Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What You Can Do

For over 11 years now, I've been asking people and organizations for help. The responses I've received to these requests number in the thousands, and they are always the same: either they can't help, they won't help, they will help but only on their terms (which usually means victimizing us further), they dump me on someone else, they simply don't bother to respond at all, or they respond with even more harassment. In fact, I have actual examples of each of these types of responses to my requests for help already posted on this blog. (I'll let you find them. It won't take you long.)

Recently, however, I received a single response that was unique. It basically said, "I've been reading your blog. Your situation is frightening. The comments people are leaving are awful. What can I do to help you?" There were no conditions or gimmicks with this offer--it was simply one person caring enough about another to share some kind words of support and extend a hand. I was deeply moved.

Unfortunately, at the time I first saw this, I was also very tired and stressed-out from having to deal with several other situations that were not nearly as uplifting. I fired off a quick reply in which I thanked the person and offered up the first couple of suggestions that came to mind.

Later when things were quieter, however, I started to meditate on the frankly miraculous offer I'd received--how it was that one person out of literally thousands had had both enough empathy for us and enough courage (because, realistically, certain aspects of our situation are scary; see for example some of the threats against me in some of the comments elsewhere) to take action. I was and still am humbled and amazed and grateful.

At the same time, I realized I'd done a lousy job of responding to the offer. Because both our specific situation and what I've been learning about the situation in general have been escalating so seriously and so rapidly over the last few years, and also because no other meaningful offers of assistance have come in, I simply haven't taken much time to sit down and reflect about what specific kinds of assistance would be most effective. In fact, the last time I remember doing anything like this was the last time someone else cared enough to actually reach out to me, which was to urge me to start this blog about what was going on here because they believed exposing the truth would probably be the best way for us to get much-needed assistance. This is what eventually let to what you are now reading, although I confess it took me several months to work up enough courage to start it (and I am very much afraid the person who suggested it may have been retaliated against).

Of course I have some definite ideas about ways people can help both us and other victims. Right now, probably the most important and effective thing you can do is to simply tell as many people as possible what is going on here in Central Texas and elsewhere, because knowledge and truth are very powerful agents of change. Spread the word about this blog. Talk to people about the information and the documentation posted here, and make it clear to them as you do so that the criminal and immoral acts being perpetrated are not acceptable in any civilized society, much less in a country where individuals supposedly have basic civil and constitutional rights.

Once people have used this blog to educate themselves on the wrongs being committed, it's essential that they let their elected officials know in no uncertain terms that they 1) are aware of what's going on, and 2) insist it be stopped as quickly as possible. It only takes a few minutes to send an email or a brief letter to the White House, the Office of the Vice President, the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA, for example. Specifically, tell them you're aware people's basic rights to privacy, proper legal representation, proper treatment by elected and public officials, protection by (and from!) law enforcement, protection from illegal incarceration and involuntary commitment, and more are being blatantly violated on a wholesale basis here. Make it clear to our governmental leaders that federal surveillance and other equipment MUST be fully accounted for at all times and that misuse of it will not be tolerated. Also make it clear that illegal targeting of individuals for gang/organized stalking, torture, and death is an abomination that cannot be tolerated in America (or anywhere else!). Be sure to let these officials know you are fully aware that right-wing political extremists and international multi-billion-dollar corporations and powerful families are behind this and that you are absolutely opposed to letting them run or influence the government of our country. Finally, let officials know you are aware of the extensive corruption that already exists within law enforcement, the legal/judicial system, and the military and that you also know the media is deliberately concealing the extent of this. NONE of this is acceptable in a supposedly free country, and it has ALREADY reached levels that border on third-world status in the U.S. Then start sending out the same kinds of emails and letters to every media contact and outlet you can think of.

The other critically important things you can do to help in general are to VOTE and VOTE RESPONSIBLY. This means not being lazy: too lazy to go to the polls, too lazy to properly research the candidates, or too lazy to insist on quality candidates. (The corollary to this is that quality candidates must step up and run for office so responsible voters have good choices.) To paraphrase T. R. Fehrenbach, people end up with the kind of government they deserve.

