Sunday, August 12, 2012

Community Harassment

Several days ago, two of my adult children were subjected to a large group of local young people running back and forth repeatedly in front of our house for some time while I was at work.  These young people were accompanied by the adult female in the vehicle shown here, and she appeared to be in charge of the harassment.

My children said that some of the joggers came down and trespassed on our property, despite being repeatedly asked to leave.  One even came and rang our doorbell, and he refused to leave even when informed that my children intended to call the police.  After about five minutes, he did eventually leave, but my offspring who owns the Kia Rio shown parked in front of our house said they were afraid some of the joggers who were hanging around the vehicle would damage it, since this vehicle has been "keyed" before.

It upsets me that my kids were targeted and frightened like this while I was gone.  But it bothers me considerably more that adults in our community who are in positions of leadership with local young people would deliberately teach them to commit criminal acts like harassment, organized stalking, trespassing, and more (see my earlier post titled "Sabotage", for example).  Many of the youths seen jogging back and forth in front of our house (and note that they are going nowhere else but repeatedly back and forth in front of our house!) in my offspring's video below are clad in jogging attire that appear to represent organized sports teams at our local high school.  And a previous post here from quite a while ago details a very similar incident, confirming that the community harassment of us is both ongoing and of long duration.

Far more disturbing is the fact that my children and I have been the victims of these kinds of incidents and far worse for over 13 years now.  The questions of why and how an entire community's reasons and behaviors can become so warped and sick that their members consider these sorts of criminal behaviors both normal and pleasurable are addressed in an earlier post of mine titled "Why They Do It" and also in Medawar's post here titled "Empire Builders".

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Anonymous said...

As well as adults in charge of young people using them for stalking, you will find persons in charge of mentally-handicapped adults doing the same thing. This is even more catastrophic, because once a mentally-handicapped adult has been taught to stalk a victim, they'll still be doing so a decade or two after the person who taught them to do it has forgotten all about it, or is dead.

Richard Wiggs, once famous as an anti-Concorde campaigner who got the US Congress to legislate against supersonic transports on the basis of complete and utter pseudo-science (he was a serial campaigner, specializing in taking control of dormant charitable trusts with money still in them) used to do this a lot. He was a special needs teacher, thrown out of teaching in Hertfordshire and subsequently plying his trade in Biggleswade.

Teaching mentally-handicapped children allows you to programme them to harass early, and then exploit them throughout their adult lives. This is what Wiggs did.

Since his death, an animal rights "activist", Justina McClennan, has been using some of Wiggs' old charges for her campaigns of harassment. At one stage, she, her partner and her mother, were trustees of a registered charity which purported to offer sporting activities for the mentally handicapped. This didn't file proper accounts, of course.

The above material seems to depict a Texan counterpart to McClennan.

ML said...

As bad as training the kids to do this is, what you describe with regard to using the mentally challenged in this way is even more despicable.

You've made me wonder if this is also being done here. Because of serious inbreeding in our German immigrant community, we do have higher than normal rates of mentally challenged citizens here in addition to our higher than normal percentages of persons with psychopathic and other personality disorders.

Anonymous said...

I am so shocked but then not surprised that I am going to do my usual "train of thought" writing because it's all I know.

I found this(above) PLEASE READ IT it's another Tampa-Texas connection. Same people involved at my college and terrorizing my children. They do design it "for" your children. For instance, one of mine believes he has "friends". It will be a good life lesson is my best summation because he's simply just "at that age" and he's right all the time. Deep down inside he knows. I know that because I get glimpses of it. Please understand how very fortunate you are that your child(ren) share and understand what is happening instead of it being the other way. Further they now have a wariness that will serve them well in the direction this world is careening. I am raising my babies to love everyone and to think the best of others which has made them easy to take advantage of in some ways. But I am OK with that. They make many mistakes with my son and it's only a matter of time before someone is hauled away.

So you understand, I was only dropping by to leave this link but was so troubled by your posts and haven't even thoroughly read them that I don't want you to feel alone. You're lucky to have Medawar.
I think your reporting is very objective. I admire your blog. The one thing that I can't get to work is to make the news articles big enough to read sometimes but I can usually find the original online.

Anonymous said...

