Thursday, May 24, 2012

Organized Crime, Corrupt Law Enforcement, And Organized Stalking


I believe I've referred my readers to this post of Medawar's in the past, but with everything that is starting to come out of the British phone hacking investigation right now, this post on the relationship between the entities listed in the title above has suddenly become extremely timely again.

Then for a discussion of possible connections between the British phone hacking investigation and organized stalking here in Central Texas, please see


Medawar said...

Try this article and those immediately below it, for an insight into how one News Corporation company has broken the law in pursuit of winning political power as well as money, for News Corporation, around the world, including Australia (and Italy and China.)

The immediate focus is on the UK, primarily because that is where most of the revelations and discoveries are happening, though one Australian financial newspaper did some very good work.

However, it is probable that the main focus of NDS and News Corp illegal activity is actually in the USA, Canada and Israel, where there aren't any Parliamentary Committees or public inquiries trying to get to the truth.

Medawar said...

The beginning of the link to "Bonfire of the Rotten Apples" in the article above has been corrupted, try:

Usually, just cutting and pasting everything after the :// works as well.

Anonymous said...

I don't know how far greenville is from you but BINGO .... this santa cruz (as mentioned in preious comments to you here) was the wife of the dr santa cruz whom she allegedly met while raising two daughters, recent divorcee' working at a steak and ale, living in texas. She flat out lied to me about being a PHARR. So due to a stabbing close by here where her now second EX (that I know of) husband lives (a few blocks from the house he lives in now, he used to live a block FROM ME and we knew each other before that, but he went to texas to go to chiropractic college)>>> OKAY... so she flat out lied about being a PHARR as I asked her one day if that was her mother's obituary I had read not long back. SHE LIED THAT IT WAS HER OWN MOTHER. Now look:

Here's the stabbing, lest you think I am making it up

Here's the stabbing map and his house is on 56th. much less than a minute walk ... though now when you google their names they both come up phoenix AZ. Odd. He's very careful to keep himself off the internet and he also gave up his chiropractic practice long back. As well ... he has some doings with Publix. Too long a story to relate here.

They've updated: our people were stabbed at a home in the 3500 block of 51st Avenue North about 10:45 a.m. Thursday.

Sheriff's officials have confirmed that two people — a man and a woman — are dead, another person is seriously injured and a fourth suffered minor injuries.

I KNOW that everyone except a TINY FEW in that neighborhood were trafficking.

I actually do not care about that AT ALL. They try to make you care so they can call you a snitch. I do speak up about the crimes that surround it, stalking, stabbing shooting etc.

The neighbors will all be set up frame liars. Always with the st pete times. they pick and choose the witnesses.

I am stalked by helicopters for about nine years now. It stopped abruptly 13 days ago. My son said he heard one overhead the other night but I did not. It was every day sometimes more than five times a day and always in my car and always hovering overhead if I go into stores or drive on the interstate. Now: NOTHING. Something is about to give.

Anonymous said...

Well, this is also very weird:,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=aa31bf77feb4159&biw=929&bih=632

Anonymous said...

You could knock me over with a feathr right now. If I were still capable of being shocked, I'm not.

This guy has a foot in every square of what has happened to florida but not long back one could perceive he was being targeted. This is around two years after I had begun to notice my own situation so it was VERY obvious to me that he was targeted. Besides they are playing down just what happened before he stabbed and ran over all these crack dealers today. NO ONE in Tampa would get arrested from their job at these filthy schools so he was set up for that embarrassment. I mean they had so many opportunities to bust him that didn't involve children (anything could have happened) and work( very very odd as not long before that a principal who discovered drug dealing in a student's backpack was murdered by the same pack of stalkers who are after my family etc).
In the history of Tampa i can safely say NO ONE has ever been embarrassed if that was not someone's intention. Tampa is MOB to the core, some of whom were always ok people. At any rate....

like it or not, this fellow is a target.

Now he'll get the death penalty and as usual SPT is using utter scum as witnesses.

Then there is Arunya Rouch another target of Howard Jenkin's publix. Shot her tormenter four times in the parking lot.

Maybe it's just the abject horrible heat and unremitting pressure but the lid is blowing off near about every day in Tampa/Pinellas/Pasco/Hillsborough

You should see my neighborhood now !!! It has gone completely insane here. Doesn't bother me too much but I think people of lesser grip than myself would lose it. I laugh because I win.

This guy DID take out crack dealers because that's ALL that lives in that neighborhood. I spent over a month living there when this madness chased me from my home until I said to myself, "NO ONE is chasing me from my home."

I do not respect nor condone his actions but Mr. Giancola was targeted. No two ways about it.

They stole his life. You can't steal it back. They stole my family member's life the same way. So I do understand his deep unreasoning anger for the lost years and love.

However, as a reasonable person I have other plans than violence. I am going to stop this. I am going to stop it for everyone.
And they are dead-ass WRONG if they think I can't and won't.

Today they tried to kill me going into CVS using some product close to the entrance you can barely breathe, makes you feel faint.

