Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Political Aspects Of Gang Stalking

It’s been touched on and hinted at on the Internet. Now it’s time for a full-blown discussion here about the political aspects of gang stalking. I don’t claim this will be an all-encompassing look at the subject, since, for example, I know relatively little about its history and development. I can only write about the things I see, the things I know, and the things I experience. Even so, there’s plenty of material to consider.

Experts on gang stalking talk about ties between it and far-right political extremists/hate groups; I see major ties between the two. (Just for the record, I’ve been a registered Republican all my life but am a political moderate who votes across party lines.)

As previously described in my post entitled “Birds Of A Feather”, I was once aggressively tailgated on I-10 by a large, bright red SUV with a custom Lt. Governor of Texas license plate. (Note: I could not see who was driving this vehicle.) As soon as the vehicle finally sped off, its place almost touching my rear bumper was immediately taken by a vehicle driven by my ex-husband with his current wife in the passenger seat. (My ex- was acting in a bizarre fashion while he tailgated me, as also described previously.)

Texas’ current lt. governor is David Dewhurst, who happens to own a ranch not far from where we live. He also happens to be an ex-CIA officer who served in Bolivia (where, coincidentally, a close relative of my ex-husband’s recently did a summer internship). Dewhurst, who has been described as having a CEO-type personality, actually wields more power than the governor of Texas because of the way our state government is set up. Dewhurst is known to be extremely wealthy but openly flaunts state income disclosure laws by hiding his assets in a supposedly “blind trust”.

There are other CIA ties to our case. The female attorney from San Antonio who defrauded and victimized my children and me between 2006 and 2007 has an Hispanic surname but introduced her husband to me as “David Clark”, and they both told me he worked for the CIA. I’ve since learned this name is considered a generic spy name in the same way that John or Jane Doe are used as a generic term for someone whose identity is unknown. This attorney, whom I hired on the specific recommendation of a well-known professional document examiner with ties to the FBI, has connections to the equestrian world and admitted knowing my cousin, a world-class equestrian my father said years ago “knew people in organized crime”.

After I figured out this attorney was conning us and fired her, I learned she had a background as a criminal defense attorney, NOT a trust attorney as I’d been told. Later I discovered she was advertising herself in local newspapers as an “elder law attorney” and holding “financial planning seminars” in conjunction with Democratic functions. When I informed high-level Democrats about how she appeared to be targeting the finances of their members, the attorney suddenly changed to “non-legal employment” according to the Texas State Bar’s licensing website.

Our case also has plenty of other very high-level federal right-wing ties. My former father-in-law is a close associate of Tom Loeffler (both are from Mason and Fredericksburg) and a close friend and old fraternity brother of Red McCombs. My former brother-in-law attended Rice University with Alberto Gonzales; both are attorneys. Karl Rove’s official residence for voting purposes is about 30 minutes from us, in Ingram. Business writer Roger Cameron has a ranch near us that looks like a military fortress. The Bush Museum of the Pacific War is located in Fredericksburg, and the Bush family has many ties here. (Coincidentally, my ex-husband has close relatives in Waco.)

In fact, local high-level federal connections that go way back (my ex- grew up with the families of LBJ’s Secret Service agents and knows many of them well) were used to bring federal contacts to manufacture sophisticated federal devices and equipment for agencies like the CIA, NASA, and the DHS here. Some of these contracts are for the manufacture of sophisticated surveillance equipment, and the companies making it happen to also manufacture precision parts and equip0ment my ex-husband uses in his business. As reported by WOAI, over $20 million worth of these same kinds of federal equipment just happen to be missing and unaccounted for.

In addition, local first responders have been in trouble over federal equipment purchased with DHS grants after 9/11 (some of it surveillance) and computers that turned up missing or being improperly stored or used. (The local head of emergency services resigned because of this. The local police chief was caught with a defibrillator he wasn’t authorized to use or have sitting out openly in his office.) A missing rocket launcher was found on a ranch northeast of San Antonio and returned to the military. At one point, nuclear warheads from a military base near where one of my husband’s business partners is from in North Dakota were supposedly accidentally flown to Texas.

As discussed here in numerous other posts, my children and I have been extensively stalked, harassed, and conned by former federal law enforcement agents, one of whose wives went to high school in San Antonio with both a retired FBI agent now rumored to have ties to organized crime and one of the biggest criminal defense lawyers in San Antonio. Earlier this year, we were apparently harassed by federal drug-fighting helicopters (see “What’s The Buzz Revisited”).

Back here in Texas, Gov. Rick Perry, a very conservative Republican, has been extensively backed financially by major Texas developers, builders, and real estate organizations, all of whom my ex-husband and his family have ties to. Gov. Perry is extremely anti-federal government and has openly talked of secession; close ally Sarah Palin regularly comes here to meet with him and others. Recently Perry announced he’s starting a new right-wing governors’ group he intends to head.

When the President traveled to Austin a few months ago, Gov. Perry tried to hand Obama a letter purported to be about border security issues, but Obama refused to accept it and forced Perry to hand it to a female aid instead. Rather than angering Perry as one would expect, videos made both during the incident and shortly afterward show a Perry who was clearly frightened—shaking in his cowboy boots, in fact.

Because Gov. Perry’s primary duties involve making high-level state appointments and Perry has been in office for so long (and George Bush served as governor before him), the vast majority of important state positions here are held by his right-wing cronies. These are the same people at the Texas OAG, DPS, Ethic Committee, State Medical Examiner’s Office, etc. who repeatedly refuse to prosecute our case and others and do nothing to stop the rampant gang stalking or properly investigate or prosecute the open drug trafficking (see “They Do What?”, for ex.) or numerous and obvious homicides or suspicious deaths here. A new (10/3/10) study just published in the San Antonio Express-News showed a strong statistical correlation between persons holding concealed handgun licenses and far right-wing Perry supporters.

