Thursday, October 7, 2010

Religious Aspects Of Gang Stalking

[Important Update: Since I wrote this, I've come to realize that the term "gang stalking" is a poor one (because people immediately tend to wonder which street gang is involved!). I now prefer the term "organized stalking", because it's a much more accurate description of what is being done to victims.]

Finally, as a practicing Christian (a REAL one), I can't leave the subject of gang stalking without discussing its religious aspects. Because I know only the absolute basics about other religions and don't feel comfortable going into their perspectives on the subject, my remarks will be confined to a solely Christian view of gang stalking. I must depend on people of other faiths to leave comments here explaining their unique views for your consideration.

From a Christian viewpoint, gang stalking is utterly evil. By definition, the deliberate and systematic torture of fellow human beings designed to utterly destroy them (see "Gang Stalking Summary") is the very essence of evil. In order to get a better understanding of the nature of evil and how to recognize it, I strongly recommend reading the late Scott Peck's classic study entitled "People Of The Lie". I particularly recommend the chapter in this book on what Peck calls "group evil", because gang stalking and those who practice it meet all of Peck's criteria.

In "Social Aspects Of Gang Stalking", I discussed the specific group evil characteristics of our situation without labeling them as such. Also, as I pointed out previously, the Austin example I posted separately is particularly chilling in its detailed description of torture (drugging, rape, and attempted mind control) deliberately designed to drive the targeted individual to commit suicide. The victim's further descriptions of active participation in the evil perpetrated against her by law enforcement and medical personnel who were supposed to be protecting and helping her should horrify true Christians everywhere.

Now take this a step further and consider our case, discussed in "Personal Experiences With Gang Stalking" and "Political Aspects of Gang Stalking", where there are strong indications of the use of sophisticated federal equipment by persons with known backgrounds in high-level federal law enforcement, security, the military, and government who are associated with a particular political group (right-wing extremist and hate views). Then add in the extensive information I've posted on numerous suspicious deaths here, realizing too that 1) these do not even include some of the most shocking cases I know of (yet), and 2) I'm positive there are many more cases I do not know about. Finally, consider responses to my many requests for help, like the examples posted here under "The DOJ Said", "A Senator Said", and even "A Reporter Said".

Many times in my life, I've heard people say the Holocaust could never happen again and certainly not in America because they would recognize it and not allow it. I say it's already happening here, has been going on for some time (we and many other victims have been targeted for over ten years!), and is in fact currently expanding rapidly, as evidenced by the sudden increase in desperate victims killing themselves and others in dramatic fashion. After all, what is a holocaust but the systematic and deliberate extermination of fellow human beings in order to exert control over a population through fear and advance a particular political agenda?

I believe gang stalking as it's currently being practiced is one of the "rumors of war" Jesus talks about in the Bible--but now that you know about it, it's not just a rumor anymore. Now that you've been provided with detailed, documented evidence and information about what's going on, each of you who professes to be a Christian must make a conscious personal decision to take a stand against the evil that is gang stalking and do everything you can to fight it, end it, and protect its victims. To make no such decision against such a known and serious evil is considered a sin of omission in God's eyes; knowingly allowing the evil to continue without doing anything to stop it is the same as actively deciding to participate in it. As professed Christians, each individual must ultimately choose whether to take up their cross and follow Christ or turn their back on him and live their life only for themselves. Let me repeat this for emphasis: Not making this decision is actually the same as making a conscious decision to allow and participate in evil. All Christians need to be aware of this and fully understand it, because the state of your soul for all eternity depends on what you do. (Forever is a long time to be separated from God if you get this wrong!--that's what it means to be "God-fearing".)

By the way, I'm told the specific subgroup that's stalking my kids and me is known as "the germans".

Shown below are some sample drawings by a known gang-stalker that I found in a pile of trash. The person who made these is not Catholic; they have a mainstream Protestant church background. See if you can spot the words "Ad Hoc" in the first drawing. This person also owns a paperback copy of "The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler" that is so well-thumbed that the covers have been laminated to keep the book from falling apart.

