Friday, July 31, 2009

Update on Previous Incident

Yesterday the head of the athletic department at the local high school called me and tried (unsuccessfully) to convince me it wasn't a high school coach or class involved in the trespassing incident that damaged our front lawn. After talking with him, I faxed the school district additional information proving I knew perfectly well who had victimized us and that we could identify them.
This morning I finally got a call from the coach admitting he was the one who did this to us. After admitting his guilt, he tried to convince me the students involved weren't wearing official high school attire; I told him I was aware of what student athletes are told to purchase and wear for official practices and that this was what the students involved were wearing. He then tried to tell me he didn't know what his students were doing as "his back was turned". I told him this simply wasn't true, as both my daughter and I could attest. (He also admitted that another person present that we'd thought was a student was actually another coach!) After I asked for an apology, he did reluctantly give me a simple "I'm sorry".
This coach also admitted to me what I already knew: his parents own property that adjoins mine to the north-northeast.
UPDATE: This same coach followed me while I walked my dog the next night, and he was waving, grinning, and laughing to make sure I noticed him.


jhoerste said...

congrats on finding an actual true crime, kids running in your yard, maybe they'll get the chair

ML said...

I now have some updated information regarding the incident in my front yard. The coaches involved were apparently working for the local hospital's "Wellness Center" at the time. This is significant because the hospital has just announced that an abandoned building next to our house is to shortly become the new site of the Wellness Center's rehab. program, a fact these coaches undoubtedly knew about when they instructed their students to trespass on our property and damage it.

The incident is almost certainly harassment related to issues I've discussed previously in "My Story" (6/18/09), "If You Can't Trust Your Doctor,..." (6/20/09), "Protest" (7/6/09), and elsewhere on this blog.

Anonymous said...

the poor coach does not work for the wellness center

its hard to say what really happened but you know the coach learned a valuable lesson as we all and that is to stay far away from mary lou

Anonymous said...

I am sorry the kids didn't shit in your yard. That would be funny