Monday, September 10, 2012


Consider the following set of emails, each of which was received by me between 2007 and 2012. Please note: Some of these contain mild adult content. Information identifying my children, myself, and an email address used by us has been deleted for reasons of privacy.

Notice how most of these emails, at least upon first glance, appear to be quite different from one another. Yet, I believe all of these emails were written and sent to me by my ex-husband. They are, in fact, examples of some of the literally hundreds of harassing emails I've received over the past 13 years. And yes, I can say with a good deal of confidence that all of these are indeed from him and not someone else. They each contain various items that appear to have been deliberately inserted because my ex- knew I'd recognize them. I'm also told there are signs in the source information from these emails indicating they were sent by my ex-, although I don't feel qualified to discuss that aspect of them without assistance from computer experts.

After so many years of receiving so very many of these emails, I've come to believe that each of the different styles are examples of my ex-husband writing as a different persona. Notice how, in some of them, the writing style is very fragmented and chaotic, while in others, it's quite highly developed. Some of the personalities are somewhat pornographic; others quote the Bible. Some purport to give financial advice; others contain fictional story lines. Despite their often extreme differences, however, most contain some form of malice, either overtly expressed; loosely concealed within the text, names, or email addresses; or implied by symbolism (e.g., Willow). Further, there are many references to both my name and my ex-husband's, either directly or indirectly.

Next, I ask you to look carefully at the many comments posted on this blog. I believe the vast majority of these were also written by my ex-husband; again, I believe this because he almost always deliberately includes one or more items he knows I will recognize.

Most of these comments are more recent examples of my ex-'s writings. If you examine his comments carefully in chronological order, you will discover that the early ones are written under his own name and tend to be angry and full of lies. Later, he begins writing anonymously and becomes boastful at times, revealing his inside knowledge of critical information; for more on this, please see my post titled "Comments On Comments" on this blog.

Gradually, over time, some of my ex-'s personas become more well-developed and begin making separate comments at the end of my posts in their various styles. [It's important to note here that he often places new comments randomly at the end of any old post of mine he chooses, so you really do need to go to the "Comment" section of the blog and view them in chronological order.] One of his personas that seems to be obsessed with Tampa begins posting increasingly long and increasingly rambling diatribes and eventually spins off to create an entire new blog devoted to continuations of his comments made here. You can find this blog of his at

However, some of the most spectacular examples of my ex-husband's writings as various personas can be found on the Topix Gang Stalking Forum, at First page

My ex-husband is the person who actually started this blog, under the persona of Hektor Seven, a permutation of his real name. As you read down the blog, keep in mind that Vocct [me], Medawar [a British victim of organized stalking], RunGSRun [a Houston-area victim], and Eleanor White-Ontario [a Canadian victim] are all known to be separate individuals writing as themselves, but ALL OR NEARLY ALL of the other writers on this forum are various personas of my ex-'s. Notice that most of these exhibit distinctive writing styles and personalities: Wloclawek Warrior is angry and violent; ptw is helpful; Garrett Ram is negative; fisheyes is pseudo-Christian; Xsiv is "blonde, busty, and brainy"; Sara Quell is pseudomedical; etc. Many of his more well-developed personas on this forum are female: CT lady and Mrs. Sainah Samurai, for example. Some are stereotypes: italia and Mrs. Susan Shabangu, for example. Others, like Dirty Duck and iDareU, are just plain silly. It's disturbingly fascinating to watch these various characters carry on entire conversational streams, discussion, and arguments with each other on this forum once you're aware that this is really a single person "talking to himself". And according to Eleanor White, my ex-'s personas post dialogs with one another on other forums as well, although I've never taken the time to check these out personally.

[Update:  After I posted all this, my ex- transferred much of his posting activity to

He posts there as Tampa, CT lady, and others.  His most recent posts there as Tampa are long and rambling and show signs of stress.]

[My discussion continues below, at the end of the email group.]