I will probably have further comment when I re-read your posts.
As to medawar's above commentary... there is a HARC (Hillsborough Association for Retarded Citizens YES THEY USE THAT WORD) here. YES !!! They train those poor people. To say the same things. Over and over. And you don't want to be unkind because MYGOD they are so disadvantaged. What savage pigs these people are. To use peoples' vulnerabilities such for evil.
This HARC enclave came right with the masons when they built their lodge or remodeled a bldg to make it a lodge the next block. I would see them leading these people around. Never anything interesting just single-file boring things for people who yes need watched and helped, not bored to death and single-file like two year olds. But it gets worse. Over time they expanded they and other gang members to the senior housing behind the shopping complex they then destroyed.... and they began to attack the seniors. But wait there's more: The "disabled" are getting BIGGER AND BIGGER. I was walking with my son the other night and one caught me with the same line (you're too old for me etc) First of all I'm not that old, second of all I look pretty damned good. LOL. I have a mirror at home. BUT that IS PART OF IT. So next time he did this... he actually got up from the front of the newly installed and kinda nasty low cost grocery store they threw there and followed me talking to himself. And again. And again. And again. And again. Each time trying to make sure I saw him but I tricked him good. LOL. He's big lumbering thing so it wasn't hard to do. He would be a big lumbering thing if he weren't "developmentally disabled" if he indeed is. SO. He goes to check out with me. If you had seen the trouble he had to go through in order to do so you would laugh. SO... he somehow finishes before me and then turns and inexplicably stops at only me and luckily in front of the cashier and THIS is how you have to work these type things. Be very clear. I said, "Look honey, I'm not your type, we get that". Every single time I see you, I watch you try fifty ways to approach me to tell me how old, icky and something else I am. So, while I take that to mean you're carrying a big torch (for someone) for me I never want to see you again talking to me because you are boring and lying. (he's aware enough to do some stalking then he's aware enough to be told he's being mean)
He stands there open-mouthed while the cashier is smiling because she is older than me and was really shocked (as IF any of this matters but it DOES because this agenda is carried out on those who have no clue, how many women has he scared out of those stores?????? for the masons??)

I finish by telling him very directly not to bother me again and if he sees me to remind himself I do not have a crush on him and I do not like to be lied to. He is agree'ing and puzzled and looking around like NOW WHAT?

Yes, I kind of felt bad but hey ... there ARE older women who go in there all the time. I'm sure at least MORE TARGETS exist in this neighborhood. All these things came at the same time. Along with the news that gambling would be expanding in Florida.

Be direct with the developmentally disabled. Say, THAT IS NOT NICE and whatever else you've learned as a normal human being. It will ruin the programming.

(I forgot to mention I also discovered something else about the doctor/wife thing.... I can't recall what it was but it's significant. Sorry I've been going through a LOT).

Anonymous said...

regoogle the brother sister husband wife murders you blogged. You'll probably figure it out before I an find it again (sorry)

I just looked at those pictures. ALL THOSE KIDS????????????? What's in the water they drink?
As a teenager what would have compelled you to do such??


They may have been told it was a fun thing flash mob thing. A joke.

Doesn't sound like it though. These are your DeMolays and Moose and futur4 Eastern

I have traced waaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy too much of this and these people back to the masonic mob

Anonymous said...

"they" ... the stalkers and drug-pushers aka bikers/masons/corporate swine (one swept me out of publix today LOL big fat stupid prejudiced slob is what they can afford I have been nothing but nice to him he's a POS) slap the oldsters and surround them in the ALFs which are now scattered in neighborhoods here and there with god knows WHO knowing the state of FLoriduh. They are terrified and serve as watchdogs and whatever else You can see the fear in their eyes. I have known this since 2004 due to a micro-cosm of a neighborhood where not coincidentally USF and the nasty ass murdering VA hospital surounded it also. Hold on I'm going for the link. When I first found this story of USF I posted it on Topix. It disappeared in seconds. It's what they do in tampa. I put it back in pieces. Guess what? TOTALLY worth the effort. it caught the eye of an attorney who is not totally scuz. Plus others. As well, this lady Freschette-Schrader is stalked by a person I have met. He was much older than me as I think she is BUT .... at the time he lived really oddly close to me and had a connection to my family that was NOT of my choice, I married in and the relationship (I'd like to keep it private for security reasons) was already formed. BUT NOW I know why the SOB was always trying to make every effort to say hello to me They alrleady had me targeted back then. It was AFTER 1973 when at the very least the masons moved their headquarters from chicago to here in tampa and it only took about 20 years to turn tampa into a HOLE from my observations. Realize I am citing information I collected along the way not that I had personal knowledge of at the time. In 1973 I would have had NO reason and no way to know (due to age) wth was going on in tampa. I found all this along my search of what/who/where/when/why... for the simple reason. I am one person who doesn't like to be f'd with or pushed because I am very se la vie. I don't bother anyone. Ever. I've got my own world I like very creative and such. BUT they keep at you. Anyway, you will be interested in this story.

English is her second language perhaps but she seems a very ocol lady. The one who is keeping it online for Schrader. Lemme tellya something she is RIGHT the intertubes are scrubbed FREE of this story. They will bury anything on the internet in tampa.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they weren't stalking you! Maybe that was one of there workouts to run up the hill finish then repeat that 4 or so times! Also the adults could have been coaches they were most likey drinking water cause they were running. It's not against the law to run wherever you want they can run in front of your house. Personally if I was one of those children I would I have been scared of you cause you sound like a crazy person! They weren't doing anything wrong if your children are adults they can protect themselves yall brought trouble against yourself. They weren't stalking you have they come back I'm gonna assume not! You should get your facts straight before you write crazy things out!