Monday, October 4, 2010

Austin Example Of Gang Stalking

In the previous post, I tried to give a broad overview of what’s been done and continues to be done to my children and me. (Obviously I’ve had to leave out a lot, since my narrative covers such a long period of time and these events occur constantly/daily.)

Now I’d like to post a similar account that formed the basis for another blog on the subject of gang stalking for your consideration. You should be aware that victims like myself and this incredibly strong and brave woman are being urged by victims’ rights groups, legitimate law enforcement personnel, support organizations, frightened journalists, and others who are seriously and rightfully concerned about what’s going on to share our stories and blog about our experiences on the Internet because mainstream media either can’t or won’t expose it.

As a result, you’ll find many, many very painful and personal accounts posted by victims of gang stalking on the web. Out of the large number of potential choices, I’m picking this particular account to discuss here for very important reasons. Of course the most obvious of these is location; the most serious portions of this woman’s victimization took place nearby us in Austin. Other similarities to our case are the clear involvement of law enforcement officers and medical personnel, the shocking betrayals by people considered longtime friends, and the way the abusive and criminal acts continued unabated when the victim moved to other locations. My now-adult children tell me this account agrees well with other things they have observed and heard about from the Austin area (and our own). Also, one of our abusers, a man we knew only as “Paul” who wore a large U. Texas ring, drove a dark gray Ford Explorer, and supposedly worked for Diop Kamau, claimed to be from Austin.

However, it’s actually more for the striking differences from our case that I’m choosing to discuss this particular example. Most of the main informational websites on gang stalking talk about its origin in CIA and other secretive mind-control programs. This victim’s intimate descriptions of some of the things that were done to her are far too detailed and consistent to be imaginary and, like our case, contain details that can be verified by independent researchers. The repeated drugging, rape, and hypnotic suggestions this woman was subjected to were clearly designed to try and break down her defenses and her personality. This was followed by a deliberately designed and willfully executed attempt to convince the woman to kill herself that is shockingly and cold-bloodedly evil—there’s no other possible way to describe it.

Thankfully and blessedly, the woman survived these attacks and others that followed (at least as far as I know). But her case begs questions about how many other attacks like this have been carried out—and how many have resulted in the deaths of the victims. This gives a whole new and deeply disturbing dimension to the descriptions of gang-stalking victims as “targeted individuals”.

Now let’s take all of this one step further with a hypothetical question. If a clearly abusive and well-connected person wanted to first publically humiliate and then torture and murder their significant other but knew they’d be the primary suspect, what do you think they might do, especially if they were also anxious to instill public fear and consolidate local control of the population? And then there’s the obvious corollary: maybe the significant others of more victims like those whose cases I’ve posted here (and another particular one I haven’t yet posted) should be looked at more closely by high-level law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

Mary Lou has found an equally looney friend. Hint: move in with her!

Anonymous said...

you idiot this is a paranoid schizophrenic writing

Anonymous said...

When I was an undergrad in college I studied applied psychology. I now have a master's degree. And all I can say is that Austin, Texas seems to generate and attract a lot of sociopaths. They aren't the Ted Bundy breed of sociopath.They are the pretentious, cold, manipulative, spiteful, covert, passive-aggressive, clever, and intellectual types who have no problems participating in gang stalking or mobbing. It's a thrill for them. If money is involved. Then life is even better. I lived in Austin, Texas for one year. It's a horrible city. Despite protestations that it's the most liberal city in Texas I've found Austin to be one of the most backward and antiquate cities in the USA. Groupthink is the norm. And the people are very homophobic, racist, and very chauvinistic, all of which are the antithesis to liberalism. You rarely see individualism. You will far more often observe groupthink, circular reasoning, and an emphasis on team mentality and group dependency. Group polarization comes into effect at the point that mobbing and gang stalking have started (e.g., the group's decisions are far more extreme than an individual's behaviors would be in the same circumstance.)

ML said...

It's more than a little ironic (or coincidental?) that Austin also happens to be the national headquarters for the National Domestic Violence Hotline. No wonder people can't get the help they need!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that one of the people who was involved in the malicious persecution campaign against me was also from Austin.