Now, here is a final, very recent example from a series of emails I've been receiving from one of my ex-'s many personas:

My good friend Kitty, who writes the Anti-Organized Stalking blog at

says she believes Galina is a real person because she knows someone who has met her, but the series of emails I've received under this name is definitely the work of my ex-, as evidenced by the many, many familiar names, terms, initials (many of which are his own!), and more that are included in the long lists of email addresses for me to recognize. (Dr. John Hall's email address,, is real. I suspect most of the rest are fake, but I've never checked to be sure.) The most important thing to notice here is how much more organized and well-developed my ex's personas have become and how much more time he appears to be spending in writing as them.

I have no training in psychiatry or psychology, but it takes nothing more than a small dose of good, old-fashioned common sense to see that spending approximately 1 to 3 hours a day (that being my current estimate, based on a combination of what I receive plus what I see posted) writing and sending or posting this stuff is NOT NORMAL. (The harassing emails to me are illegal as well.) My ex- and his best friend probably failed a basic psychological test they were required to take as part of a post-graduate class years ago, because they were asked to come in for additional testing on the following Saturday. (They explained this at the time by saying they'd volunteered to be research subjects.) My ex-husband's family was close to LBJ and knew most of his security staff very well, so so my ex- and his family could have easily obtained coaching in compartmentilizing personalities in order to pass the exam, by answering the questions as if they were a different person with a different personality and point-of-view. (Note that this technique can also be used to pass a polygraph test.) Unfortunately, I believe it can be quite dangerous when practiced by someone who is already mentally ill, because it can potentially cause dangerous splitting of the personality in someone with already impaired reality. It's important to point out that such a splitting is different from classic multiple personality disorder, though, because in this case, the splitting can be done deliberately and at will.

In closing, there is one additional fact I need to leave you with. Of ALL the posts in this entire blog, the one with the most views overall (by quite a large margin!) is "Note To The Texas Medical Board", posted on 3/20/11. That fact, plus the fact that I'm including it here, will puzzle outsiders considerably, but local insiders will not be surprised at all and will understand completely. Personally, I find this very symptomatic of the problems here.

Update:  Many of the comments below were written in a single barrage that all came from Ip 97.9.19.# Cellco Partnership, DBA Verizon Wireless.  He was on for hours.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to re-examine your assertions. You go to huge extremes to make some connection between myself and your X.

When I think you know perfectly well I am not your X so the answer there is that you are somewhat fraudulent as I have noticed with this circle of blogs you try to connect others to. I sense it's a very close association with Eleanor White who is highly likely a skank and not a stalking victim at all. But the court is still out on that one.

Now I'm very glad I never once sent you an email as you repeatedly encourage your readers (myself) to do because you'd have copied the headers and pretended it was the same as your Xs.

Either you're starting to slip or you're covering something up. Why would your husband post all the information I have about Publix, Howard Jenkins and others? No reason at all. Since likely they are close friends and both have ties to the equestrian world.

And frankly, if you want to call that a well-developed persona it begs the question of why I never blog then. At the tampa to texas blog. Answer to that as I've said is I'm just not a great blogger, I do like to comment and tie common experiences together.

I've given you enough opportunities to independently investigate what I patiently comment on but you have never done so.

Everything goes down the rabbit hole of your ex husband. Leaving me to WHAT?

Defend that I am not your ex husband? Ludicrous.

What a waste of my time that would be. It's your problem to chase that rabbit not mine.
How ridiculous. You blog something: I then comment on it and point out to you other things you may not have noticed such as anoter brother/sister connection and other matters and you completely overlook all the information I have given you with tampa/texas ties.

To do what? Accuse me at least ten times of being your X. Yet you can come up with no proof. Again, if I had EVER sent you email you'd have used those headers as your "proof".
I don't know how your ex would have time to do all he does AND BE ME.

You're losing credibility big time and you're revealing yourself and your friends as frauds. And that's a shame because of all of them I was pretty certain you were genuine.

Again, come up with one email that I have sent you. NADA.

You're lying. Now you are almost completely bereft of credibility because I have patiently refuted your assertions that I am your X. There is no reason for you to say any of that and you know it.
You're making yourself look like an idiot.
Mainly because your blog is now more an attack on ME Tampa to Texas than it is the circumstances of your life.
Stop fucking blogging if you don't want any commenters. And if you believe all commenters are your xhusband that also puts you in mighty thin air as THE ONLY VICTIM OF STALKERS IN AMERICA.
How ridiculous.
You're ridiculous.
I dislike speaking this way to someone who may indeed BE a victim but really ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. Put up or shut up.

