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The Body Problem

This column containing society news was published in the 9/15/2011 edition of the San Antonio Express-News. As noted in it, Dick DeGuerin is a very well-known Houston criminal defense attorney. And to quote Mr. Palm, "You cannot make this up."

I have added a second copy of this column at the end of my 8/12/11 post to this blog titled "Death In Comfort", which I strongly suggest you go back and read or re-read.


Anonymous said...

In St Pete (across the bridge from Tampa) the lunatics just got a facility (right INSIDE the funeral home, back door deliveries anyone?{}
The black owner of the long-time funeral home made all these noises about how it was perfectly OK to release people RIGHT OUT INTO THE DRAIN!!!!! Everyone who read the article was horrified. I'll go see iF I can get a link. You know they're running out of land. It was only a matter of time but yeah .. this is going too far. in Lakeland ALONE we have FIVE "regional cancer centers"... there's something up there. Truly.

Look how many ways they try to color it HERE:LL

Well, here's the article. They cleaned up both the article and the comments A LOT. Basically they went through the comments and took down the more honest and harsh comments and changed the story to alleviate those problems. And also made it a nice family there just taking care of us for years. this is moving closer to final solution ...

You go for a walk ... you never come home. Not a trace. Number of places to take you to. Nice.

I get a lot of hearses too. Such derelicts. Some of them actually look ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

joe licata and deguerin just a thought

Anonymous said...

Some of the worst, longest-term but STUPIDEST stalkers in this immediate neighborhood have been housed continuously in a house closeby. Sometimes up to twenty people will live in the house. Stalk with strollers, cars, walking, out on porch smoking, back and forth in front of my home, out whenever I am. The owner lived there a short time as well off and on. He also appeared next to me on the interstate from time to time and would turn corners just in front of me etc. Well, believe it or not my X needed a place to live when that house was a hud home (when mel martinez was in charge of hud btw) and he called and I called and I even took the ONE SIGN out of the house window and brought it home so no one else could call (LOL) because I knew it was a huge scam. Anyway .. we could get no info. So that's confirmed independently as well, they've done this in the past. The house is not really for sale, They also manipulate the market and the neighborhood and force undesirables in (aka stalkers) etc... cash out on the houses, etc. SOOOOO.... the owner lost his other dump, a nappy little condo in a good area w/poor parking, dinky pool, outrageous mortgage on them both BOUGHT HIGH .. and loaded down with all gay dudes AND FIREMEN. That as it. Every condo. Maybe 40 condos in the place. Palma Ceia something or other. He got that taken from him. I think he did deed in lieu of foreclosure BUT the only way I know about his is he has scammed this house here on to the market again... hang on I'm getting to the gritty which is where you come in ... so the puerto ricans (self identified all fifty of them interchangeably) up and ran off at least this time they used a moving truck last time they just hand carried their junk and left a trail of broken glass furniture in peoples' yards, etc. I know they didn't go too far they're part of a gang. It was to the point with them I was literally just calling them stalkers right to their face. They completely ignored me OR if I was alone they would make drama I ignored. It was ludicrous. OKAY ... so a REALTOR sign goes up, right? Now I know this scummy real estate co because I called them way back and the woman was a liar. Jeannette Yates, Weichert Realty. Google it and take note of the states. Extremely sinister. I'm almost done. He's selling the house short sale for LESS THAN A THIRD OF WHAT HE OWES. Wait. So I start researching short sales because I KNOW this house is already sold they're a biker/rican/drug gang with police protection laundering drug profits and stalking as a sideline or whatever. I find it online and look at the pictures. NO pic of the bathroom, the back yard, half the house or the back of the house OR the utility room or dining room.
Okay, I've looked at A LOT of virtual tours.. NEVER LEFT OUT. Especially the bathroom. RUSH JOB?!?!? You betcha. Raul Marerro, Weichert Realtors, Jeannette Yates office. It's still coming hang on ...
SOOOO, I'm like WTF?? Maybe I want that house (i know it's sold PLUS the owner's pretty lil blond boyfriend told me he and his gay lover are buying it .. LOL) So I look up the Noble Brokerage guy to find out how far back I can trace this place because I know the guy who sold it TO THE CURRENT OWNER is A THIEF and scum. HE REALLY IS and a biker

Anonymous said...

