Monday, January 16, 2012

Organized Stalking In The Workplace

A major goal of perpetrators of organized stalking is ruining the finances of their victims. One of the main ways this is done is by stalking victims where they work, both to cause them to lose their jobs, and also to ensure that they are unable to find future employment.

Over the last few weeks, a Canadian friend of mine has been documenting her experiences as a victim of organized stalking as she begins a new job. She does this on her Anti-Organized Stalking blog, which can be found at Rather than repeat or summarize her experiences here, I’ll instead ask you to go to her blog and read her firsthand accounts for yourself.

Also, after requesting and receiving permission from both of them, I am reprinting in its entirety a comment our mutual friend Medawar left at the end of one of my Canadian friend’s most recent Anti-Organized Stalking posts on workplace stalking. I’m doing this because the comment is an excellent general overview of the subject of organized stalking in the workplace. I hope readers will study Medawar’s words carefully, particularly with regard to long-term consequences. Then I hope you will consider going back to my previous post here and reviewing what it has to say about perpetrators and bystanders.

I myself have been a victim of many of the same kinds of criminal acts in the workplace that my Canadian friend describes (plus some that she hasn’t), so I’m well aware of the veracity of what she describes; the seriousness and maliciousness of many of the acts being perpetrated; and the shocking extents of these acts, number of persons involved in carrying them out, and reach/scope of involvement (for example, the involvement of so many people in related companies being dealt with, like shipping and transit companies).

In my own case, the primary focus of the stalkers has been to prevent me from obtaining any job at all that pays me enough to live on. This is being done through my stalkers’ extensive and high-level contacts.

There’s one more important piece of information you should have: the primary stalker of my Canadian friend has been seen here in Texas meeting with my former father-in-law!—see
. Organized stalking, like the organized crime it’s part of, is truly international in scope.

Here, then, is Medawar’s comment in its entirety, followed by the link where the original can be found.

Medawar2 said...
Stalking is a source of economic damage and social instability for nations, as well as for companies. Companies that allow stalking to take place are, like governments, signing their own death warrant by doing so.

And yet, government officials and company directors allow themselves to be induced to not only allow stalking campaigns, but to take part. Why?

Well, the people who organise stalking campaigns are almost invariably pathological liars, because no-one else has the skills set required. And these people are prisoners of their own compulsions, too.

Pathological lairs are not compelled to tell plausible lies, or to trick people into acting in their own best interests. They are compelled to force people to accept outrageous untruths which their rational mind ought to reject, preferably where that acceptance will bring the subject to utter ruin. A pathological liar is never simply lying to you for his own ends: he is lying to you for an end which includes, but is not limited to, your destruction.

Any company director or government official who gives into the mental pressure to persecute someone (always a stronger force than the superficial bribery that goes with it: that's merely meant to damn the person more thoroughly) will find that he has damaged his company or his country by doing so. And himself.

People like [the stalker] are not leading a pack of skanks simply to destroy targets like our heroine here: they are making the skanks do their worst in order to show them at their worst, too. In the end, all human society is very deeply programmed to reject those who do this. People like [the stalker] know this, too. They take pleasure in the skanks being no better off than the targets.

So, any company that takes part in this kind of scam, is destroying itself.

There is a way out, though.
Whatever they intend, or have agreed to do, they can always do the other thing: simply give our heroine the information, tools and courtesy necessary for her to do her job thoroughly and well, and then just watch as that's what she does. The [stalker]s of this world will rage at them, but that rage will be increasingly impotent.

And remember: every single inducement that a skank is offered, is expertly designed to make him look and feel worse about what he has done in the long run.
January 13, 2012 9:35 AM


Anonymous said...

By the word "expertly" one believes Medawar imparts centuries-old tried and true, absolutely despicable and maybe in many cases masonically or other secret-club and church-past-time included activities and role-playing. It deos sicken me to imagine them doing this but THEY MUST. Training like soldiers. I know some of them upon close (and video'd observance) look blank-eyed and rote. It's ... weird.

Okay, on to my subject ..

I won't say which of these ladies in this pictuer is the old broad who is in on this. I will say that I can now now prove it.. but read down this lady's wall ... not a post in and she's got something equestrian posted. Not long back there was a huge string of horse deaths in pasco. Until I read about "rielle" "hunter" the hunter I had no conception people would do this for insurance... MY GOD. It would be like killing a family member to me.

I am dead serious I identified my perp. I got sick from some stuff applied in my home and took that down time to work my butt off on some stuff and lo and behold. NO SURPRISES. In fact, my entire life story spills out on her facebook page. Wow. She is a crazy crazy person. NOT the one linked above who may think she's perfectly normal. BUT she has gone around behind SO MANY PLACES I have been, frequented or had friends and with her little network of old crazy people has tried to ruin my life.

It's ON.

Because I am ASHAMED OF NOTHING IN MY LIFE. If I have things to be ashamed of that is between I and the person whom I experienced it with... Just as some people should be perhaps ashamed at some interactions with me or others. I have never ONCE taken a public action or any other action I am ashamed of.
So she can no longer have any control as I am going to expose her. I said I would a long time ago and one of the perps (I knew this) said ... NOOOO that will only make it worse. No. It won't. IT WILL hrut a lot of people, including children. Having not been the one who DID all of this for years and years, I think I'm giong to have to pin that ON HER, as well. SHD DID IT ALL. I've just lived my life and sondered why people were yknow changing ... NOW I KNOW. Her facebook page is like a timestamp of my entire life. So .. it's ON.
Her life and the lives of the children are no more important or less so than my own or any of my deceased and also hurt (murdered in three cases) family members.

This vampire is GOING DOWN. Not with the cops. They will just call you crazy. So, I'm going to have to just tell the world about her. I like that she is so old she will go to her grave ruied. It's ok. You know what? Maybe her insane grand-daughter will think twice before she bothers someone else. We're just not afraid of them.
A lot of people are NOT going to like that she is pulling the wool over her eyes and they are ESPECIALLY not going to like WHY.

Again, I did nothing wrong.

BUT it is the basis and beginning of all of this. What a dumb cluck she is. And able to lead people. I could NEVER have done much of this stuff to anyone but yknow what? I think they test you with that early in life as they are setting you up. Will you stand back? Will you help us? Will we come after you?

Anonymous said...

They can ring up a group of naaty people with a cooler of poison and poisonous brownies at a moment's notice. Been there. Sick sick sick bi.....

Anonymous said...

Oh, also... I have found MANY MANY MANY of these people at Tampa Italian Club (also on facebook) I haven't really looked there much though, but it jumped out rather quickly.

Anonymous said...

Help! I'm not afraid of them...I'm afraid they should be afraid of me! I am new to this site. Not sure what to do next????
B in Texas

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