Monday, April 30, 2012

Another Cluster Of Deaths

In numerous previous posts on this blog, I have discussed suspicious deaths occurring in our area that have been clustered around some particular person, family or entity (the latter often a real estate development of some sort) in ways too coincidental to be statistically random. (See, for example, “Boot Ranch”). In recent months, a new set of these kinds of deaths has become apparent.

This latest group of deceased persons clusters very tightly around my ex-husband, in that all of them were very close lifelong friends of my ex-‘s. Two of the deceased, Kathy and Michael Stein, were brother and sister. Another, Allen Land, was Kathy Stein’s ex-husband. The fourth, Leonard Strackbein, was a lifelong close friend of all the other victims, as well as being a close buddy of my ex’s.

The Stein siblings’ father, a lifelong close friend of my former father-in-law’s, happens to be the doctor who delivered my ex-husband and his late sister. Kathy Stein was particularly close to my ex-husband all her life—like a sister to him, in fact. Notice from her obituary that at the time of her death, Kathy was the girlfriend of Paul Oestreich, who happens to be the current Fredericksburg Police Chief; Paul is also a close, lifelong friend of my ex-‘s and like a brother to him.

The local police, my ex-husband, and my ex-‘s family have all quietly put out the word that Kathy’s death was a suicide. Remember how the policeman who came out to document the cutting of my fence as discussed in my recent “Ugliness” post mentioned a “suicide” that had just occurred? This was on December 4, 2011, so the officer was no doubt referring to Kathy, although he never mentioned her name, or the fact that she was the girlfriend of his boss. Furthermore, I never saw anything in any of the local newspapers or on any of the local news broadcasts about Kathy’s death. Normally, the suicide of a police chief’s girlfriend is considered newsworthy, so this omission itself is odd, to say the least, particularly when it comes so soon after the sudden deaths of both her brother and her ex-husband as well.

I’m also concerned that there may be additional sudden deaths related to these that I don’t even know about. Several of my recent local newspapers have been stolen before I could see them, and I’ve been prevented in various ways from replacing them, leading me to wonder if they contained other obituaries for other persons whose names I might have recognized as having been closely connected with my ex-husband.

There have been a great many suspicious deaths of persons close to my ex-husband over the years, beginning (at least as far as I know) with the violent death of his own sister at age 16, and including the deaths of his close friends Robert Carter and Jimmy Brown, whom I’ve blogged about here before. (See “Jimmy Browns” and “My Story” at the beginning of this blog.)

For the record, I myself have no inside or personal knowledge about any of these deaths; all I know about them is what information has been given out by the obituaries shown here, my ex-husband, his family and friends, and local law enforcement. (Note: All obituaries shown here are taken from the Fredericksburg Standard-Radio Post.) Frankly, given the number of people close to my ex- who’ve suddenly turned up dead over the years, I’m very glad not to have any additional information about them. I freely admit that some of them may be from natural causes. However, I do have enough of an understanding of basic statistics to know there are simply too many of these deaths for all of them to be considered random occurrences.


Anonymous said...

Maybe she only "became his girlfriend" so he could help "get rid of her". I see that a lot and am very suspicious of same. These people practice these arts with role-playing. They are committed to doing anything and posing as anyone in what I can only perceive appears to be some type of domination. The domination scenario presents itself firmly in light of the associated property grabs. They're after the land and they're after ultimate control.

That said, I really commented to say you should compare his highschool and college alumnae a few years before and aft and his own year with the records you can find on his classmates or those in close proximity. I stumbled upon this and found 17 dead from my own VERY SMALL graduating class. ALL OF THEM have family now associated with this stalking in some way. EVERY LAST ONE OF THEM. Like I said, they're committed to it. They'd rather it look like an accident.

I have evidence that Howard Jenkins has maneuvered so many people into my child's life that it is now impossible for my son to go half an hour or less without hearing from one, getting the opinion of one and etc. Luckily I can prove this and I believe Howard is a complete whack job. I suggest here and now he remove his tentacles including his AJs and his friends on the Performing Arts board's grandson from my child's life or I will personally destroy his reputation and then sue him in every capacity I can dream up. And since the bastard has tried to have me killed more than once including once at the Shareholders' Office, I believe Howard and his attorney wife know I mean business.