ML said...

I used this example because Austin is such a hotbed of this kind of criminal activity. I believe I've shown some important reasons for this elsewhere in this blog. For example, Austin is located in close proximity to a number of the German-American towns discussed it the post entitled "Empire Builders". Also, a number of major high-level political figures have close ties to the area: the Bushes, Karl Rove (voting residence in Ingram), Tom Loeffler, and more. Like the Sannibel Island area of Florida, a lot of federal employees (think CIA) retire here.

Anonymous said...

Gang stalking is still alive and thriving in Austin, Texas and the surrounding counties. Local cops have access to high tech toys from DOJ through the fusion centers. They use it for stalking, robberies, rape, extortion, illegal arrests using "wall off".

Jeffrey A. Tvede said...

I am being gang stalked
and watchef every night in my bedroom I listen to these people mumbling in the background , usually the same three voices inside my home inside my bedroom I know there hidden cameras inside my home I cant find them
I am working class and I don't have the resources to fight them
They use Facebook as a means to send out instant notifications to everyone who is a friend to them
This is Textbook isolatioism.
They intercept all calls texts and current mobile web sites in real time.
Every App is Hacked.
Even Google driving directions ca be changed remotely while in route.
Please this has gone on for three years and at first i thought it was voyueism. But I haveread this outline in the following hyperlin
Is Exactly what is happening to me

Its a small read
But this is exactly whats been happening for over two to three years

Please just read the first couple paragraphs

I cant get work
I am dying.
This is very very real
while they eat great and drive new cars.

Can anyone please help
A short discovery from previous attempts for employment medical and social contacts should reveal
a third party using a profeBecausessioal and respected title to isolate me.
Slandering any effort toaccomplish anything.

These people are professional and sound credible to everyone.
Because I can stary a great relationship (work social .medical) then its Im sorry I cant talk to you or I cannot help you in Austin Tx
I love Amwrica the Land of the Free and Home of the Brave but this is not America here

Anonymous said...

Don't one of the carjackers in Midtholian Walmart Easter resemble the murderer @ Church of Christ?

Anonymous said...

I live in Austin Texas I can honestly say that I have suffered out here more than any other place I have lived. Gang Stalking that I have experienced has been bad I was followed downtown during rush hour traffic and the same car followed me home 10 hour later 20 miles away from downtown. I started to suffer from chest pains due to the harassment. At first I thought I was dealing with a foreign or local domestic terrorist group but no its local citizens that are involved.

Anonymous said...

Pains? its a small RFID tag that looks like a tiny dot on clothes or skin.

Voices? not your neighbors, they flik RFID tags all over you and zero in on your head with accoustic device. Its always same voices cursing, cheering or acting shocked.

Foot tingle? thats the metal they are vibrating or pushing with microwaves into your flesh. Its thread like.

Goal. to weaken nervouse system and turn you into apathetic hopeless victim. then they bribe you into doing their work or they will eject metal shrapnel inside you thru body thus killing you internqally.

Sick fuckers. Evil gameplan. most stalkers are victims turned captor. dont give up. fight back.

water pipes underground. AC ducts and tubing. See anyone with lots of PBC pipe in huge truck? they were probobly piping it under your home from a few houses away.

these are only a few ways to prevent pain and understand situation. ultimately more of us need to cllect evidence, write FBI ( avoid local police ) Homeland Security might be hungry for a homeland terrorism case.

Articualte your situation with facts and evidence.

-Pest control termite electricution devices and tubing
-door frame trimwork has grey lines orbulging tube like threads
-floor is going thump thump thump ( remote microwave pulse or underground water pipe PBC pipe device )
-outside, check painful area for dots. RFIDs. until it stops. There is most likely a car or truck with the liscence plate numbers that start with GGG also alot of their window stickers are from November. as in 11.
you will be hit by people or devices all day, they can afford this level of being an annoying asshole.
-have faith
-my thumbs get hit alot, so i point them in direction of pain and it always intensifys when i zero in on the perps empty parked truck or SUV. if foot and thumb hurt i triangulate direction.
-these people are a mix of country trash hispanics and whites. Playa p[laya black folks. College aged snot nosed self entitled types. in other words, they are not very smart, they just know how to use equiptment. they can be fooled and tricked to giving themselves away very easily.

