Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Lawyer 3

Over the years, I'd also kept in touch with a friend of mine from my working days in Houston. This friend had a sibling who was an attorney with a large Houston firm, and I also contacted them to ask for referrals. The sibling sent me a list of lawyers they and their co-workers knew and could recommend that practiced in San Antonio, and I began contacting them.

All but one of these attorneys refused to talk to me at all and said through various employees of theirs that they couldn't help us. The lawyer I sent the letter to that's posted here did call me personally, however, when he received it. He asked me to go over to the local courthouse, ask them for a copy of everything on file in my divorce case, and mail the documents I received to him as soon as possible. I did as he requested, and I also included copies of various incriminating documents related to my dealings with the fraudulent trust and the various people that had defrauded me.

A few weeks later, I received the other letter posted here in reply from him. This letter came inside a package containing all of the documents I'd sent him. I immediately faxed his office a request for a referral to another attorney, but I never received any reply.

This lawyer's son, a well-known criminal defense attorney, is currently running for public office (D.A.). Another son of his was murdered. The lawyer himself is now a judge.


Anonymous said...

the truth

mary lou had such ludicrous claims that the lawyers saw no merit in pursing them

hodges and hayes et al were in no way fraudulent, they were doing what she wanted
hodges spent money on some kind of monitoring equipment, and hays merely told her there was novalidity to her multipele claims

remember mary lou sought out and hired these people of her own free will. later she DID hire a guy who took advantage of her unfortunately

what does every person who mary lou hired have in common

1. she did it of her own free will

Anonymous said...

hey! quit distacting her, we are all waiting for the blurry pictures of the city guys doing the drug transfer'

oh yeah, and the handwritten letters from her father threatening to have her killed

you don't think m.l. is lying do you? that would hurt her credibility!

Anonymous said...

mary lou caught in a whopper
(or ml sees drugs,again)

mary lou wrote in the dually blog, in great copius detail about her ex mother in law driving a large truck to school and openly selling drugs. she unequivocally states the date ,sept 10, 2001 and the time 5 pm.

the drug selling was so blatant and disgusting that any seller caught in this scenario would have been convicted of a felony and sent to the pen for years...a very serious crime indeed

mary lou is absouletly sure of what she saw down to to the tiniest detail.

question for mary lou:would you swear in a court of law to what you claim you saw?

did you indeed report this to the fbi?

there is one slight problem, her in-laws left for france more than a week before, and did not get back til 3 days after 9-11. they were with a college alumni tour with perhaps 2 dozen others there.

you committed perjury to the fbi and would have testified in court wrongly, to a very serious crime.

you are truly evil if you know you lied and you are truly ,serioulsy delusional if you think you told the truth.

ML said...

Of course I didn't lie, I did report criminal acts I saw to the FBI and others, and yes, my children and I would swear to them in a court of law. I don't know what all this has to do with this particular post, though.

I have now posted an update to "Lawyer 3" entitled "Slaps On The Wrist" (5/16/10).