Anonymous said...

You posted topix links. Eleanor White does more creepy things on topix than ANYONE She and the California connection which is likely SEA ORG.

So now they develop whole personalities and run off to blog, huh? I thought you found them threatening. No. You just wanted to stop the comments which was hte first indication that you were fraudulent.
So, you must be another Eleanor. You notice that YOU are the only one who vouches for these others. Leaving Kitty Hundal as the sole person identifiable because she does post a great deal of information. Which could be completely fabricated. Stop being stupid. You are NOT the only person n the world who is being followed around. Medawar is too smart to fall for a fraud so either he is kind-hearted and you are real but stupid or he and you are the same.
You have threatened ME repeatedly by saying you would contact the Dept of Public Safety over fucking comments made on YOUR OPEN BLOG that are in no way directed at you in any wide examination.

Close your comments because I am going to continue commenting as I have since I found your blog. That in itself is proof I have not altered MY behavior in any way while you have about blown a gasket trying to attack me but make me look like the instigator ....

Stop dragging others into your incorrect assertions. You can't even loosely tie any of my comments to any of the things you have said. I had no reason on earth to step up and claim my comments after you ran your mouth about them
But I tried to give you many opportunities to stop being AN ASS.

So, do rule the world of the victims all you like but others have a story to tell too. And we can't ALL be your X. by the way, Eleanor White is all kinds of names on message boards. WAKE UP.
She is probably also connected to CTLADY WHO IS A LOON.

But you keep attacking me, as far as I can see besides medawar and possibly kitty hundal the only genuine commenter HERE. But suddenly you've come up with a tree of them
Then why do you feel so alone and in need of attacking me?

We have many of the same experiences. You just want to deny that ... WHY?? No apparent reason. Any moron on earth can see I have nothing in common with your fucked up faggot x.

Anonymous said...

AND I am also the one who advised you never to read those emails. One click sorts that type stuff to bulk. I read maybe three emails per day. I dump hundreds. I've never ONCE missed anything at all by failing to open every last piece of junk sent to me.
They can't threaten you IF you do NOT READ IT.
So simple.
But again you choose the other way.
You choose to read this crap and waste your time and waste time talking about it and waste time copying it and waste time posting it and now laughably waste MY time talking about it when if it landed in my mail account it would never EVER be read.

You have way too much time on your hands, or something. Like you let your animals be endangered over and over rather than FINALLY fixing the fence properly as I advised you.

Now, is your ex husband capable of manual labor? Somehow I can't imagine a surgeon who is good with his hands at outdoor labor. I learned because I wanted my animals to be safe and we had pieces of SHIT cutting our fence(s) just as they did yours.
But I guess I was your X that day when I advised you how to fix your fence once and for all for the safety of your animals.
You are absolutely ridiculous.

I will from this point ignore any of your ridiculous assertions and if you don't wish to appear absolutely MORONIC you should stop making them. It's ignorant and a waste of time and if any of your "friends" had your best interests at heart they would tell you how ridiculous you are being.

NO ONE takes the time to advise you on things and is also your X who hates your guts. Be real.

Anonymous said...

I don't see kitty hundal connected at all to the organized stalking blog you posted. That blogger claims to be older, almost senior. Kitty's pictures mark her as thirties or forties.

Either you are mistaken or something is very much up in denmark.

Please clarify.

Either by pretending I am "genuine" or by pretending I am your X whatever way I will see you explain this error so that I know you have not revealed the name of a blogger who seems determined to keep their identity a secret.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

Interesting way to spend the day before Sept. 11, 2012. Attacking an innocent person. AND I now noticed after I wasted MORE time getting in to the stupid blog that you also included the one blog I list as following and also reveal the identity of the blogger whom I do not even know.
How did you become "friends" with these other bloggers? Or did you just fall out the cradle blogging together? No. At some point you did NOT KNOW EACH OTHER.

So obviously you had to "get to know each other".
Did you do this by attacking them?

That's a question you should answer or I will mark you down as a fraud. You can't claim all these "friends" while attacking ME for NO REASON and be genuine.

