Saturday, October 2, 2010

Gang Stalking 101

If you're like me, you're probably tired of and depressed by all the information on suspicious deaths I've been posting here lately. Please understand that my doing this is extremely necessary, though, in order to try and document how bad things are here and how little hope of obtaining justice there currently is for loved ones of victims. Hopefully, giving the situation wider public exposure will shock and alarm people into taking action to fix what's wrong.

I believe all this information on suspicious deaths also makes an effective lead-in to my next topic for serious discussion, although you probably won't understand the links until after I've logged a few more posts here. Be patient with me, because it's worth the wait.

October is National Stalking Awareness Month--a fitting time to be educating people on the growing horror that is gang stalking. Also known by a number of other names as listed on the "handouts" I'm providing here (borrowed from the other sites credited), it is criminal stalking on steroids, performed by organized groups working in systematic ways under centralized leadership that is specifically designed to target certain individuals. These stalkers are not generally members of the street gangs one usually thinks of but are well-organized groups of "regular people" who are recruited specifically for the purpose of stalking and harassing targeted individuals (TIs). As the "Stop Gang Stalking Flyer" points out, it's carried out by right-wing hate-extremist groups. And as Eleanor White's fine summary of expert-in-the-field David Lawson's books mentions, gang stalking is a relatively new type of crime few people currently know about or understand. It's time to change this!

As this post is intended to be an introduction to the subject of gang stalking, I'll start by posting these basic "handouts" from the experts and let you read them for yourself rather than repeating material. There are a few important additional points from other sites that need to be added here. For example, other experts on gang stalking report that victims' medical records and law enforcement files are illegally tagged of flagged with lies that cause targeted individuals very serious problems. Also, some victims are attacked physically with sophisticated equipment like focused microwaves or radiation, drugs, and more.

PLEASE take the time to read through these handouts carefully. They form the starting point for the next series of posts of mine, and they contain a TREMENDOUS amount of very important information. [VERY important update!: I joined the Yahoo multistalk forum listed as a resource below because I believed it was a victims' support group; it's NOT. I don't know whether it's always been this way or was taken over at some point, but it's definitely run and moderated by stalkers. They even sent me comments showing they had access to our private moments inside our house within a few hours of my joining their forum! Since then, they continue to fill up my email with tons of junk and harassment proving they also have access to my computer. If you are a victim, stay away from this particular forum! I haven't had a chance to check out many of the other resources listed yet, so you're on your own with them, and let me know right away here about any other bad experiences with them.]

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