As someone who lives here, I can tell you that the severe and uncontrolled corruption and organized crime at all levels of government and law enforcement is ALREADY resulting in the kind of anarchy and chaos most Americans associate only with Mexico. Because of their fear of being targeted by the unchecked gang stalking networks here, honest journalists and concerned citizens refuse to speak out about what’s going on. As bad as things are in Mexico right now, at least that country is fairly open about what’s going on and is making concerted efforts to go after those behind the crime there. On the U.S. side of the border, we just lie of conceal the truth and refuse to deal with it.

President Obama’s interaction with Gov. Perry at the Austin airport indicated he’s aware of both the true situation here and the fact that Perry and his right-wing associates are behind it. However, the President STILL hasn’t made any of the major federal appointments in our district, the Western District of Texas. This indicates he’s being blocked politically from appointing the most important people as far as prosecuting (U.S. attorney) and trying (federal judge) major organized crime cases here (probably by our two powerful Republican senators). The DOJ, DHS, and Federal Reserve also seem powerless to stop the money laundering, drug trafficking, and white collar crime that are all so prevalent here.

Meanwhile, local right-wing extremists continue to enrich themselves through criminal activity and use this money to arm themselves and support gang stalking that targets their enemies (or perceived enemies). This brazenly violates people’s most basic civil and constitutional rights, yet they’re being allowed to do this with FEDERAL EQUIPMENT! Significantly, local “insiders” also continue to send as many of their children into the military and place as many of their supporters in other high-level positions as possible (see below for examples). (The body of local murder victim Col. Phillip Shue showed signs of sophisticated military torture.) These factors combine to go way beyond openly victimizing people. They in fact already form a very serious threat to our national security and beg the question of who’s actually running our country right now.

It’s very telling that one of President Obama’s first acts in office was to go before CIA employees and inform them they would not be prosecuted for any illegal acts they committed under orders from the previous administration. At the same time, the President also promised to go after any officials who were involved in the ordering of employees to commit such acts. As far as I can tell, that hasn’t happened yet. Bottom line: none of the main perpetrators have been stopped, and they continue to find creative ways to fund, continue, and expand their criminal activities as a result. The situation here continues to escalate, and victims like us can’t get any protection or relief of any kind.


Anonymous said...

Philip Shue was not murdered by military personnel trained to inflict torture. That is an absurd conclusion. There is absolutely no definitive evidence that the military was involved.

ML said...

I disagree. Some of the accounts I've read state that one autopsy found definite burn marks on Col. Shue's skin in places where electrodes are apparently placed.

Anonymous said...

Also they did flyovers my house too...were not on flight route other than one routine....one day 30 flyovers in 3 hours...doing it illegally too below 3000 ft etc. using people walking, vehicles, phone, mailing things like example "PIECE OF MIND" in regards to advertisement, park in front of house 3 hours passing out flyers from dealership too. Etc Also show up on flights if you fly...just so you know... etc.....very organized, using sophisticated surveillance only intel could get hands on the stuff they used on me....hiring people in your job if they can't find anything bad on you. ETC....they get dossE eh on you and use things only you know in conversations on phone calls in person etc. use multiple vehicles and some have dealer plates...stalk using contractors associated with them also and also had temp guy show up at post office I frequent etc. they get your patterns and then show up there play mind games etc. like intelligence operation being run illegally from people with money tied to politics...they are also rear ending people using vehicles HIT AND RAN ME tracked plate ties back to non profit tied to them... etc...Judge in our case was sweitched to judge ties to RNC....moneylaundering case involving DELAY etc. ...ties to this organization.

Anonymous said...

Fraternal people gang stalked me too...they R using intimidation, stalking, psychological like psops being run off the books and using a network like BLITZKRIEG type communicate your location and patterns to others and BLITZKRIEG YOU its like the Nazi['s used in WWII same MO...called me on vacation in hotel room talking about LIFE INSURANCE etc....they use multipe States with people there to target you and your right the organizations you mentioned are involved...we know who they are also...posing as community leaders...paper connections and media connections ORGANIZED CRIME ........phoney christian front tricking the REAL CHRISTIANS...drugs etc.

Anonymous said...

There running a psyops program thats all I know...isn't that illegal???

ML said...

Yes; it's also immoral. However, laws against organized/gang stalking desperately need to be strengthened.

January is National Stalking Awareness Month. Please contact your elected officials to make it clear to them that you know what organized/gang stalking is (including how it differs from regular stalking), that you know it's on the rise, that you consider it an abomination, and that you feel the laws against it need to be strengthened. Then start contacting your friends, relatives, aquaintances, media representatives, and anyone else you can think of and start telling them the same things!

Ordinary people simply MUST start speaking out loudly and very clearly about this issue. As pointed out by Medawar in "Empire Builders" earlier in this blog, all it takes is 1 in every 30 people participating in organized stalking to control a nation--and not all of these even need to really understand what it is that they're doing!

Anonymous said...

We need to tell the churchs whats going on...

ML said...

Yes, you're absolutely right.

Unfortunately, however, in my community at least, some of the individuals who are most heavily involved in the gang stalking and crime also happen to be extremely active in their churches, to the point of running them, in many cases. (One reason for this may be because churches are tax-exempt, making them very attractive to people wanting to launder money from criminal activities.) My children and I have been systematically and deliberately run off from a church we enjoyed active membership in for years because of severe stalking directed at us by other members--and in at least one case, also by a former pastor and his wife.

ALL of the people in charge of the finances of our local churches happen to be close, longtime/lifelong associates of my ex-husband and his family.

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