Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Latest Things

The latest trend in the harassment of us seems to be people running up to our front door, ringing the doorbell several times in rapid succession, and dashing off. We've had the occasional kid do this to us over the years, but these are most definitely adults doing it now, and with markedly increased frequency. Even more important is the fact that the people doing this always seem to magically appear only when we're unable to come to the door quickly: when we're getting dressed, bathing, sleeping, "indisposed" in the bathroom, etc.

Twice recently, one or more of us has actually been able to get a good look at the culprits. One was an anorexic-looking young woman (~20s) wearing high heels she seemed to be having trouble walking/running in and a silly-looking blond wig--she looked like an overgrown child playing dress-up. Another was a man of around 50 who yelled something ridiculous at me in a local German accent as he jumped into a large white SUV being driven by a similar-looking buddy who then sped off out of our driveway. (Both of these men were dressed like city workers.)

In another recent development, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) named a former Texas Ranger from Kerrville as the head of a new group that is supposed to be addressing the problem of police corruption in Texas. This former ranger most recently headed the probation department in the same district that has just seen its former judge and former D.A. indicted on charges of misusing seizure funds, which is not exactly cause for optimism.

Also, we have been told that my former father-in-law and brother-in-law are suddenly splitting up their longtime law practice and that one of the other partners has already moved out. Apparently there are problems with dividing up the partnership's assets as well.

The latest thing in Boerne seems to be missing people--two at last count.

Finally, the abandoned building next door to us has just opened as a new rehab. facility for the local hospital, which no doubt is related to the coaches with the hospital's Wellness Center instructing their students to trespass on and damage our front yard last summer as previously described in "Almost Daily" (7/29/09). Important questions that need answering are: 1) Who sold or is leasing this property to the hospital?; 2) How much is the hospital paying for it?; and 3) When did the sellers/owners purchase it? In the past, the owners of this property have been listed under a variety of names in the tax records, along with a Florida address as shown here, at the same time that an official map at the local tax appraisal office still showed my ex-husband's name on my property despite my divorce having been finalized more than 2 years earlier.


Anonymous said...

mary lou isn't stupid...she just wants you to think she is

the land that was to be divided in the divorce was to be divided at the time the city extended milam street through the property.

the street was extended two years later and the property was then divided(thank you Jesus!)

until the city put in the street the land was jointly owned by the lovely mary lou and her ex husband. it's in black and white in the divorce decree and ml was always aware of this.

maybe she'll claim someone broke into her house to alter the documents.

after all she said someone changed a phone recording

ok we all think your stupid now so you can stop the charade

ML said...

Only one small tract that bordered the new road was left undivided in the divorce, and a couple of the letters in my ex-husband's name overlie this tract. The majority of this property was awarded solely to me in the divorce, and the positioning of my ex-'s name plus the total absence of mine clearly imply the property belongs solely to him, which is most definitely incorrect.

Anonymous said...

sorry ml read the decree

oh yeah i forgot it was "altered" in one of the dozens of breakins there was no wording to support your "opinion"

Anonymous said...

so kids running across your yard are connected to the hospital buying a building next door?????

some day you will realize how uncredibly ridiculous this sounds(assuming youever get better)

Anonymous said...

joseph stack and mary lou

the parallels are all too obvious
1hate authority
2 let down by everyone
3 no meaning in life
4 seeking revenge
5 feeling that no one is in her corner

we want to help ml all you have to do is ask

ML said...

I have discussed the history of serious problems with illegal document loss and switching at the local courthouse before.

I have tax documents from after my divorce was finalized listing me as sole owner of the property tracts, as well as bills and receipts for my payments in full of the property taxes on these tracts.

Anonymous said...

sorry you cant keep things straight

your making a big deal out of almost nothing(hyperbole)

Anonymous said...

wow! you told a HUGE whopping lie with the dually blog, but we believe you now.....NOT

Anonymous said...

Photos in Big Brother post are interesting

Anonymous said...

congrats on poss true believer. mary lou is catty-corner to the hospital parking lot and next door to a dialysis center

was the guy spying on her or looking for a shady parking space while his wife is going to the doctor

please come to fredericksburg and obsereve for yourself

Anonymous said...

lol. ml must be a perfect lightning rod for pranks

Anonymous said...

CAUTION; anybody that 'punks' mary lou should first read about the woman phd from alabama who blew away her enemies

the two doctors have a lot in common. particularly the need for revenge

ML said...

One of the missing persons in Boerne has been found (drowned, apparently).

Skeletal remains that have not yet been identified have recently been found underneath a bridge on I-10 in Kendall County (near the Kerr County line).