Friday, December 16, 2011

Perpetrators and Bystanders

This article was published recently in the San Antonio Express-News. Because it discusses bullying, it also has great relevance to discussions on organized stalking, which is a more serious and more criminal form of bullying. If reading it causes even one person to start thinking about whether they are a perpetrator or a bystander and what the long term effects of the decisions they make every day about this might be, then I will not have shared the article in vain.

Do not be a perpetrator or a bystander in organized stalking! You can go to prison for being a perpetrator. You can lose your soul and your humanity and your freedom by being a bystander.


Anonymous said...

How sad we don't get this lesson at home. I did !! My family did !
We were also taught to "keep quiet" at parochial school. I admire the efforts of this team of people. It sometimes just takes ONE person to say: NO. DO NOT DO THAT. What a world of junk these other swine have created. A snitch society and a distrusting society .. little tiny pockets of hope in this article. THANK YOU !!! Then the White House can't be too far from a good anti cause stalking stance. Joe Biden is an advocate of anti stalking. Not sure why we never hear a word from our veep but AM happy he's NOT CHENEY whom we heard from so much I stopped reading the paper and watching the television. I now realize that was part of the plan.... to stop us all from paying attention due to hating the sound of their screwed-up voices.

Anonymous said...

Meant to wish you and yours Happy Holidays ! (tampa)
FTR, the local stalkers are sooo frustrated we are still here another Christmas you could actually FEEL the seething hatred oozing from their drug houses.

Anonymous said...

This is Joe Licata who is now in Texas. Odd. I believe that he must be employed by VERIZON or a subsidiary because he appears to ahve tag-teamed out with steve shaw (same school, same company) and at the same time steve shaw came home from "abroad" to live in tampa others (same school) also returned home to tampa. I mean a HUGE INFLUX. They didn't come back to good jobs or anything, in fact it was extremely puzzling "where" most "were" or WHY they would all return home at the same time. Now that I have your cue on the equestrian connection I CANNOT BELIEVE the places it pops up. I don't tell you every time, but the big ones I do. Happy New Year.

Does the name Jerry Hamlett ring a bell with you? His wife works at a vet's office here in tampa. Allegedly she and I are related. He has stalked me and sent others to stalk me so that's QUITE ODD. But he also sports a Christian pin, manipulates kids and is Masonic type person, gets jobs such as would get him in peoples' homes (dog walker, south eastern guide dog, etc....hospice LOTS OF HOSPICE) etc.... I found him at the root of most of this stalking as well. FAR AWAY FROM HOWARD JENKINS BUT NOT FAR ENOUGH. I believe they do it in scales !! Scales and upgrades.

Anonymous said...

He is an attorney. WORSE !!!

I tried to post this last night at least five times, I kept getting pushedd off the Internet. I googled the address and that was what I was trying to post (the address which appears on the above document linked which is signed with his brother, frank licata, there is brother or cousin ken licata who is a fireman. Frank has also been burned in some way or has a skin disease) ken recently played in with the hillsborough state attorney's office mouthpiece radio DJ to have a stupid fire where ken licata claimed to have hurt himself (LOL ... lifetime annuity anyone?? he's out on retirement they just laugh at us organized crime being paid for by tax dollars through the firehouse)
Also check this out:

Jurisdictions: FLORIDA
BUT if you google the address it houses many important connections: INSTANT PASSPORTS (mexican drug tunnel anyone?? many mexican connections here in floreeduh, in fact I compare us to viva la floreeda) 5177 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056 Directions, Location and ...
Our interactive map lets you view, print, or send to your phone directions to and
from 5177 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77056, and view the location as a ... - Cached - SimilarHome - Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands - Houston, TX
5177 Richmond Ave, Suite 725, Houston, TX 77056 - USA 713-622-8000 (phone
) - 713-622-3581 (Fax) Other Consulates in the ... - Cached - SimilarLoopNet - Invalid Property ID
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Anonymous said... - SimilarChase Bank 5177 Richmond Ave - Bank Locations
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locations,store hours for all Chase Bankin USA, including locations,store hours, ... - Cached - SimilarMap of Chase -Richmond Sage, 5177 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX ...
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He is suite 1250 I believe more on the seond page I just put a taste her to spark curiosity.

ALSO, most importantly WAY TOO MANY OF THESE PEOPLE: gurka, licata, southwick etc.. have had a relative killed before going into the stalking business, including licata. Southwick is now a spokesperson or whatever for district II tampa police. Very scary fellow over the phone. ONE OF THEM is in place as head of every district so when you call to complain THAT is the person you get. I imagine the calls are auto-forwarded to their cells. SO you never get past the lizard front of corruption. It's so thick in tampa. But isn't THAT an interesting tampa/texas connection. LICATA has a sister married to infamous attorney frank de la grana. They're under someone's thumb and de la grana is the savior as the licata family used to be well-known for their prime spot downtown steakhouse and kindness. Frank is now just in with bad disgusting people.. also when this first started this harshly in the last thre years, christine breen whose husband's business partner is a us attorney, robert o'neill imagine that a us attorny partnererd up with a public criminal (on record although the arrests have been disappeared) ... but christine did opine in an odd way, "maybe you pissed off an attorney" this was said to something completely NOT IN THAT SUBJECT realm. When everyone walked away. LOL. Anyway... I don't even have to look hard to hook these people up to texas... it's been there all along. I knew it I just didn't KNOW YOU.