AND both the current owners BUYS are HUD but when the market was high and mel was around. Plus we could get no info. PLUS the owner drives an 89 grand bmw coupe. traded in another beemer which all I can see is what the little blonde boy sees in him, he's grotesque and mean, the boy seems nice. Okayyyyy look !!! Where is Mr. Noble Brokerage ?? OCALA

Broker loses license over complaints |
Aug 27, 2008 ... OCALA - Ray Mansfield believes that local property manager Wesley Herren got
what he deserved. ... 11, the Florida Real Estate Commission agreed and
revoked Herren's brokerage license after hearing eight different ... - SimilarS Wesley Herren, Ocala real estate agent in FL - Noble Brokerage ...
S Wesley Herren, Noble Brokerage Corp, Ocala real estate agent, Ocala Realtor. - Cached - SimilarWes Herren | LinkedIn
Ocala, Florida - Owner, Property Management Consultants
Wes Herren. Owner, Property Management Consultants. Location: Ocala, Florida
(Ocala, Florida Area); Industry: Management Consulting ... - Cached - SimilarNoble Brokerage Services in Ocala, FL by Yellowbook
Business Listing Information for Noble Brokerage Services in Ocala, FL by ... The
broker for this firm, Wes Herren, had his license revoked by the Florida Real ... - Cached - SimilarChrist The King Anglican Church Of Ocala - Ocala, Florida (FL ...
Christ The King Anglican Church Of Ocala company profile in Ocala, FL. Our free
company ... Ocala, FL 34470-5404 map. Website: ... Wesley Herren, Principal ... - Cached - SimilarWesley Herren - Principal of Christ The King Anglican Church Of ...
We have Wesley Herren listed as the Principal of Christ The King Anglican
Church Of Ocala, which is listed under Churches, Temples, and Shrines in Ocala,
FL. ... - Cached - SimilarProperty Management Consultants Inc Business Review in Ocala FL
BBB® - Start With Trust - Central Florida ... Primary Contact: Mr S. Wesley Herren
(Owner)Mrs. Deborah Herren (President) ... Ocala, FL 34470-5404Directions ...

Anonymous said... - Cached - SimilarSmith et al v. Zacco et al :: Justia Dockets & Filings
Aug 5, 2010 ... Florida Middle District Court - Civil Rights ... John Zacco, Grant Kelly, Emmitt
Jerome Jackson, S. Wesley Herren, Deborah ... Office: Ocala Office ... - Cached - SimilarPatrick K - Florida Commission on Ethics
Mar 18, 2003 ... May be accessed on the Internet at TALLAHASSEE—
March 18 .... the Ocala Code Enforcement Board. Appeals requested by ... of
Adjustment; W. WESLEY HERREN, as a member of the Marion County ... - Cached - SimilarWesrick, Inc. Company Profile - Located in Ocala, FL - S Wesley ...
Oct 22, 2011 ... Wesrick, Inc. has a location in Ocala, FL. Active officers include S Wesley Herren
and Richard C Warren. - Cached - Similar 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Next
I haven't looked it all up yet but he went bad about three years after that house was sold the LAST TIME so part of it would be that deal. He had lots of signs up around here at the time. Okay, so when your house is in foreclosure you have several options and they don't ding your credit as bad I discovered today, one is the deed in lieu and one is the short sale. SO .. I googled short sale fraud. WHOA. FBI STUFF .. not that we have an FBI or anything in tampa.... but THAT is what these guys are doing. So now I can actually send one to jail without waiting. I'm watching them closely. Meantime I KNOW that you will be interested in another tampa texas equine connection. OH !!! This owner is also linked to howard jenkins ski house to texas rangers to publix to the guy over here who painted his house roof the same icky color of orange that howard had the publix I frequent roof painted IN THE SAME WEEK his lazy ass sat up there doing it. HE DOES NOTHING. At any rate..... maybe the even worst scuzzy biker will pretend to buy it. No mystery there either but whomever participates will be committing a criminal act. YEE HAW.

Anonymous said...

Someone ACTUALLY GOT AN ETHICS CHARGE. Have not read it. That in itself is HUGE in Florida. Where apparently ALL ethics charges remain "pending" because in that status they are confidential until resolved. And then maybe more confidential. LOLS.

Anonymous said...

He has a skank to stick up for him though. As well, it may have just been time for them to cut him loose because he made someone mad or wouldn't go along with the FULL program. I think this house over here was part of a FULL CRIMINAL theft which stemmed directly from HUD. Probably similar all across the country. Mel sure did keep a low profile after that.

Mel visited (famously) the puerto rican rain forests as senator. LOLLLL. As well, he had to hire an "ethics" person to let him know when something was UNethical after I forget which flap. When I spoke or blogged or commented on articles I always called him Mel "what R an ethic" Martinez. I have NO DOUBT if every HUD sale was investigated at this time it would be extremely similar to this house's MO. I am going to post some other links here.