Also shown here is a copy of a poem submitted by one of my children as part of a high school English assignment on the book "1984", along with their teacher's comment. (The goat represents evil and the sheep represents good--see Matthew 25.) You should know that this particular high school's mascot is the goat, that their school colors are red and black, and that the entire school once burned a large wooden cross at a pep rally at which all of the school board members were in attendance.


Anonymous said...

This awful hateful bitch is not Christian, she is the antichrist.

Anonymous said...

Mary Lou Hoerster has always claimed to be "Christian", but in reality, using this as a false identity for her practice of satan worship.

In the late nineties, she was involved in a groug that was actively seeking out a male baby for human sacrifice. When their plan was discovered she backed off even to the point of claiming to be Christian all along which is a ruse for her activities even to this day. Satanism requires lying and deception at all costs, exactly like her blog.

Anonymous said...

She sounds more like a Christian to me than either of you two.

I think she's right when she has identified the evil among us.

Particularly if the two commenters above think that what they said is an example of sharing Christian Love.

I'd be embarrassed to be a Christian reading their comments.

ML said...

As you've probably guessed, the comment about the baby is utterly false. That comment in particular illustrates many of the characteristics noted by the author of the posted material at the bottom of my 10/3/10 post entitled "Personal Experiences With Gang Stalking".

Anonymous said...

It looks like the loser exhusband is at it again. ML must have really broken his heart because he appears to be very upset, still.

If not then this website must be right on the money and he has something to lose here. In which case he would say anything to try to discredit her.

Anonymous said...

these groups and big brother /are using your own cable and satelite tvs to spy into your homes.thats how they know your every move! make sure your wives and kids stayed dressed /when tube is on! there could be a prevert watching! look for joethewatchman on twitter for more.

Medawar said...

It's not technically possible to use satellite TV in this way.

A cable connection could be used to support any kind of electronic device, including audio and video bugs, but not through the TV unless that had been modified in an illegal manner.

The above comment would seem to be an attempt to present a serious and technically accurate discussion on another post in an inaccurate way.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
I have been gangstalked for 13 years and my gangstalkers have made it clear they are stalking for Jesus. I know my gangstalkers are Christians.Thank you for bring this to light you and your family are courages.

ExposeAustinTexas said...

Everyone read my story about gang stalking in Austin, Texas. It was orchestrated by The University of Texas at Austin. The university has not contested my accusations either making this a true system of pure evil. At least you know what to avoid like the plague.

Kirk Schrank said...

Secret persecution by the evil one and his people is described in the book of Psalm from verse 9-142 among other places.Today it is mostly titled gangstalking. Psalm 101:5 Whoever secretly slanders his neighbor, Him I will destroy; The one who has a haughty look and a proud heart, Him I will not endure.

Psalm 140:4. Keep me, O Lord, from the hands of the wicked; preserve me from the violent man; who have purposed to overthrow my goings.
5. The proud have hid a snare for me, and cords; they have spread a net by the wayside; they have set gins for me. Selah…8. Grant not, O Lord, the desires of the wicked: further not his wicked device; lest they exalt themselves. Selah

Kirk Schrank said...

Luciferians run all major churches and is what Bible refers to as Mystery Babylon.

Anonymous said...

to me it sounds as if there is a cluster B type personality behind this (sociopath, psychopath etc.). I has seen this where this is taken to the point where the victim commits suicide.
Does bullying a person until they commit suicide constitute murder? When it is seen as bullying and when is it something more serious such as sociopathic or psychopathic activities?
A small number cluster B type personalities (sociopaths, psychopaths etc) systematically destroyed individuals lives and support mechanism in order to get the person to commit suicide. Law enforcement agencies around the world however think it is too hard to prosecute allowing these cluster B personalities to reoffend sometimes repeatedly.
This is a form of murder and needs to be treated as such.

Anonymous said...

christians terrorists are behind gang stalking.

Anonymous said...

christians suffer a brain disease which makes them participate in gangstalking. If a christian is caught engaging in acts of terrorism. They will be deported.