There are also smaller but important things you can do to help on a daily basis. Make truthfulness, morality, ethics, and respect for others high priorities in your life. Don't use, participate in, or tolerate hate speech, prejudice, bullying, harassment, or stalking. According to AC360, about one-third of people who witness these look the other way instead of doing anything to stop them (and I suspect this figure is too low), yet doing nothing has the same result as making a conscious decision to let them continue. Also be aware these are more ADULT problems than children's problems. (Guess where the children learn them??) Finally, do a reality check on your use or misuse of drugs, both illegal and prescription. I'm sure by now you understand that by buying these, you're supporting violence and corruption in Mexico and elsewhere, but please also be aware that you're supporting it in the U.S. as well.

As far as specifically helping my children and me, we STILL need proper legal help and representation. I've been constantly searching for this for eleven years now without success and have in fact been cheated and conned horribly by more attorneys than I can count. My ex-husband openly brags that he and his associates can either "get to" any attorney I try to hire or bankrupt me with excessive legal fees, since our adversaries have unlimited legal and financial resources, so I've been advised to seek pro bono help but have been unable to find this. The legal situation my children and I are currently facing is dire, and the way we are being denied proper representation is a blatant violation of our civil rights, but the DOJ has repeatedly refused to do anything. We also need relief from the gang stalking, illegal surveillance, and financial crimes committed against us on a daily basis.

As more issues emerge, I'll try to add them to this post, so you might want to check here periodically. For example, I could use some assistance from a legitimate investigator somewhere in trying to identify who was using an older blue sedan (a Ford, I think?) with Texas plates DXH-192 [note: plates around here do not always match the vehicle they're on] that was parked directly in front of the fire hydrant by our driveway when I came back from walking my dog last night. It was still there several hours later when trespassers from it were running repeatedly across our front yard yelling in the dark and a red car I've seen parked at my ex-husband's office many times drove down in our yard with its headlights off. These people all ran for their vehicles and sped off when my oldest child and I finally decided to go out and film them prior to calling the police, even though the police never do anything.


Medawar said...

No, anonymous, she is not a pathological liar.

Her story is remarkably consistent with other female stalking victims from the Southern United States.

The pattern seems to be, that vindictive ex-husband joins a stalking group to help him "deal with" an ex-wife (or ex-business partner) and the price of this is that he will help stalk other people's wives, business rivals, state witnesses, policemen, as well.

The moment someone joins a group like this, "for a better life" of to make someone else's life a great deal worse, the group owns their life, their career, all their assets and even their children. And there is no limit to the abuse that the joiner can then be made to comply with, even against people he would like to protect.

Stalking gangs are part of the organized crime pyramid, and only those at the very top derive any profit from this, and even they live in constant fear of being toppled. look over your shoulder, boy: one of your "friends" will always be there, just a few steps behind.

Anonymous said...

why don't you go to her house and help take pictures that she just can't seem to take in time. idiot.

Anonymous said...

Dear Medawar you know-it-all pice of *hit: Mary Lou is an evil lying jerk, not any incident at all has ever happened as she described it. Since you are so damn sure, why don't you go document even one of these events.

Until then eat @hit and die just like your psycho friend.

Anonymous said...

Hey Medawar: where are the blurry pictures? You ara a class A fool for falling for Mary Lou's line.

Let's see some evidence, either put-up or shut up. You are letting this psychotic bitch steal from people whe may truly be harrassed.

Anonymous said...

who is the bigger assshole, Medawar or Mary Lou?

Anonymous said...

I've been stalked by the same network....also cartel ties ....they started showing up to...these people claim to be christian/politicos.......gang stalked me vehicles/work on the phone call-ins death threats etc. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Also they are using non profits and lawyer to break in vehicle he had look out in uniform....ties to adoption agencies/foster care nonprofits laundering etc. Delay tip of iceberg!!! They gang stalk follow get information on you incorporate it in calls if you work somewhere they show up in person or on phone and play pschological games they have Psychiatrist helping them like psyops...ties to state contracts etc.