Monday, October 11, 2010

Gang Stalking And Diop Kamau

I need to start this post by providing some background information for the benefit of those who are not regular readers of this blog; I ask that the rest of you please bear with me.

Long before I knew what gang/organized stalking was, I was aware that my children and I were the victims of severe harassment involving local law enforcement officers, all of whom were close associates of my ex-husband’s. In particular, the local chief of police happened to be one of my ex-husband’s and his brother’s closest lifelong friends. Also, I’d heard various rumors for many years about the police chief’s possible involvement in the violent death of my ex-husband’s teenaged sister back in 1973 and/or a possible cover-up related to it.

During the summer of 2006, incidents of harassment directed at my children and me had been increasing in number and severity. There had also been increasing signs these incidents were being facilitated by the use of illegal surveillance involving local police. My complaints to the FBI and U.S. DOJ had been ignored, and I was desperate to find us some relief and protection, especially since a few of the stalking incidents had also involved the two former federal agents who had defrauded me.

One night at the end of August while I was doing some Internet research into resources for victims of corrupt law enforcement, I came across a link to the Police Complaint Center (PCC) at on a respected law enforcement website. I clicked on this link and was taken to the PCC’s website where I read about their Emmy award-winning investigations of police corruption from around the country. I also read about the founder of the PCC, Diop Kamau, a former L.A.-area police officer.

I was impressed by what I read on the PCC website and the fact that the PCC had been recommended by a law enforcement site I respected, so I immediately filled out the PCC’s webform and submitted a formal complaint against local law enforcement that explained our circumstances. I also mailed the PCC copies of sample written documentation of our case.

Diop Kamau called me to say he’d looked into our situation and felt his company could help us file and document complaints in ways that would get results, such as filming me as I went to the station to file them and getting police responses on videotape that could be provided to local media if necessary. However, he said we needed help beyond what his tax-free organization could provide and said I’d need to pay travel expenses for anyone he’d send to help us. He also felt it would be necessary to secure our house and property thoroughly before any complaints were filed because he believed I’d be retaliated against and wanted to be able to collect evidence of this for a possible court case. He faxed me a contract and invoice for what he believed we needed, and I decided to hire him.

This was followed by months of Kamau’s saying I needed to purchase all sorts of expensive goods and services “in his professional opinion”. He also repeatedly warned me that we were in a great deal of physical danger and that he could not be responsible for anything that happened to us if I did not take his advice and purchase what he advised, which was very frightening. I trusted Kamau and dutifully did all that he asked, but gradually I began to realize I hadn’t actually received anything I’d paid for. Worse, the harassment by law enforcement officers, city workers, and others seemed to be getting worse instead of better.

Eventually, I discovered I’d been conned by Kamau and various associates of his. I confronted Kamau and fired him, at which point he and a man who worked for him named Greg Slate began to seriously threaten, libel, and cyberharass me. I immediately too copies of all the documents from my case down to the FBI office in San Antonio, but the agent I met with flatly refused to do anything to help me and would not even look at the documentation I’d brought, even though my case against Kamau was clearly federal (crossed state lines, involved loss of large sums of money, involved corrupt law enforcement, involved wire and mail fraud, and more).

The FBI agent advised me to hire a lawyer and sue Kamau, but I was unable to find anyone willing to take the case. Even legal assistance organizations flatly refused to get involved. Gradually, it became clear that, as with the other aspects of our case, I would not be able to find proper legal representation for this matter, either.

I was angry and appalled and anxious to keep others from being defrauded by Kamau, so I began filing complaints with the FTC, iC3, the state of Florida (where Kamau held a private investigator’s license), the Washington, D.C. OAG, and even our local D.A.’s office. ALL of these completely ignored my complaint, despite my providing detailed documentation of what had been done to me.

As soon as I started filing these complaints, Greg Slate (who’d been to our house several times, supposedly to install security equipment) began openly stalking us. It was clear he had access to illegal surveillance of us when he did this, because he always knew when we were leaving, where we were going, etc. At the same time, Kamau began trying to extort more money from me and threatening an illegal invasion of our home by the local police—the same ones he’d been hired to protect us from. Another employee of Kamau’s named Rob Jones emailed me back a copy of my private fax to an attorney just to let me know he’d illegally obtained it—and then sent me a death threat when I complained to the Texas Rangers, FBI, and DOJ. To my shock and horror, NONE of these agencies took any action at all.

Frightened and frustrated, I began appealing to various private organizations and agencies for help. When all of these also refused to do anything, I began posting some of the more shocking aspects of our situation online. Doing this escalated the stalking, harassment, and cyber harassment of us by Kamau, his associates, local law enforcement, and others, but it also resulted in other people who’d been seriously victimized by Kamau and various people working with him contacting me from all over the U.S. Many of their stories and documentation were strikingly similar to mine.