Anonymous said...

This might take more than one post....
BADA BING BING BING ... who ELSE has ties to ocala horse country??????

(and besides what some might consider the marriage of the mobsters modern families which I recently located in LOCAL public records. Hit up Scaglione marriage records in "pat frank clerk of court official records" choose official records. Drop down box select "marriage lic" read em. When you get to the most recent ones open them up. Unsurprisingly "something" has interfered with my ability to load .pdf files so it takes me too long to go and get a link for you again. Please do it.

NOW, here's the new subject. This is called "how to assassinate a President backwards in slow motion by Howard Jenkins and Opray Winfrey"

When you find the one I refer to then you will also find the root of the murder of John F. Kennedy. Two Presidential assassinations to this group now. Oprah kiss kiss kissing bush ... it just goes on and on.

ABOUT "Rielle" "Hunter"

Druck was born in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.[9] Her parents, James Druck (1934–1990) and Gwen Druck, owned Eagle Nest Farm in Ocala, Florida, where they raised show horses. They had four daughters. James Druck was a wealthy lawyer with his own private airplane, who specialized in defending insurance companies.[10]

Druck went to St. John Lutheran School[11] and North Marion High School in Ocala.[12] After high school, Druck attended the University of Tampa, but she transferred after 2 years to the University of Florida. In her junior year she withdrew from UF to move to New York City to pursue an acting career.[13][14]

[edit] Horse murders and Henry the HawkMain article: Horse murders
According to ABC News, Lisa Druck was "a prize-winning equestrian when her father was implicated" in the horse murders scandal, "an ugly plot to electrocute horses for insurance money."[15] The convicted criminal and FBI informant Tommy "The Sandman" Burns stated that James Druck was involved in the 1982 insurance fraud death of Lisa's show jumper Henry the Hawk. Gwen and James Druck divorced that same year; Lisa was 17 years old at the time.[16][17] James Druck was never charged, and he died of cancer in New York City in 1990.[11][15][18] (interesting to me personally as I know that something or a series of somethings happened in 1985 to 1989-90 which set off the chain of events I see before me today here in Tampa and up through to detroit and mass and maine, A PLAN if you will) Stretching from coast to coast

[edit] Literary inspiration


WTF??? WHO has ever been this friggin conciliatory towards THE OTHER WOMAN who basically fucked over the one woman in recent history whom America absolutely ADORED??? (most of us anyway)

(please note all the media tricks, I couldn't really listen to it because again big surprise ... TX/FL internet clowns slow it all down so it won't load but only "at that moment".. doesn't really bother me... I think I got most of them and frankly this is how we caught on that newscasters had gone quite nutz, we watched them one day with the volume down and someone said... MY GOD look at their eyebrows .. they appear to be MAD... They really DO.)

Anonymous said...

Okay, first of all it's a "fireside chat" .. both in pink, all wide-eyed, very very understated makeup, nude lips w/just a hint of shine on the hunter and I have always thought of her as a hunter. I believe she was sent in by oprah from the beginning. I always wonder if Obama whom I DID end up voting for but would NOT HAVE given a better choice met with edwards before or after Hunter) Just food for thought. And those .."oh so surprised" lil faces and innocent hair and looks. Come ON she's not fooling anyone. Right down to the lil pink homey scuffs, is oprah trying to give us modern cinderella or WHAT? This is other interesting info.

GREENSBORO, N.C. (AP) — Ex-presidential candidate John Edwards has a life-

threatening heart condition that will require surgery next month, his doctor told a

judge presiding over Edwards' upcoming court case over possible campaign

A cardiologist for the 58-year-old ex-North Carolina senator wrote two letters

about his condition to Judge Catherine Eagles, who talked about them Friday during

a hearing to consider whether the trial would go on later this month. She delayed

it until at least March 26

I found it interesting that the Judge's name is Eagles as juxtaposed with eaglesnest "rielle's" former home and the interesting timing of the death of her father who was "never" "charged".

-on-sex-tape/ federal criminal

edwards and woodruff above

\Like most of us I "enjoy" many interruptions as I research. This is just some of what I found when I looked just a tiny bit. I have long felt that Hunter was a purposeful take down of Edwards BUT the equestrian thing did spring out at me. If I knew she had any tie to Florida before I had completely forgotten it and same with equestrian. As well, I knew this about her just from piecing together what happened with Oprah and her DRIVE to get Obama to the WH. To hell with anything else. I also see Oprah behind a great many things I find Nazi-esque. She's a huge fear-monger for one and has never ONCE breathed a word that Sept.11,2001 might not have been what was publicized.
I find her power very off-putting. And sinister. Instead of using such power and wealth for legitimate caring and humanitarian purposes she gives away cars and runs a PR machine for herself there in O world.
At any rate ...please research as I mentioned to you.

Anonymous said...

Please excuse I left the unkind language in the above post. It was more a personal feeling but then it took me so darn long to get it over here I forgot to edit it out and clean it up.