When all this started (obviously) in Tampa and all of Tampa has changed since then why would a guy from Ocala suddenly have signs all over the place?? They were NOT high-brow places. I think it must be the Howard Jenkins connection due to above assertions as outlined.
NOW they are going to make this work for them again.

The FBI should be interested
Not here in Tampa they won't be

He lost his license but either regained it or reworded it
The reason I think they are mad at him is realtors almost NEVER lose their license. They can outright thieve and be proven to have done so in FL and they are policed by other realtors just as lawyers are. No jail for lawyers and realtors in many cases. No license revocation unless you make someone angry.

he has gone to intitials only and it does appear to be a new listing in 2008

Here's some other things Noble Brokerage Services led back to (anthony),%20FL&keyword=realtors&sort=distance&distance=30&cat=n&alpha=all (google traces back as well ANTHONY is the name of a local scumbag realtor also associated in stalking my family and a crane which caused a horrendous wreck, plus another near wreck (attempt) killed a guy, blamed it on a mattress in the road??? Obviously they blatantly ran the stoplight and I see this in traffic around me frequently. Also it got a great deal of work on the pretense on the interstate widening which is in real life the readiness for light rail which the voters declined) LOTS more on this guy the realtor I refer to Anthony Delgado and his little wifey Vicki who comes from here in the hood. She is sure to let you know that she works (whenever she wants to) for Verizon (texas tampa everywhere) and the city of tampa and other disgusting criminal enterprises.

9. 1136 Ne 14th St, Ocala, FL 34470 - RealtyTrac
Nov 14, 2011 ... 1136 ne 14th st, ocala, fl 34470 - valued at $36578 1079 sq ft, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom office building. view this home value at 1136 ne 14th st. - Cached - Similar
10. Anthony realtors | Find realtors in Anthony, FL
Results 1 - 15 of 240 ... Noble Brokerage Services. Realtors & Real Estate. (352) 369-3330. 1136 Ne 14th St, Ocala, FL 34470. 14 ... - Cached - Similar
11. Map of Noble Brokerage Svc, 1136 NE 14th St, Ocala, FL 34470 on ...

Anonymous said...

Aug 4, 2011 ... Map of Noble Brokerage Svc in Ocala. Citysearch® has maps, driving directions, and more for 1136 NE 14th St, Ocala, FL 34470 in Ocala. - Cached - Similar
1 2
Here's a link to the house I refer to. Check out the modest furnishings and other signs of a stalker. Tools for car tampering, he always was putting gloves on. Worked on his car at night CONSTANTLY. He made a big show of the gloves whenever we drove by. A real freak. He had gangtats which I never noted as he is not close here but slithered here frequently but they're visible in his arrest photos and a one-time upclose view where some big blog of a tattoo is visible on his arm. Him from NY wife from NJ her picture was removed from the sheriff's website once she was stalking us actively so that I could not identify her. Too late. I can't tell how I know who she is but the reaction to that was a display of mens rea on the part of the perps. They enlist anyone from NJ who comes here, in fact I think they all just switch the tags around. Not only that their car dealer counter parts (we are literally SWAMPED with dealers here in order to launder cash, support various terrorists and deliver "stuff" and switch out tags and employ skanks etc....) switch vehicles and tags for them in just a few minutes. THIS is part of what makes it impossible to id them. NOT REALLY. But they are a definite crime ring with EASILY identifiable parameters and participants. They also enjoy the protection of the Tampa Police Dept and Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office many of whom laugh indulgently or glare in an intimidating fashion when you attempt to report a crime. NONE OF WHOM TAKE A REPORT.

Here's the house. note the large puerto rican flag and scarface poster above the bed. They've been married a long time, which makes it weirder. They argue a lot too making it a tenuous cocaine partnership. I've watched the black mafia toss out say 12 by 12 boxes of dope right on the lawn. they time it so I see it. THAT I care NOTHING about.... just leave me the f alone and go about your death march. I don't mind drugs. I DO MIND that they are killing people with them purposefully along with "pill mills".

Anonymous said...

Here's a better link to the house. Note what's missing. Rush job?? Yep. This guy is going to lose his license. (listing agent Raul Marrero is also Puerto Rican self-identified) and may have counterparts in another state which would make sense as MANY have moved from illinois to florida including FBI most wanted who HOWARD JENKINS then employed under an assumed name while they raked MY FAMILY MEMBER over the coals for a month despite the fact the person had worked there for SEVEN YEARS prior. They fired person illegally twice but somehow also wanted person back. MORE TO THAT story too. There WILL be a reckoning.

