered. ME? WTF?
I didn't say a word ... I dropped it on the floor and went back out the door. NONE of their curbside boxes work either likely so they can play this same trick. It's been THE SAME GUY every time and he will schedule meetups with these other huge brown trucks right at my corner and they exchange extremely odd packages HUGE LONG ROUND TUBES (weapons??) etc... but if you could see my neighborhood it's SUCH an IMPROBABLE location to meet up. Of course, their meetup was just in front of the biker meth house recently occupied by a biker employee of the Tampa Irish Republican Army prince of darkness, John Patrick Condon, West Tampa Glass.

What I came here to post however is this further TAMPA TEXAS connection.

Howard Jenkins BUYS Texas Rangers' former owners' home in Snowmass.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Texas Rangers ANOTHER bush criminal cartel product?

Anonymous said...

Real victims of "gangstalking" new cointelpro BS.

Yvonne Hiller of Kraft Foods is in the book Closing the Gap accusing Cointelpro-like harrassment until the day she went postal.

Frustrated attorney also commented on Amazon.

Many alleged victims in the book.

Anonymous said...

Yvonne Hiller is the lady that said she'd had enough, went off, and killed two people she claimed sprayed her at Kraft in Philadelphia. She reported what she'd done to police immediately after on a 911 call. She said that she was being sprayed with chemicals toxins and harassed. There's presently an attempt to quietly not have a trial and just say she's crazy. Hopefully they are not doping her with psychoactive drugs in jail to bolster their contentions as she awaits trial. By not having an open and fair trial Ms. Hiller claims and any additional supporting evidence would not be presented in court and examined. Just Google non trial resolution, Yvonne Hiller and Kraft or use the below link.

The widely unknown truth is:
PM and Kraft were actively engaged "together" in brain, chemical, and other secretive research as reported by the Chicago Tribune investigative article, Where there's smoke there may be food research too. There was even talk of Kraft having some sort of "BRAINWAVE" device that the infamous secret PM scientist Dr. Gullotta was just too eager to see. I know it sounds unbelievable but if you can handle the truth: You can easily Google it or just type in the link.,0,7024564,full.story

I have inside knowledge that concludes Ms Hiller was being subjected to involuntary human experiments with the chemicals she complained of. They research these toxic chemicals found in cigarette smoke in secret, as revealed in numerous lawsuits that are public and easily accessible on the net like or the legacy tobacco documents online. This is only the "tip of the iceberg".

The suspected chemicals are inherent in tobacco cigarettes and its associated smoke that PM research and test in their labs such as methyl chloride, acetaldehyde, and formaldehyde. Which in proper concentrations can cause that "mental roller coaster " that Ms H complained of like mental confusion, hallucinations, dilirium, dizziness, and can last from hours to months and can cause permanent damages, even alter your personality. Anyone subjected to these concentrated chemicals would act strangely like Ms. Hiller did too.
The reason smokers suffer from heaith related ills disproportionately are directly attributed to these toxic chemicals in the smoke. There are many more that are tested that causes anything from heart attack, to stroke, to brain aneurysms, to moderate health effects such as irregular heartbeat, high blood pressure, headache, to, cancer. Some chemicals are so strong that they can be absorbed into your skin and eyes in concentrated form.

There appears to be an apparent effort to cover up, and to sweep the case of Yvonne Hiller under the rug and discount her as just crazy with no trial.
As I have seen my posts quickly deleted from web sites, and emails at times don't get delivered; just copy this immediately and pass it on as soon as you can. The truth will speak for itself.
It is quite understandable that just considering the above priviledged and highly secretive information revealed that:
I am constantly subjected to organized group stalking actions where ever I am.
Here in Richmond, Va. The home of Philip Morris, the general concensus is that Philip Morris can do no wrong.