Saturday, February 27, 2010

The City Also Said

...Things that weren't true. This is a copy of an email to me from the local city attorney that I found when I came back from a week-long trip. It was well-known around our small town that one of my children had been accepted to a prestigious summer program in another state and that I had gone there to get them checked in and settled and also have a short vacation with my other kids, a friend, and one of her children. The city attorney, a close associate of my ex-husband (who had our trip information) and his family, had to have known we were gone and for how long.

Also, the attorney's statement about the surveyor was not correct. The person mentioned is actually the long-time official County Surveyor (an elected position).

Important notes: This city attorney, who has also served for many years, specializes in real estate and has one of the two title companies in town. The other local title company is headed by the law partner of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer. (The father and brother of my ex-husband's divorce lawyer are major real estate brokers in town. Her husband is another law partner in their firm and is also one of our JP's.)

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