Whose in control? I dont know, but if its "you" reading this, you picked the wrong goddamn target buddy. Last warning. leave town before more of us expose all of you.


Anonymous said...

My problems started after me and two other roommates were asked to leave the home we were renting from so the landlord could sell it. We plaid all kinds of jokes on realtors to make it not sell so we could stay longer. Then he got this new agent and thats when i noticed and remember the first signs. Another roommate was also suffering symptoms of paranioa and sleeplessness. It took a while for it ro move to me, the last month I remember this vapor myst then i would get ultra paranoid so one night when it was me and the last roommate left holding out, i went nutty and told the cops my roommate was trying to get in thru my window or someone else was. another night i heard bump bump bump sounds on side of my wall towards outside of house and i was on 2nd floor. So i snuck out and found him kneeling by my window on a ledge with a hose of some kind. nights prior i complained to several people a strange gas was coming out from floor. no oine believed me. he was from a very wealthy oil connected family. most roommates over the years were from oil families. he was apperently an heir. one night i caught one of his many girl friends sneaking below me in garage doing something under my floor. when i caught her running from garage she irked away siolkently to his room. ive noticed alot of self entitle 20 somethings participating in this so the theory that this could be realtors, oil money and prejudice assholes in general all with some connecting factor. do they scare of renters? do they gamble to the black markets? is this for sick unrealistic high society fun? from the cars ive seen these are people of above modest means but not entirely well put together. they are well organised with good technology but also in their size comes clumsiness and whistle blowers. i know these things, phone apps are used. google micro air dart guns, actors are paid to play crazy or neurotic idiots who plant suggested ideas they want you to feel ( childish psychology ). They do use microwave devices of some sort. water PCB pipes are used, sprinkler systems and sewage. If more then one body part ache when alone try to position them in manners that align to point you suspect and if they all intensify in one particualr way that points the way. A garage awning pole, A stair well pipe or backyard railing, yes, they are small enough to push thru railings , some floors un-aided without PCB pipe or holes bored very very long thru long long pieces of wood. i think they are automated. I have heard air generators and small motors in the past within walls. I also cut a hole in apartment ceiling and saw in distance an air hose in a spindle connected to some type of railing system. i suspect to raise and lower hose automated. remotely. i suspect fake accoustics are broadcast of nearby neighbors and they have wzays to bounce your seat or floor where you are standing. I have been hit with air darts and microwave projectiles that pierce deep into skin and they fire back out which causes second wound. my family and friends have been informed to have me checked for specific wounds and for them to investigate key items i described above.

these are self entotled retired veterans with contractor companies and a new generation of self entitled 'jetsters'.

now you know.


Anonymous said...

Hi Tech Gamblers Pinging You for Money

Noticed them putting in more PBC pipe or repairing the pipes they broke.

Contractors always run off and try not to be seen.

I get an electrical jolt from floor up. As though they are honing in on a small reciever somewhere on my body.

I suspect between thumb and fingers, ears, ear lobes, behind ears, palms of feet, various parts of body a reciever is flung to.

I thought it might be microwaves, and it may be at times, buyt they also use high pitch squelches and this thumping effect.

If you also notice people following you or you get dizzy and overwhelmed at a public place its probobly the players trying to hurt you for money, I suspect.

Do your best to ignore them. Get a microscope. Look for tiny tiny black dots, your also probobly being sprayed by a wall robot inside frame that will move position.

Dont dig in walls. That makes them laugh.

I.D the tiny implants first.

Perps most often carry a bag that appears heavy.

I have seen black specs hit wall then from the wall they hit , fly back in other direction.

Could be radio propolsion or miscrowave. Maybe a Sonic blast which would explain heavy shoe box sized bags. A sonar ping box is heavy and bulky.

Also floor seems to electrify and wire of some kind pushed upward into foot. My ankles are bruised looking.

Perps are most often white people in nice cars with vanity plates.

They hire other poor folk to do their dirty work.

Hope this helps.