Sunday, October 3, 2010

Personal Experiences With Gang Stalking

It's only been in the last few weeks or so that I became aware of the information in the previous post and began to understand at last the true nature and extent of gang stalking. I've certainly known a lot about what it is and how it works on a day-to-day basis, however, because in retrospect, my children and I have been victims of it for at least 12 years (and, knowing what I now understand about this area, probably much longer).

My new-found knowledge about what's being done to us has caused me to realize I've already posted a great deal of information and documentation of our situation as targeted individuals on this blog. One of the most striking examples of this can be seen by going to my 9/24/09 post entitled "Code Names", keeping in mind that the goals of gang/cause stalking as defined by expert David Larson are to "identify, vilify, nullify, and destroy the target". (After you've looked at this, check out the comment left by my ex-husband in which he calls me "Glacier Girl".)

Rather than take the time to go through each and every post and comment looking for all the documentation of the severe and ongoing gang stalking of us, I challenge my readers to take the defining mechanisms of gang stalking listed in the previous post and see how many examples you can find on your own. To help you get started with doing this, I'm reposting the basic list along with a few representative examples of each from the blog. Also, there are a great many more that deal with issues not specifically listed here but which still clearly involve gang stalking: "Serious Medical Issues", for example.

I'm also posting a page of samples of some of the hate comments left by gang stalkers on my blog. I'm doing this to very clearly illustrate how some of the most basic tenants of gang stalking, such as verbal threats, derogatory name calling, noise harassment, lies, money, intimidation, slander, disinformation, and cyberharassment are being openly used against us without any apparent fear of prosecution.

Readers should realize that there's also considerable proof sophisticated federal equipment is being used to gang-stalk us. For more information on this, please see "What's The Buzz Revisited" and "Illegal Surveillance Summary".

Finally, I'm including a copy of a post left at another website by someone who has apparently looked into our situation that I've referred to before. Gang stalkers should be aware that this is how their comments are viewed by legitimate law enforcement.


Anonymous said...

It's probably safe to say Mary Lou has never been stalked by anyone ever. Her severe paranoid state makes her think that any neutral event pertains to her.

The comments are all in response to her incredible assertions that there is a huge drug/murder ring and each event is somehow involves her personally.

She has made so many false accusations,assertions etc. that she has exactly zero support. She has has made enemies of hundreds of people she has lied about or simply guessed wrongly but still wrote her guess as fact.

She is a pathetic disgusting liar who is incapable of telling even the simplest story truthfully.

Stalking this evil, extremely ugly (spiritually and otherwise) person is furthest thing from anyone's mind.

Anonymous said...

Have you been reading the papers lately? There have been all kinds of drug realted crime in the southern states. Americans getting murdered, their mexcian investgators getting beheaded. This seems very likely, particularly if her stupid husband is involed in the southern boarder drug trade. I have heard that he is a user.

Anonymous said...

What is the device called where they can see thru your walls?

Medawar said...

Possibilities are:

Thermal imaging camera (crude image and only if wall thin and outside cold.)

Image intensifier (walls thin and outside dark.)

Passive millimetre wave camera. Very sophisticated and uses natural radiation, so cannot be detected. Bulky and expensive kit though, but sees through walls and clothes.

Wall-penetrating radar is essentially a cruder version of the above with a powerful source of artificial millimetre waves built in. It is possible to detect these and they may injure people. Images much less pictorial than the passive cameras.

fibre-optic probe cameras: actually hair-thin holes in walls required, but in many apartment buildings there are cracks and things around anyway. If the stalkers appear to know things that you have only written down and not spoken aloud, this kind of device is a strong possibility.

counter-measure to passive millimetre wave cameras and thermal imaging: shiny metallic mobiles hanging from the ceiling to create constant shifting patterns in the infra-red and MMW background inside your dwelling.

counter measure to wall-penetrating radar, not foil everywhere, but a large, foil covered sheet of mounting card which is then made into concave shape to reflect back a distorted and "focused" version of the beam being used to "illuminate" the inside of your dwelling.

Remember: stalkers use cheap and simple tricks to make you think that something complicated and impossible is happening. Always think what cheap trick might be sued before exploring the sci-fi stuff.

Anonymous said...

This link covers some ideas on seeing through walls.

What she describes a T-wave is what Medawar describes as millimetre wave.

Anonymous said...

trying again, with the link actually in the comment this time:

ML said...

There's a great deal of additional scientific information at the link mentioned above--it's well worth a look.

Thank you Medawar and Anonymous for helping me out by answering this person's question when I couldn't.