Friday, October 22, 2010

Conspiracy Theory

My children who were at home and I watched most of the episodes of the first season of Jesse Ventura's new show called "Conspiracy Theory" on TRU-TV. We found it educational, informative, and thought-provoking, although there were times when we wondered about its accuracy.

Last week we watched the first episode of the show's new season on Plum Island and were surprised to discover we already knew a little about it without realizing it. As soon as Gov. Ventura mentioned the possible relocation of the Plum Island facility to a site in Kansas, we suddenly realized it was the same "federal biologic research laboratory" San Antonio had been aggressively competing with Kansas for as reported in the San Antonio Express-News. In fact, when the relocation of this lab was finally awarded to the Kansas site over San Antonio, the people behind San Antonio's failed bid filed a lawsuit alleging that the bidding process hadn't been conducted properly and that the Kansas site was inherently unsafe due to frequent tornadoes.

We never heard any mention on the show about the San Antonio connection or the lawsuit. We also noticed that there was no mention on the show about the fact that Central Texas has been the home of another federal biologic research facility for many years. This facility, which is located just outside of Kerrville near I-10, is an insect study laboratory. Coincidentally, a recent article in the Kerrville Daily Times discussed new plans for a major expansion of this lab that involves potentially moving it to a larger site in the Kerrville area.

Regarding the "Big Brother" episode, I can absolutely believe the FBI is involved in illegal surveillance and stalking. I've personally seen people I knew had FBI connections following me around at times. These are people with ties to active agents, by the way, not the retired ones who defrauded me and still stalk me periodically.

A final note to Gov. Ventura concerning the unusual-looking human body he and his associates said had washed ashore near Plum Island: it's hard to believe this was real (especially so close to Halloween!), but he might want to do some research on Marfan's Syndrome. If legitimate, the extremely long fingers said to be present on this body might possibly be an indication that someone was using genetics to selectively breed for high intelligence. (We are only talking theories here, right?)

Anyway, we're looking forward to seeing the rest of the series. Whether you believe all of it, parts of it, or none of it, it's certain to provoke discussion.

Here's an update on the biolab that just came out.

And this:

Update, 12/10: The sign along Hwy 16 at the entrance to the federal insect study lab mentioned above has now been removed. The site of this lab is just north of I-10, in the valley about half-way between the new 70-foot high skeletal iron cross and the large sculpture of a mechanical deer (a local symbol) crushing a car.


Anonymous said...

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ML said...

The above is utterly ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

It's apparent to me that coward Anonymous above is afraid of what ML seem to be exposing here. Otherwise he wouldn't be trying so very hard to discredit her. His various statements certainly do not indicate to me that he is very stable. It appears that he is trying anything and everything. I hope that he gets help before he hurts himself or others. If anyone out there knows him, please contact officals and have him Baker Acted. Snow8bear

Anonymous said...

I definitely agree with Snow8bear's assessment of Anonymouse's behavior.

And to make matters even worse he's the most witless troll I've ever come across.

There should be a law against that.


Anonymous said...

so your kids are paranoid jackasses too ? To bad Steve did not raise them or they might be normal ,or are you forcing them to watch the C-grade pile of crap show. It has been proven that Tru-Tv ,the network that carries the show fabricates about 90% of its programs. And so you know Jesse Ventura was a steroid freak who was a wrestler before a bunch of retards from and kooky state elected him Governor . Most steroid abusers suffer from paranoia and other problems. So your mentioning the show just proves you are an idiot who fried her brain on drugs years ago.

Anonymous said...

akasolia here, there are negative comments that seem to be put on every blog of yours, must mean 'keep up the good work'