I began to correspond with some of the other PCC victims, and we began sharing our information on filing complaints, trying to hire lawyers or find organizations to help us, etc. As these other victims and I compared notes and information, it gradually became painfully clear that, for whatever reason, NO ONE was willing to do anything whatsoever to either help any of us in any meaningful way or stop Kamau and company from victimizing others.

I simply could not understand this total lack of response. Desperate to warn people about Kamau and the PCC, try to attract a lawyer into taking my case and possibly filing a class action lawsuit against Kamau and others, and hopefully shaming law enforcement into investigating and prosecuting Kamau, I made the difficult decision to post all of the significant documentation of my case against Kamau online at You can go there today and read the entire case for yourself. (For maximum shock value, I recommend starting at the beginning of the blog and looking at the documents in chronologic order.)

When even posting my case did not result in any relief of any kind for myself or other victims, it became clear that Kamau and his associates were benefiting from the same kind of extremely high-level and powerful protection others who blatantly victimize us enjoy. Since learning about gang stalking in recent weeks, and especially who’s behind much of it, it’s become obvious Kamau and his associates have close ties to these people.

My fellow victims and I have been fairly successful in warning people about Kamau and the PCC online and trying to prevent them from becoming new fraud victims of the PCC, despite experiencing severe cyber harassment, identity theft, libel, and defamation committed against us by Kamau. Kamau finally lost his Florida p.i. license, and Greg Slate was charged (but never even arrested, much less convicted) of impersonating a licensed private investigator in Florida. More recently, Kamau has taken steps to make it appear he’s having financial problems, probably to try and prevent lawsuits against him. However, he is still operating his website and several others (although I believe is now gone).

With what I’ve been learning recently, I now believe Kamau has been working for gang/organized stalking groups for some time to “supplement his income” and currently is probably working for these groups more or less fulltime. It appears he was already well-known to the people gang-stalking us at the time I hired him, as one person who left a comment elsewhere on this blog even admitted. As explained here earlier in “Gang Stalking Summary”, these groups are known to make extensive use of illegal surveillance to facilitate their stalking. On one of his websites, Diop Kamau even discussed the fact that Greg Slate has access to and frequently usese very sophisticated electronic surveillance equipment. While Kamau has been going to great lengths on the Internet recently to try and distance himself from Slate, all indications are that they actually continue to work together closely.

Judging by other information on them that has turned up on the Internet (some of which is also posted at my kamaudocs site), Kamau, Slate, and other associates of theirs appear to in fact be career criminals. Kamau even supposedly changed his name from Don Jackson in an effort to try and escape criminal charges and a criminal record in the past. All of these people continue to blatantly victimize innocent people in various ways while enjoying complete protection from law enforcement and the legal system because of whom they know and who they work for (see “Political Aspects Of Gang Stalking”). This is simply not acceptable in a supposedly free society where citizens expect to have basic civil and constitutional rights to things like privacy, proper legal representation, protection by (and from!) law enforcement, and proper treatment by public and elected officials.


Anonymous said...

You are the slimiest, lying piece of *hit if have ever seen. You are a filthy ugly ass*ole jerk and you WILL pay for your lies.

Anonymous said...

Stalkers lie and try to discredit the victim. See above threat.

Anonymous said...

Please watch my 19-minute video about the gang stalking I'm forced to endure:

Please consider linking to it if you see fit.

Keep up your great work!

Anonymous said...

Geez they are stalking her look at the comment....they exposed themselves they must be doing it to others too.

Anonymous said...

Best to stop complaining about gang stalking because there is nothing you can do about it. Nothing. I have tried everything and done everything. Most of the stories I read on the Internet lack any kind of viability. It depends who is doing the targeting. Personally I have had the police engage openly in the targeting and their was nothing I could do. If your targeting is that bad, well, overdose. That is the only way to get out of it. You can die out of it. Thank god for that! Accepting that, stop complaining.

ML said...

Anyone who doesn't think gang/organized stalking is a very serious problem need only read the comment immediately above this one.

I consider this attempted murder, and I'm submitting this to law enforcement.

The comment above illustrates very nicely the fact that it's the stalkers who are mentally ill, not their victims. No normal person would ever try to get someone to kill themselves! This also shows the links between stalking and homicide that are known to exist.

Anonymous said...

About five or six months ago I filed a complaint with PCC. Shortly after I received an email saying that I had a case. Then nothing. I called back many times and all attempts were ignored. I was going to try one more time when I found your blog. You have saved me from, I am sure, considerable trouble, and I feel very grateful for this 'heads up'. One of the worst aspects of this crime is the inablity to trust, even with several Emmys and an official website. Just letting you know that your unselfish action is a Godsend. Thank you so much.

ML said...

Your kind words are much-appreciated!

Please help me get the word out about Kamau and the PCC and get their con game shut down by reading and signing the petition I've posted at

To read more about what I'm trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

Then get as many others as possible to do the same!

Anonymous said...

Don Jackson is a one hit band. He cites awards, but none since many of our military finest have been born. Bless his heart - he's running out of things to post.

Anonymous said...

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