Saturday, October 9, 2010

Gang Stalking In The Last Few Days

You'd think the people doing this stuff to us would be concerned about getting caught, but they aren't, which is very telling. For example, at 4:34 AM on 10/2/10, we were awakened by a prank call from a law enforcement dispatcher. She tried to claim her call was about some loose livestock she said she thought might belong to us, but as the call went on, I could hear male law enforcement officers laughing in the background, and from her descriptions, the livestock she said were loose were definitely not ours. (Please understand that ours is a small town of farmers and ranchers where everybody knows everybody else's business, including who owns what livestock; I doubt very seriously that there really were any animals even loose. Also, in the past we've had trouble with local law enforcement officers cutting holes in our fences and then claiming we let our animals get out.)

The other day when I went to the supermarket, a close associate of my former mother-in-law's who lives on the hill above our house and harasses us frequently followed me around the store, pulled her cart suddenly in front of mine, muttered some ugly things to me quietly, etc. (The last time I visited this store, it was a married couple with close business ties to my ex-'s family doing this same kind of stuff to me. The time before that,... I think you get the picture. It's different people each time generally, although of course eventually they repeat. They always say things like, "How does it feel to lose your husband/be on your own/have everyone hate you/be so ugly"/etc.)

Then when I got to my vehicle, a petite woman in a grotesque Halloween costume was waiting nearby. She was positioned near the cart drop-off rack so that I had to walk right by her and would be certain to see her up close. She was slowly (VERY slowly!) loading groceries into the box behind the cab of a tan pickup truck and was dressed in baggy drawstring-waist pants and a too-large long-sleeved jacket to try and conceal her small size and sex. She had a silly-looking hat on her head, and her entire face was covered by a pale-skinned rubber mask with the most enormous red rubber lips on it I've ever seen. Either the mask or the hat had straight, thick, chin-length, white hair attached to it. The overall effect was meant to look like an elderly person, but she'd forgotten to conceal her hands, and as she raised them to load groceries, I could see them clearly. They were the hands of a younger female, and one of them sported an unusual bracelet made of a thin black material that went around the wrist, made a "V" across the back of her hand, and attached to a ring around her middle finger made of the same material.

Yesterday I needed to go to Walmart, where the following and harassing of me was done by, among others, a woman from Stonewall who once survived a tornado there only to tell a reporter in front of the t.v. cameras that she'd had only one child with her at the time, when in fact she'd had two. (A friend of mine once went to pick up one of her kids for a scouting event and found her passed out in the bedroom. Both children, who were young, were sitting in the cold and dark house with nothing to eat. My friend wrote the mother a note, loaded up both kids, took them straight to a local restaurant, and bought them cheeseburger meals with all the trimmings.)

For some reason, we've also had a sudden rash of strange vehicles of various kinds parked in front of our house and driveway at odd hours. One of these vehicles, a dark green pickup with tan markings of a custom paint job but no make or model or dealer logos visible, had a slightly different license plate on the back from the one on the front. (One "S" was definitely a "5" instead--I checked this twice to be sure. At least this vehicle did have a plate on both the front and back, because about a fourth of local vehicles don't, even though it's a clear violation of the law.) Later, a much older, much paler green truck was parked in front of our house with the same basic plates, but this time the front and back plates matched exactly.

Last night as I mowed the front lawn, numerous (~30-50) vehicles, some of them marked police cars, did drive-bys. Later as I walked my dog, a young blond woman waited just out-of-sight around the corner and suddenly stepped out in front of me with a small dog (because she knew it would startle and upset my dog). At around 5 AM this morning, someone started either making or broadcasting a "metal on metal" noise somewhere just to the east of our house. Around 7 AM and again around 8 AM, someone stood in front of our house for 10-15 minutes at a time in order to make our dog bark and wake us up. Life goes on.

Last night we watched the CNN special on bullying. It was informative and well-done, but we noticed that every time the topic of discussion got anywhere near adult participation in bullying, Anderson Cooper immediately jumped in and changed the subject.

Of more interest was an MSNBC report that the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is suddenly trying hard to get a bill passed that would seriously limit lawsuits against the multi-national, multi-billion-dollar corporations that use promises of jobs and other incentives to play our government and others (especially China) off against each other. They also happen to be the people behind large-scale gang stalking with the use of sophisticated equipment.

If you care at all about who's really running our country and/or stopping the escalating horror that is organized stalking, I urge you to immediately contact your elected officials all the way up to President Obama and urge them 1) not to pass the U.S. Chamber of Commerce legislation limiting lawsuits; 2) aggressively prosecute gang stalkers, especially those who lead them; and 3) ask the government not to give in to demands by powerful multinational corporations. It's a matter of who's actually in charge of the U.S., our elected officials or organized crime, and it's just as serious as it gets.

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Anonymous said...

This, almost exactly to a T is what goes on in Tampa, FL. Instead of cows they let our dog loose and other things. I'll be back another time. Keep up the good work !!! Oh I just discovered yesterday AND CAN PROVE that a corporation is behind what is going on with my family. That clown lady.. what a lot of work. Idiot. Is there a local elks or mason or sertoma ?? I'm sure there is. There's the root of some of it too.