Another or the same Raul Marrero.... lots of these guys have links to multi and hispanic housing. They also join the army for the va loans. THEN they start getting puerto rican pride tattoos (I have the evidence) and then they start living in homes with each other and then they end up shooting each other. They have no philosophy on the value of life. IF for instance you go to the HCSO arrest inquiry look up claudio. Look up claudio, peter and mark. Look how many times peter has been let off the hook for grand theft. His counter part in crime BELTRAN also let off the hook ended up down the street from here in the comerford house on wood switching tag 676KNB out and blocking me on the street and giving the tag to another kid who lived there different last name of garrett jeremy christopher or christopher jeremy's large black girlfriend who was also arrested for felony 28 to 200 grams cocaine and then armed trafficking with a tampa fireman (big time stalker) nephew and loser James darrell mason across the street from the house I discuss HERE. All of darrell's family is employed or was employed by the City of tampa, his grandfather was heart-attacked, used to drive around with huge confederate flags on his truck, this leads back to folks at my high school and other thing but due to this being a comment I'm going to stay short.

Here is the raul marrero has THIS property listed. I should say "listed" as it is NOT for sale.

(can't find the link damnit) but THIS was interesting The Marrero that has this listed appears to have shaved his head and 38 or so maybe younger would be my guess. So it is entirely possible it's the same one. MAYBE NOT. But I want you to see HIS listing as it has a virtual tour ...

2 people named Raul Marrero in New Jersey | WhitePages
Find Raul Marrero on WhitePages. There are ... View all people named Raul
Marrero (2) > ... Source: Current searches and listings for US adults on
WhitePages. ... - Cached - Similar2 people named Raul Marrero in Texas | WhitePages
Find Raul Marrero on WhitePages. There are ... View all people named Raul
Marrero (2) > ... Source: Current searches and listings for US adults on
WhitePages. ...

Here's where Weichert sells. Each office is independently owned.

Ours locally is Jeanette Yates. Jeanette is a liar and a thief and may be going to prison for illegal short sales is the indication.

Anonymous said... Realtors, Real Estate Listings, Homes For Sale ...
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Interesting mix, no? PA is where the current biker and another scumbag named whisper dempsey are from who are currently harassing my family. Whisper is allegedly a "mom" "dying" can't tell you how many of THOSE I have had cross my path at Howard Jenkins hole on Gandy. Haven't met whisper yet but feel sure she does not have cancer and her scumbag daughter is a liar too just like the rest of them most having been married at least five times and AT LEAST ONCE to a violent black man. These branch of Pennsylvanians appear to believe they are above the law. One of their lil drunken friends screamed: I WORK FOR THE SHERIFF I HAVE NO RECORD (the sheriff is deputizing my hood?? As one of the other road-blocking puerto ricans states in heavy spanish >> I am a poleezz man wiz dee sherivvvs office) he followed me into a grocery store with another man to tell me this. THEY NEVER ACT ALONE. No nuts no glory.

It goes on and on and on and on. BUT YOU MUST see Raul Marrero's listing. I will look for the link later. I have been watching our monitor of the street theater across the way. The biker is trying to make it appear he is moving in. Actually he can't get close to me without a legitimate reason and he has anger management problems so is making the most of the "moving" (friendship faux born in hate they knew each other before they moved here like all the others here and in the faux homeless shelter which officer mike roberts was murdered over and THAT blamed on an ex cop when roberts' boss paul mumford hid rather than pursuing and shooting the murderer of the good cop MORE TO THAT STORY, mumford also changed HIS story a lot, did not show up as a witness????? Changed from first on scene?????? then held a shootout here in the neighborhood to which ONLY HE responded..... THEN changed cars and stalked me some more. He already had his daughter stalking my family member at Howard Jenkins' dump on Gandy) ... she is going to be a CSI, imagine the FRAMEUPS from that one. Okay, I'll stop here. This should be a blog post but I want your blog to have all the connections to tampa it possibly can.

That f'ing biker could come live in my tree for all I care. He's stupid. I loathe stupid people because IT IS curable. He's an ass. They almost let their precious child be run over three times right in front of me. No care at all. Yesterday it was chasing her puppy (no collar no leash) through a busy street sign, with three cars slamming on brakes and another almost did not see her as she was crouched... five houses away and it was pretty horrifying. Sometimes I think they set it up but not yesterday. I filmed it all when she was safe.. and before I realized another car was coming... poor little thing. Her mother has to babysit her father and distribute crack and stalk people and run errands for the bikers/masons/puerto ricans she also does some type medical work likely in the cancer or internal medicine area when I find out which doctor that will be the day the last dam bursts on them ... she comes in last after the stalking. All she does is scream while playing so god knows what goes on behind closed doors. Someone should call dcf.

