Saturday, November 19, 2011

Truck Wars

The stalking and harassment being directed at me while I'm driving to and from work continues unabated, despite my earlier post on the subject. Recently, however, I've noticed a serious increase in incidents involving large trucks and other heavy vehicles, like over sized pickups, trailers, RVs, large SUVs, and the like. This is very dangerous, both to me and to other vehicles, particularly on I-10, where the speeds involved are high.

Large trucks come barrelling down the entrance ramps at me, trying to force me into someone else next to me in the passing lane. They tailgate me (usually with their lights on, as described in a previous post here) in the right hand lane, ignoring clear opportunities to pass me. They zoom past me, then cut into my lane in front of me and slow to a crawl (at which point, at least 100 of their friends in smaller vehicles suddenly start passing me to my left in a line where they're so close together that I'm trapped behind the slow-moving vehicle; remember, I'm being stalked by very large numbers of people from this area). The big trucks and other large vehicles also drive for long stretches in my blind spots, hoping I won't see them and will hit them (in which case, of course, I'll come out second-best). They swerve repeatedly at my vehicle from neighboring lanes, trying to make me panic and lose control. They surround my vehicle very closely on three sides and then start swerving at me, which is especially disconcerting and dangerous when the three vehicles doing this are all semi rigs.

But wait, there's more! Two weeks ago, a passenger in a large pickup that had just passed me suddenly threw a square black piece of metal out of their window at my windshield. There was nothing I could do to avoid this, but luckily, it just missed hitting my vehicle and bounced onto the pavement next to me.

Then there's the constant variety of bizarre and dangerous objects and items left in the roadway for me to either attempt to avoid or hit: everything from everyday items to trash to scrap metal to dead animals I've previously seen off to the side of the road that are suddenly moved back onto it for my next trip (yes, they definitely were dead the first time around; they didn't move by themselves!). On one particularly memorable occasion several years ago, two guys riding (illegally, of course) in the open bed of a pickup suddenly pushed an antique sofa off the back of the truck directly in front of me and laughed as I swerved to miss hitting it (successfully, thank heavens!).

This week, I had problems several days in a row with a particular white over sized pickup with a HCTC logo on it. I also had problems near the Comfort entrance ramp with another large white pickup truck that was carrying a large concrete vault on the back that had "Biohazard" printed in black lettering on the back of it. This last was especially interesting, given that the location where I encountered it is very close to the property that is the subject of discussion in my earlier "Death In Comfort" post.

Although, as explained in previous posts, some of the vehicles involved in the stalking and harassment of us are marked law enforcement vehicles of various kinds, I will be submitting a copy of this post to the Texas Department of Public Safety, along with my latest request for their protection of both myself and other innocent drivers. My previous complaints to them have gone unanswered, but I will continue to file written complaints with them nonetheless, in order to leave a written record of what's being done.


Anonymous said...

The Dept of Public Safety does not respond AT ALL? Do you send the complaints with certified mail?

Do you have cameras on the interstate there?

Anonymous said...

Very suspicious death "tampa to texas" style.

Anonymous said...

Any connection to this guy??
I don't know where Denton is compared to you

ML said...

I'm not connected to the poster in Denton in any way that I'm aware of.

The poster from Denton that you refer to may be right about some of his/her observations, but I believe I'm facing more of a criminal conspiracy than a government one.

Anonymous said...

My stalkers have now increased their level of activity from simply following me to tailgating and acting like they will run me off the rode. Also, recently my husband and I took my 83 year old mom out of town to the doctor (we take care of her and she has Parkinson's), I couldn't believe they would actually show up 2 hours away from my home town and with my elderly/sick Mom!!! I've seen it before, but didn't trust my gut to think it was possible! On the way home 2 18-wheelers were involved! I just can't believe they are in on it too?? I need some answers! Please... anyone out there experiencing this in Beaumont and Houston Texas?
B from Texas