That's how they get a lot of people.

What's hilarious is that they also leave a trail of birdshit to their doors with debit and credit cards. LOL !!!! I learned how to move through the poison fumes in another life or something. No problem.

Anonymous said...

Today they are completely spinning the story of the ex-principal. They've blown off that he did indeed hit a drug hood not far from his home and start taking out dealers. He also went to a hotel that is RENOWNED for hookers and drugs. They are also publicizing a stmt he made to his mother which might have been privileged. I never condone murder nor violence but now that I actually KNOW how hard and far these people are pushed I view the situation as a whole. Not just the end result in a police report. The "reporter" is making all these very public calls for people who "knew him" "before" so I can only imagine what will be spun. The thing is he was his student body prez both junior and senior year, he advanced very far in his educational career and then like many of us "somehow" he made "someone" "angry" and this unleashed on him. Having led such a smooth and popular life for so long he has not even had time to ingest the torment and adapt to it. Likely they targeted him to addict him, as well. I do know that targets have trouble with weight at times. Part of that is due to lethargy, part of it is due to a substance they use which makes you much hungrier. I knw that for a fact because I can identify where and when it happened and the type of house I lived in and when it did not happen. Luckily I am very fit and at one point in this mess between my own homes lived in our business which was built like a bomb shelter, really. Walls and walls of concrete block. Looking back it is the safest I have ever lived. They forced my fatherinlaw out of that business by framing him and arresting him. Only arrest in a long, illustrious (but evil if you ask me) life. They wanted the bldg and his other bldg and his business a very lucrative one. I also believe it is possible his partner in the business was a stalker. Now my f'inlaw is living more or less well (very well) and no one bothers him. I think he has been turned as I caught him driving around here one day and when he saw me he did not stop. Odd. But he may have just been coming by to visit and then felt weird. I don't know. I don't always get in touch with people because I feel it's better for different reasons. Well, this guy for sure is a target. There will be plenty more like this before it's over. After a few days they'll have the lid clamped securely back on. I think they also got his nephew addicted to drugs. Probably why he was on a rampage. I get that. He sees another life being ruined and stolen like his. He and his sister and Mom are very close it appears. It's sad to me because I see parallels to other lives I know were victimized but did not know it at the time and not til a few years back. I probably shouldn't admit I can't dredge up sympathy for the victims yet. The places are well known crack holes. He had good aim. I do not condone his methods and the violence makes me ill but the drug dealers make me ill. I'm sure they've killed more than he could have killed even given the rest of the day.

David Richy said...

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Anonymous said...

There went my homestead exemption despite the fact it's been on this house since the 70's and passed down intact to me. No changes. I remembered when you said they did that to you monkeying with your stuff on your property.
I have demanded my own records as a matter of public records BECAUSE they appear to have a whole nubber set of rules for those meetings and apparently also, the Property Appraiser will just change or cancel them on a whim and there is nothing you can do about it. Like with every other county agency, it's the way they force you to show up.
One must be TRICKIER. Which thankfully is not that tough.

You think that's the thieving PD above??

Anonymous said...

I have been stalked by someone, that has access too, the rich and famous. How do I know that, they have sold my words, and those words (word for word) have shown up as lyrics to songs of some very WELL KNOWN "AMERICAN" artists. Was I paid for my words No, have I been harrassed, due to THEIR illegal activities, "Yes".
There is allot more to this gang stalking then just a few hacked phones. Yes my phone(s) have been hacked, as have my PCs, my DVR, My set top boxes and my Car Stereo. They have put screws in my tires and my daughters tires. They have left mementos on my front porch.
This is much larger then Murdock Psycho Nut... and American Companies / Police / Media are involved. CBS, ABC, NBC, HBO, CW... Think Bigger... Movies, Sitcoms, Music, Government, Scientologists, etc...
I was targeted in June of 2010. I reported the stalking to the Police in August of 2010. I have reported it to the FBI and none have acted on the physical evidence that has been provided to them. I have recordings of these peoples voices and I have copies of Emails sent from supposed corporations, but the message headers lead you down a different path.
I have spoken with forensics and these folks are right here in the United States. May be backed by Murdock, BUT he is only one of may that are engaging in the monitoring of our lives for their PROFIT. Murdock is one of MANY!!! Not the ONLY one. This post may not be reproduced in any form or fashion by anyone seeking profits for said reproduction.

Anonymous said...

Make sure you make your point clearly.

A side note: if you have proof someone stole your lyrics you can sue them. Copyright is a law they like to prosecute. Imagine that.

Anonymous said...

Fredericksburg Police Department IS CORRUPT . Starting with stolen crime scene pictures by an officer who gave them to his sons, a doped up Chief of Police, a stalking Sargent (got you on film ) ,lying to victims families to cover for local good ol' boys ,cops letting high school students rag out city cars, using city property to work private security to officers fired for selling prescription drugs . Oestrich get out before you get sold out and take 90% of that department with you. And I am not scared of you or your flabby fake keystone cops. FPD lying ,disrespectful trash who can't hack it in a real job .