I state there that I started the blog post as a comment and it only makes sense if you read your blog post first.

I know you have continually attempted to attack me and I have pretty much ignored it and been patient with you but it GALLS ME that you would spend so many hours of a day that most of us spent in reflection to attack AGAIN another innnocent person in light of the attacks on America.
Most people would tell you to go fuck yourself.

Eleanor who is pretty much fraudulent and ALSO attacks innocent people as you have inspires such loyalty that I can only consider she IS most of these people.

A true scam artist.

I don't care.. I'll continue revealing the truth as long as I want to and your intimidation and you can go to hell.
LBJ my ass. Your motherinlaw if she is a dope dealer would report you to the police for the way you defamed her on this blog. So you better get over your imagination on who I am.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

THESE?? are the comments you are comparing later comments to?

Never mind. I am sorry (of course) that I wasted a dime of time trying to be sensible with you.

You are ridiculous. I'll comment here when and if I have something to add. If you don't like it... delete it or moderate it.

Better yet, have someone else do so; I think your sense of objectivity is in abeyance.

I regret the time I wasted on you today but others may learn something from this. Especially I hope they wonder what kind of person spends the day before OF the attacks on our WTC attacking another innocent person.

Because I am wondering. And the answers I've come up with thus far are not very flattering for you.

Eleanor, you can most definitely go f yourself. You're a piece of garbage. And you hurt others. And maybe you have this idiot fooled you are on her side but you can I know that YOU are ctlady. You and Christine Breen. Taking turns.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

I have been to a blog and left numerous comments concerning gangstalking, the similarities the lady reports to what goes on here and various other aspects.

I considered the first order of business to be the similarities and to that end, immediately went to work on the "communal" things and people shared by Tampa and Texas, some of which may only be known to myself.

BUT then I reailzed as I was formulating this blog ... NO, the first order of business is to deduce what possible efforts the stalkers and criminals and their masters, whom I now suspect to be corporations and their employees among others and other enterprises may have taken already to thwart this very senario.

The scenario that two "victims" would find each other and put together a picture.

So, with that, and because I have an extraordinarily time-consuming project I am working on, I am going to post a link to this blog over on the blog entitled Victims of Organized Crime in Central Texas.

Full disclosure: I have been to Texas only three times that I can think of, maybe only twice. Once driving through and perhaps once on a layover and the next time, driving through. With almost no stops, I may have spent the night once. So my knowledge of the area is limited to MY limited experience, a map and my memories.

BUT, I also have a lot of personal knowledge gleened in various ways from various individuals known and soem very well known to me and my family.

So, with that, I propose when ML of Victims of Organized Crime in Texas has ample time, perhaps she will help "forecast" what steps may already have been taken to prevent the probably "forecasted" possibility this would happen one day: That two people would meet up and have the same stalkers and be able to verify it.

This has happened to me once before. I have a pictuer of a guy I have had stalk me more than five times appear on someone else's youtube at a different location. It is definitely the same guy. I have a picture of him fairly recently here at International Mall and maybe one from the library. Irregardless of whether I can readily produce those photos I do know I did not just rake through youtubes and randomly select one. I was shocked but not surprised.

At any rate, hopefully we'll proceed and unlock some not very well kept mysteries and agendas.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

Next up: National Exposure.

To that end I have to promise not to swear, curse and call you awful names you disgusting stalkers with no lives. While that won't be easy, I am going to abide by that.

ML, so you know, the first time I tried to view that video of the guy who walks his dog back and forth ONLY IN front of your property, it would not open. I had that happen to a video I posted of the guy here who makes his appearances whenever he has my car tampered with.

I thought you should know that.

I hope we are able to move forward, I trust your orgnaizational skills more than mine, especially at the moment.


Tampa Florida to TEXAS

OH by the way, the Corporation I mentioned which I know is partly behind and probably the money bags of this stalking and terrrorization of my family: It's former CEO and the son of the original founder is gay, his ex husband is very involved in the equestrian world.