I told you, Howard. Christine Breen is JUST NOT that clever.

Anonymous said...

This post began as a comment at the blog of vocct and I placed it here

as it got very much too long.

Well, the truth is stranger than fiction. I wrote that entire comment which I then moved to my blog mistakes and all. THEN I went looking again for the prosecutor wou was "found dead" and that didn't raise a hair here in Tampa like a federal prosecutor kills himself every day. I already knew that Roy Atchison was a frame job which is the other attorney I allude to above. There's so much I honestly can't KEEP all the names straight. However, I was stunned to find out that this guy

put them both together in a post as he knew something I did not know. I always assumed that Runyon was killed due to what he was prosecuting here locally. Which was minor but worth money ... but the people involved were sinister. But this is even worse. So ... come ON are we to believe that Roy Atchison worked his way up that high in the federal system and had NO ATTORNEY TO CALL????????????? Then HUNG himself?? Bull. It was in the media coverage of Runyon that I found the truth. It should have been a BIG DEAL. It was all but left alone. The neighborhood Runyon lived in is chock full of bad people. And maybe some good ones, too. I am talking about "bad" as in "stalking"... Mr. Runyon, who lived in PANTHER RUN if that means anything to you ... was very much under the impression he was a man on the inside. And he very much wasn't. I am very familiar with that ....

Here's another one. He/she remembers the same thing I do.

The Runyon death happened. We got some story. It disappeared. People were stunned. This type of thing just doesn't happen. I guess they thought they were just going to slide it past. THEN the lies and spin began as the link above illuminates.

The above insider magazine reporter is also a stalkee whose life appears to be in danger. Others in the blogosphere circle of stalkees have claims to have met him.

I also MUST point out that Runyon was involved in tax things here in tampa with the bad people he was prosecuting. I'm sure this was a first for them, actually getting smacked for crimes. So, I happen to believe the mob likes dual-purpose killings although they seem more ruthless now, killing people for very little. BUT in Runyon's case it's important to note that he was a securities specialist. Being he was apparently a straight arrow who really believed in the game they've made of it all (BUSH) PUBLIX and other corporations would not find Mr. Runyon useful at all. Had he lived, I would suffer less. I intend to illuminate that as long as possible.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

I bet any money Jeb Bush has shares in and otherwise socializes with those associated to publix. Publix is a BIG GOP donor. In texas too.

Anonymous said...

This is at least part of what Michael Runyon perhaps got murdered over. He had already gained the wrong attention. His replacement is a scuzzbag who is basically selectively busting longtime tampa residents and taking over their ummm bidnizz (dope or whatever they run) This is true. His partner in an IRA bar (YES!!! a federal prosecutor Robert O'Neill is part owner of an Irish Republican Army gin joint) Three Green Fields on platt. So Colin Breen is Howard Jenkins' backyard neighbor. They're both a short boat ride to robert o'neills dump on symphony isles which is a landfill off ruskin (dump).... surrounded by other crooked dirty people. So dirty one could NEVER get them clean.

Anonymous said...

That Levine is probably closely associated with Publix. Long story to explain and it's part of a lawsuit. Very dirty very bad people

Anonymous said...

It's odd that many of the names mentioned by myself in earlier comments on this blog of yours attended school or work in texas before and after tampa and in most cases then returned to tampa or probably will.

Here's a dirty judge. Take note of her law school.

Her husband is a cop (dirty) look at all her faux accomplishments. She is a terrible person

Anonymous said...

Look I finally found Howard's ties to gambling. He's the criminal son of the man who founded Publix Supermarkets, Inc.

Dig deep on this one. THIS is the Tampa Texas connection. If you have Verizon phone service this man is part of the reason why you suffer. BUT they also like that you have the service so they don't want you to suffer too much.

