Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Diop Kamau And Pre-Paid Legal Services

Another reason I hired Diop Kamau in 2006 and 2007 as explained in the previous post was because his website stated that his company, The Police Complaint Center (PCC), helped victims of police misconduct find attorneys that were experienced at handling these types of cases. As detailed in "My Story" at the very beginning of this blog, finding proper legal representation for myself and my children had been a constant and severe problem ever since my husband suddenly left in 1999. At the time I hired Kamau, I'd already been outrageously conned and misrepresented by every lawyer I'd hired up to that time, and the State Bar of Texas had flatly refused to do anything about this. Earlier in 2006, I'd hired a new lawyer recommended by a well-known San Antonio document examiner with FBI ties (see "She Said", posted earlier), but I'd already wondered about some of the things this new lawyer had done and hadn't done. As I explained to Kamau, not knowing much about legal matters, I wanted a second opinion from his attorneys on whether we were being properly represented this time (see Doc.1 below).

On 2/27/07, I received a large packet of legal information in the mail from a company I'd never heard of called "Pre-Paid Legal Services". This packet contained a spiral-bound booklet containing a fill-in-the-blanks-type document to be sent back in for the making of a will and information on a "legal membership" that had been purchased by someone in my name (Doc. 2).

I knew nothing about this membership or who had purchased it, and I was alarmed by the fact that it contained implements for making a will and also that the envelope it came in had been originally addressed to my ex-husband's office; someone had then crossed out his address with a black marker, written in my address instead, and forwarded it to me. I immediately faxed Kamau a copy of this envelope and asked him if he knew what it was (Doc. 3). When I didn't hear anything back from Kamau right away, I also emailed him about the matter (Doc. 4, bottom). He replied that he didn't know anything about it and considered it a "security breach" (Doc. 4, top). He also said it indicated our house was bugged, and he began insisting that I purchase more services from his company (Doc. 5). Eventually, he emailed me that it was his own computer that had been hacked somehow in order to purchase the legal membership in my name but without my knowledge (Doc. 6).

After I discovered Kamau had conned and defrauded me and fired him at the end of June 2007. I contacted Pre-Paid Legal Services to cancel this membership (Docs. 7, 8, and 9). I also called their customer service line and spoke with a representative named Pam. She told me the membership had been purchased by someone named Diop Kamau from Florida using my name and my social security number (which I'd never given him). The membership had been paid for by a Bank of America account I knew nothing about. (Pam did give me the number of this account.) The notes I took during this and several other calls I made trying to obtain information are shown as Doc. 10 below. I followed up with Pre-Paid Legal a couple weeks later when I still hadn't received forms they'd said they'd be sending me (Doc. 11) and received an emailed response only (Doc. 12).

Later, I discovered Kamau was actually a commissioned sales agent for Pre-Paid Legal (Doc. 13), a fact he'd never disclosed to me. More recently, I found information elsewhere on the Internet saying Pre-Paid Legal Services is the subject of a federal and also various state fraud investigations (Doc. 14).


Anonymous said...

I can not speak for anyone else's experience. However; I had a small problem, which was actually mistaken identity and the problem was resolved. In my case the law enforcement agencies were involved and the case was resolved quickly. What I thought was a problem with local law enforcement was not, and through a general meeting of the minds, the case was resolved. I am HAPPY with Mr. Kamau,, and my local law enforcement agencies. Everything worked out PERFECTLY!

Again, this is MY experience and was a pleasant one.

Just my two cents.

Thank you.

Very Sincerely,

Topeka, Kansas :)

ML said...

The experiences you relate here are completely at odds with those of everyone else on the Internet except for pieces written by Kamau and his associates, a group I strongly suspect you of belonging to.

In which case, I doubt I can persuade you to change your mind, but I'll attempt to do so anyway, mainly for the benefit of other readers. First, please reread the next-to-last document posted above.

Next, please go to the 11/27/10 post at this blog entitled "Reporting Police Corruption In The U.S." and read it carefully.

Finally, please go to and take a careful look at the case documents posted there that prove criminal fraud, criminal conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud, and more.

I have copies of formal complaints filed against Kamau from all over the U.S., and I believe I even have one or two from Topeka. When I find the time to dig them out, I'll post them for you at the kamaudocs site.