As well, the neighbor I have here for unknown reasons painted his cheap metal roof the EXACT same color as did the corporation the exact same week the corporation painted theirs. This kind of nasty burnt orange color. We were wondering WHY at the store and then weirded out by the guy across the way. No visible means of support except for some time at a local hospital, a ninety thousand dollar car, born in NJ, has some handyman skills, commits insurance fraud, knows the local police WAY TOO WELL, is gay and has done many many things to my home and family through his tenants and others and also openly stalked me.

My sister used to own a horse. That's my equestrian sum-up. It's probably significant as to the Corporate millionair'es ex-husband and his also now being married to an ex tampa fireman who has another former and straight family in the hometown of the corporation.

UPDATE: I updated this post briefly to include a link to MLs blog and to include a link to another blog she cites which contains extremely intellectual and factual commentary concerning this criminal phenomena we are now experiencing and other subjects just as prevalent.

Medawar's Cornflakes

I should note that I can't get the "follow me" button to show on ANY blogs I visit.

Tampa Gang Stalkers meet Texas Gang Stalkers said...

IN A YEAR this blogger (VOCCT) has failed to investigate or independently evaluate any of my statements.

Since every statement I have made is easily verifiable in Hillsborough County public records, the 13th judicial circuit of florida and also through google research and court documents her failure to give credence to ME says more about HER than ME.
I think that a hot hell should be reserved for people who FAKE THIS. I hope there is one.

Anonymous said...

I guess your own life will be full of improvements soon if you are indeed a victim as you claim to be.

Because your constant attacks on me along with the fraudulent (according to Eleanor White) Ms. White indicate you are buying yourself a ticket out.

Reprehensible. You and Eleanor have both continually attacked me. Just like stalkers do. What does that say about YOU?? And "she"?

No wonder why "your kids" take your side. You've made it all up.

ML said...

Notice that at least two different personas (possibly three, if the comment just before this one is separate) have posted a barrage of comments here. Also notice that the one just above appears to contain death threats.

Anonymous said...

A barrage.

Actually it's a one-sided conversation and you're a fraud, lady.

Any person in the world can look at blogger stats and see where these comments originate from.

Surprise!!! You should know what you're talking about before your hurl accusations.

And it appears you need to review your definition of death threats.

THIS is your idea of a clever trap?

At least you've been exposed as a fraud and now you aren't as dangerous.

When this first stsrted in our lives(Tampa) I had an old friend come along whose neighborhood was then used (not sure if he was wholly in on it still but I know he owes favors and I know he is afraid to lose what he has worked for so he's trapped) anyway his neighborhood was used WITH MINE as I drove back and forth with him or alone between our houses (about five miles or less apart)

The gangs and carnies started being at every stop sign. When I didn't notice that they started pulling out in front of me, standing in his back yard at night and taking pictures with a flash while I was sitting by the pool, etc.
THEN they made it obvious they were the same gang and carnies both next door to him (he is a college professor) and also living across the street from me.

That appears to be your role in this. You point out to people what gangstalking IS so that in the case they are unaware you open their eyes.

AND THEN the gangstalkers can start their REAL fun.

Meantime you continue to dig at and snipe another innocent victim.

Nice job with your Rice education. Is it Dyncorp you work at??
I am glad you chose to expose yourself in this fashion.

Being I am a peaceful, loving person who has only rarely raised my voice in anger and never once touched anyone in violence or unwanted nor wished harm on anyone I suppose you think your little death threat jab is most appropriate.

But now people can clearly see through you because your goading of me is psychotic. You came after me like an enemy when in FREE STATS available to you you can see where comments and visits originate.

Case in point and the video you posted above is probably a fraud.

Another USF professor was subjected to the same thing as myself and somewhat worse. Oddly although I am much younger than her, my husband was older than I am by a good deal and we had a relationship (business) with one of the creeps involved in stalking her.
The relationship was long in place before I met or married him so I had nothing to do with it but I remember always trying to avoid talking to him.
Today, if I visit USF they come out of the bldgs in droves and stand around openly staring at me while talking into their cellphones. I don't really have business at USF anymore but this stems from when I visited my friend the professor at work.
He also started having odd things happen to him but that was reported by him. I never observed any of this. Such as magazines being left in his office with articles about things he and I had talked about.

The above is part of the story of Shrader-Frechette, loosely associated with me and currently the O'Neill Professor of Philosophy at Notre Dame. So not only do I name REAL NAMES I am not afraid of your silly bunky bullshit.
YOU are a threat because it appears you are dishonorable and fraudulent.