Howard Jenkins Publix Supermarkets. multi tier and type crimes in the stock market still involved in setting the value of publix stock.

Also if you google scams howard jenkins.

Anonymous said...

Do any of you or you, the blog author believe that the Ku Klux Klan plays a big part in this? I have found some evidence that PUBLIX may just employ Ku Klux Klan and some pieces fell in place

Medawar said...
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Medawar said...
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Medawar said...

The Klan these days is mainly an organised crime gang and stalking is mainly connected with organised crime gangs, of many different kinds.

However, even in the Southern States, the Klan has long been eclipsed by the "Cornbreads" and other more sinister gangs, such as the "Deutschland Clan" which may be as racist as the Klan but is not the same thing, being an alliance of German-American gangsters and former Stasi agents.

This group seems to control many things in Germany, notably railways and telecoms, and it's probably achieving this with drugs money made in the United States.

Much stalking is done at the behest of a Jewish Canadian millionaire, who's somewhat unlikely to see eye to eye with the Klan, though he might well encourage them to do things which lead to their destruction.

(The sort of person who gets others to stalk for him, is as likely to turn on his stooges as the original victims. Doing favours for this kind of person is a total mug's game.

Anonymous said...

Thank YOU !! I suppose you refer to the guy Cyril?? (canadian?)

Yes, the cornbread mafia. Sounds right. They DO try to keep the klan words down, however I note it locally
in the spelling of words (which is also germanic) k instead of c. This also seems to be masonic.
So you never openly hear "klan" anymore here. Crafty on their part as it then takes time to make the connections.

Very very interesting.


Do you know if this is involved with the bank of the same name??
"Deutschland Clan" Deutsch(maybe with an E on the end, as well) Bank? If it's not financed by Bank of America and "lost" it is financed by Deutsch(e) and lost. Some of the "cornbread" "nazi bikers" (klan) have not paid property tazes for TEN YEARS and still have homes and living in them. the whole freakin county is scammed. (mine) I know this scenario repeats across most of America and I know that there is foreign influence behind it. Thanks so much for your input.
Just some things I kept stumbling into planted that word klan and I remembered when I was in school here and hung around with more "true" Floridians you'd hear "they're in the klan" or this or that and people just knew to stay away from the people and a few were even nice. Whew... long explanation.
I've decided it's impossible to get the puzzle put together it's time to just start taking them down. Like when I first turned on my camera.. I turned it on to gather evidence because I knew people were tampering with my belongings and vandalizing my car. THEN with the onset of the camera they literally SPRANG into action. FOIA would surely get some things out in the open. It's just creepy all around.

Medawar said...

Deutschebank owned Yorkshire Bank Plc for a while, then sold it to an Australian bank. Which is probably a good thing as Yorkshire Bank isn't exposed to anything especially risky at the moment.

They also invested heavily in French banks, which invested heavily in Spanish ones, which isn't going to end well.

Spain is a good example of what happens when politicians try and boost growth by letting property developers do anything that comes into their heads, and put pressure on banks to lend money to developers. There are now a couple of million unoccupied homes in Spain with large borrowings against them: effectively unsecured because the homes, not all complete, are unsaleable and not being maintained.

German banks (all of them, as far as I can see) also pumped huge amounts of money into Ireland, where the same thing has happened except that tens of thousands of houses were built solely to borrow against and most of them are not capable of being made habitable and were never intended to be. Just brick and breeze-block boxes with roofs on, against which multiple loans have been secured.

When organizations make huge amounts of money out of crime and clever manipulation, they are not necessarily immune to someone having a mad moment and putting it all on black.

Anonymous said...

SAME HERE: "There are now a couple of million unoccupied homes in Spain with large borrowings against them: effectively unsecured because the homes, not all complete, are unsaleable and not being maintained."

OR huge mortgages on complete dumps, ninety grand here, 130 there, it all went into gang pockets.

Anonymous said...

So, it's pretty much a global thing.

It probably all goes back to the rich few swirling it all around and now they've swirled themselves a bright cotton candy at our expense.

