Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lawyer 1

Recently a national advocate for victims of domestic violence told me it was important for me to document our inability to obtain proper legal representation. I have been searching for such representation extensively for many years, and I have well over a thousand pages of correspondence with numerous attorneys, legal firms, legal advocacy organizations, victims' rights and assistance organizations, etc. that document this search. To this end, periodically I will be posting copies of some of this documentation. I believe I will eventually be able to show conclusively that despite living in a supposedly free country, some people still have their most basic civil rights blatantly and repeatedly violated. (We are not the only people this has happened to here by any means, and I'm asking others to share their stories as well, either as comments or with me privately at

I will be posting these documents somewhat randomly, so the numbers on them will be for identification purposes only. Documents from lawyers or law firms will be labeled "Lawyer" plus an i.d. number, ones from organizations will be labeled "Organization" plus a number, etc.

Here you see an early example from my search. A little background is necessary. A few months after my husband left in 1999, I received a letter from a former roommate of mine I'd kept in touch with for many years expressing her sympathy for what had happened with my husband and reminding me that her sister was a lawyer who now had a practice in Austin. My friend said in this letter that she'd mentioned our situation to her sister and that her sister had told her if the children and I needed legal help, I should contact her.

I later learned my friend's sister was a very well-known attorney in Austin, and I finally did contact her in 2003 to ask her for help by sending her the email you see here. To my shock, she not only refused to help us, but she also apparently lied about how my ex-husband had somehow illegally obtained a copy of my email to her. Sadly, I never heard from my friend again, either.


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if you throw out enough money you will eventually troll up a lawyer

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every single one of mls s writings falls under the above categories , she has one thing in common with a few exceptions, is that SHE IS NEVER COMPLETELY HONEST, even in such a straight-forward piece such as this she talks about violence and harrassment(hogwash) and she tells the little story of a lawyer sending me her email(half-truth) the lawyer sent a reply which came to me because MARY LOU OBVIOULSY WROTH HER OUT OF MY EMAIL ACOUNT WHILE SHE WAS DESPERATELY SNOOPING THRU MY MAIL FOR CLUES AND EVIDENCE.

mary lou is incapable of grading any obseration as anything less than severe, she has used the term severe in dozens of her blogs, she cannot comprehend any event as mild, or more appropriately, neutral (hyperbole)

the white dually artice was one of the most egregious exam;ples of hogwash, everthing to the part of wome women getting killeg by a loose wheel(half-truth)

she can never say one honest thing about her marriage before eg; she had fairly debilitating agaraphobia which she actually sought, anxiety disorder sthat she actually sought help for early on...she cannot admit that this may (is) the forme fruste of her current parania

hogwash hyperbole and half-truths

commom ml give us one straightforward, honest blog

ML said...

None of the statements made in the comment above are true.

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close friends

mary lou adds a tagline that the young lawyers are close friend with one from here.

she makes a generalized stament like this perhaps 100 time or more

how does she know that these perfect strangers are close friends?

answer: SHE MADE IT UP!

she thinks no one will call bullsh*t

well i'm calling bullsh*t on this and EVERONE OF YOUR STATEMENTS ABOUT 'CLOSE FRIENDS'