Anonymous said...

It took me close to THREE daylight hours to post those comments.
Oh another thing that could be happening here (they love that dual stuff) is Howard blurring his ties to this stalking mess as I have so MUCH EVIDENCE of stalking and screaming at me at his corporate headquarters the PEFCU and other places such as each retail establishment I visit. Including the black mafia and mostly publix employees. So ... maybe Howard is actually worried about his sterling reputation. DOUBTFUL !!!!

Have a gander at lone palm golf course in lakeland. GOD KNOWS WHAT GOES ON THERE but there has already been a murder. Albeit it came from outside there but there is the surrounding meth factory. PUBLIX OWNS LAKELAND AND I KNOW HOW.

Look what we uncovered here. Hispanics "investing" to help other hispanics. Who knows where the money came from cough cough.. all money laundered through real estate WITH THE BIKERS who buy properties from state's attorneys employees and spokemen steve cole also arrested and covered up. WHILE I AM RESEARCHING THIS AT THREE ONE MORNING, the files are being changed. AT THE SAME TIME. I have paint pictures proving what was being done. In this same fashion they made it appear that mike roberts was the first tampa police officer to see humberto delgado (the homeless cough cough gangster) but HE WAS NOT. Another complicit cop saw him earlier and let him walk away ... THEN THE RECORDS CHANGED. I have that as well unless they stole it as they stole some files from my computer not long back. NONE of that disappears of course. Whoever removed ivette's photo from the sheriff's website when I identified her left their code there. Too much too little too late. All this to fuck with ONE FAMILY. You bet they're making millions and gazillions. All of this feeds into everything. They need people to distribute the drugs, hang out in the houses to make it look good and why not keep them busy with stalking?????? I'm about to break this loose in at least one fashion. I have found my local stalker. Howard Jenkins can go pork himself as I am not going to put him in that pot. I'm going to keep him a separate issue for the time being. Familiarize yourself with the 17 points of RICO. It's the key.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

one of my comments is missing way up there about it being noble brokerage who originally had the house listed and how we called for information.... i could swear it was here before...

Anonymous said...

Tampa to Texas (actually Florida to Texas) and YES I have noticed many problems with this grocery chain JUST LIKE with the publix (howard jenkins) chain as I shopped there including displays they were setting up AS I shopped (stalking cues of an item I won't name here) and once they removed (I kid you not) the entire contents of a FREEZER dept because I was driving there to get something I could microwave at our hotel. Claimed just that part of their electric grid had malfunctioned. I had to laugh. Then one of my primary stalkers said, "How long since you have had something to eat?" Because my family can't eat at a restaurant anymore they put shit in OUR FOOD.

Anonymous said...

the hansen mentioned here is also a familiar name.

Tampa's Numara Software becomes the latest area technology up and comer to be acquired with its announced sale to Houston's BMC Software, a publicly traded company with a $6 billion market value. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. "The combined strengths of BMC and Numara will dramatically reshape the IT management market," Numara CEO Dave Hansen said in a statement. "Mid-sized and small business ...

yada yada... pretty soon we'll be neighbors !! Florexas

Anonymous said...

Obviously someone at St Pete Times has caught on to your blog. This happens quickly when I visit places due to the fashion in which Tampa Fire Dept personnel and their good buddy Robert E. O'Neill, DOJ stalk me around online despite my lack of any wrongdoing....

Every other article at spt today has a florida texas connection....

I long noted that robert o'neill's business partner's wife IRISH REPUBLICAN BAR OWNER must be a first in a US ATTORNEY or not .. dieplayed qualities common to scientology tactics (street theater with kids, dropped conversational threatening cues, etc..) she grew up in the pinellas area riding her bike all through there as she puts it unless she was again "mirroring" me.. Mirroring is a big and very over-used tactic of this bunch of hoodlums.

Lowry Homes said...

There is always a crime in every place in the country. The best thing to do is take care of ourselves always.

Medawar said...

The doctrine of "every man for himself" is okay as long as you can, alone, fight every criminal who comes, and if you never need to sleep.

Otherwise, human society has to work by cooperation to weed out criminals, bullying and violence, or in the end, nobody can get on with their lives at all.

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