Anonymous said...

Not to be outdone Howard Jenkins is now getting people to come to the house across the street wearing shirts with the name Howard on them. Of course they have to stand with their back to me staring at nothing for a long long time in order to do this. He has done this before through his kiss ass friends and felons (Glenn Burrage) at st pete times having them pst photos of team-mates with the word HOWARD in them. Then this was also a tampa firefighter who still stalks us along with many others "benitez" ..on our drive home gangy people would wear these shirts "benitez" with big block letters on the back and squat the way some latin gangs do until we drove by and then when we get close get up slowly and walk away. Freaks.

So Howard is stalking skank. Millions of dollars and his big plan in life is keeping it by stepping on me. The house he is using to do so (one of them) is currently full to the brim of gay men. Not the nice cool gay men who are loved by all or even just decent people. Nope. Scumbag skanks whom howard can use each uglier inside than the next. It's sad.

Does that also sound like something your X would say?
You see how loony it is that you say so. No one could make this crap up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info on your ex. He truly is sinister.

Yet, not sure about your assertion that those on Gangstalking Forum are all frauds. There ARE a few that those on the forum take to task....immediately.

Maybe take a closer look?

Anonymous said...

I write under the name of CT lady. My UTUBE site is Gangstalking Connecticut and Beyond. I am NOT a fictional personality of your troubled ex-husband.

He did NOT start the topix discussion under the name of Hector Seven. He used Reginald Frinton for the longest time, and edited the Norwalk CT news (topix) which is where he began attacking me saying that gangstalking could not occur in Norwalk. So then he said he had started an entirely new forum to discuss gangstalking. All he seems to do is criticize people and many good posters have left.

CT lady

Anonymous said...

PS I am not a loon.

Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you added my name (tampa) here considering I have never posted with anyone named hector7. EVER. I read some stuff you linked to once.
Ctlady IS both a loon and an imposter but your holy icon eleanor is there talking to her like she's real (and a woman not a loon) at the topix.

As well, you may want to read over there.

I also recently laid waste to David swanson. Your spook Eleanor which may be YOU is reliant upon Lawson to bolster her idiotic outlook on how we should be convincing "the entire public" that we have a problem. Well, we might as well set about to recreate the whole country and it might be faster than her apparent decades long plan. LOL !!!!!!!

BUT since Lawson has been proven a fraud and suddenly IT (eleanor) backpedaled on him being a licensed PI 'at some site' that said "something' she 'didn't save' .. ON THE OTHER HAND NO ONE NO ONE with the word Lawson ANYWHERE in their given name has ever been licensed as a PI in Florida. In fact, most of the lawsons are concentrated in law LEO and gambling. We also have rocky rodriguez sheriff who was caught flying from NOLA on the sheriff copter to do with gambling. Gambling is on its way to Florida big time. Lawson used the pseudonym which is also firefighter jargon as his publisher (self) out of glen falls NY where his uncle lawson recently died.

You spooks can't make up your mind. Am I fake or am I stressed? LOL. You're as bad as a stalker. Ooohhh look this person appears stressed. Are you SURE you're not a psychologist?
I am for all these pos try to put me through probably the coolest most together person in the world.

Sorry to bring an end to your and eleanor's circle of unbelievable blogs. But if she's a fraud (AND SHE IS) that makes you one if you don't investigate. Since you have never investigated anything I have told you, that makes it pretty much your trademark that you just believe everything you are told SELECTIVELY.

Too bad about Lawson. I did my research. It's all posted at topix.

Since it's copy paste it probably doesn't show any signs of stress.

LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I see you changed this post from your original one. Now I'm your X posting to a place having conversations with your buddy Eleanor.

Are you sure you can trust Eleanor talking to your X such? LOL !!!

David Lawson: down.

Eleanor White: down.

YOU: less believable than even they combined.

You're a fraud, too. You make me feel ill.

Anonymous said...

Ct lady

Eleanor complained about you on the forum, so you changed your name to stalked.

You need to watch how you talk to people- especially when you make false accusations.

Quit calling me a Loon. I do not call you any names.