Sunday, April 22, 2012

Important Updates

I have recently added important updates to a number of my previous posts here. A summary of these follows and includes the links to these posts. (Note: The links are not live, in order to prevent possible tampering. You will need to copy and paste them into your browser.)

First and foremost, there has been a death associated with the situation explained and illustrated in my post "Developer's Greed". I've updated the post by adding the brief newspaper account of this death plus the victim's obituary. I felt it was important to include the obit., both to put a face on the death, and also to document that the body was quickly cremated. The link to this post is:

One of the attorneys who defrauded and misrepresented me is now running for public office in Bexar County. I have added information on this to two of my posts about her, "She Said" and "More Trust Issues". Here are the links to these:


I've added the fact that there is now major development of or very near the property that was involved in "The Case Of The Dropped Driver's License":

Finally, I've added a few more examples to "License Plates"; see:


Anonymous said...

Here are a few license plates of Austin Texas Finest Stalkers: AJ8 4781, AJ8 3360, AJ8 3142, AJ8 2274, AJ8 3152, CT8 F296, CT8 GH91, CT8 G892, BM4 K348, CY2 G299. There are about 9 other tags beginning with CY2. Definitely this is an organization of some type to all have the same tag sequences.

Erin Gaudet said...

This is BS.