Fun for them. (funny last sentence of yours, I think gambling addictions are very high in those circles on a serious note LOL)

Anonymous said...

I could point out a cool two million in just the surrounding blocks here. This took a LOT of global cooperation .....

Anonymous said...

Hey I noticed on that developer's greed obit of the heavy equipment operator that his sister had also pre-deceased him. A guy THAT age would not drive where he didn't belong. Although there is some wonder about whether any tampering was done to the earth to make it mor4e likely to collapse. Just seems like a very preventable death. I live part-time on the side of a mountain, many cliffs cut out like that part shale, part rock, part clay. I can tell by looking what parts to keep my ass off of. Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

t has come time for Paul Oestrich to exit his fake position(political one) due to his constant failures ,disgusting treatment of victims families and his probable involvement in hiding the truth in the Stein Land death. He again has ignored the near death of another woman because it involved a Deputy and his family and Oestrich's worthless flabby Sgt refused to take a report,lied to the woman's family . For all of this Oestrich called and threatened the brain damaged womans family. Our city could fire Oestrich but new worthless city manager refuses to listen or deal with the issue.

Anonymous said...

And yes FPD stalk all you want ! In this country we have the right to defend ourselves and property. I am prepared to do this and will , And what on God's green earth are High School kids doing driving and ragging out police cars , Police Officers using city issued Cars and gear to work private security (we the people paying them to make more money) and city Officers doing making lawn watering a priority as opposed to protecting people. got it all documented . Oestrich , hope you travel somewhere ,pop-off and get a boot in your lying,disrespectful,law breaking face.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bust some bubbles. For many years I was very close knit with this group. Honestly, except for Alan they were quite mean.

Regarding Mike, I knew him intimately for a very many of years. He drank too much, I tried to get him to stop only to get beat up. He was mean.
Kathy, in her younger years had no filter, she felt she had the right to say and do whatever she wanted. You say the Police were against her, ask about the time the PD covered up her DUI accident In which she broke her neck.
The family got away with murder, laterally. Mike's heavy drinking and smoking caught up with him, he died of cancer. We spoke in the months before his death it was not a surprise.
Katy had depression problems since her early 20's, and poor Alan, well he was involved in the group.
The theory you may really want to pursue is what happened to both of Dr Stein's wives and their "sudden" strokes at a young age.
The Stein deaths were not conspiracy, just Karma for those they took down throughout their lives. If anyone knows them, ask what they did to the "cat woman" as they called her.
So leave the Sheriff alone and the land developers and chalk it up to Karma. Just ask the two babies Mike made me abort. I hope they have found him and asked him WHY. For those of you who still may think he was a nice guy, Imagine hearing, "If you don't do it, I will beat the babies out of you. And then tell me how much he loved me.
Some of you may know who I am. You also know it is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Exactly . Yes Yvonne was a drinker but she had a stroke at a odd age . Sadly she had a minor surgery at the hospital here and bleeds to death ?
Her husband was a dirty cheater, her daughters treated her like trash and her son used her for money . Karma indeed for trashing a mom who made a mistake but loved them . Kathy was EVIL to her mom prior to Yvonne's death . The only time those two girls came in to her nursing home was to make her feel like crap .
Oestrich , the Stein Kids ..... deaths all Karma for treating the little person like crap .

Anonymous said...

KARMA? karma? Really? You people don't even know half of the story about the Steins or the Lands. You forgot the part about how we love each other and though as all families have issues we worked through them and asked God for guidance. We still had issues as all you hipprocrates do. You guys need to do more research on depression and what strokes can entail and for that matter know the whole truth before you assume someone was a bad person. To say Karma was the reason all these amazing people in my life died tells me you really didn't know them. So stop being the evil person or karma might come back around...meaning someone might spread evil rumors about you or even worse your family. It sucks, so just know it won't be me, your comments made me cry my eyes out. I will never talk that way about someone's deceased family, let alone their living family. God bless and I hope you go back and erase these awful comments that are not true.