Saturday, August 8, 2009

Kamau Victims' Update

I have been contacted by additional persons victimized by Diop Kamau and the Police Complaint Center, and I have some important additional information for victims. If you filed an online complaint with iC3 before 2009, you will need to refile it. Note that this procedure (under "File A Complaint" at is quick, easy, and secure, and you won't have to worry about retailiation after you do this. It is VERY IMPORTANT that at many people who've been victimized as possible file their complaints AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, even if it's been many years since your incident/contact took place.

Also, if you are interested in trying to get your money back, please go to the website of the Washington, D.C. district attorney's office and file a consumer complaint (mark/file it to the attention of Ms. Carter with this office). Important note: on the complaint form, there is a place where you have to check whether you give your permission for the OAG's office to contact Kamau and the PCC on your behalf; if you check "No" because you are afraid of retaliation, Ms. Carter says your complaint will simply go into a permanent database and they will not be able to pursue trying to get you a refund; if you check "Yes", they will contact the company about trying to get your money back, but based on the experiences of myself and other victims who've done this, you can expect serious retaliation such as having your personal info. posted online, being libled and slandered severely on Kamau's and other public websites, etc. Each victim will have to decide on their own whether this is worth it to them or not (sadly), at least until law enforcement finally acts to protect us.

We know there are A LOT of people who've been victimized, both because of various web postings and also because another victim I'm in contact with made an open records request to the FTC and received many, many pages of copies of formal fraud complaints filed over the years with the FTC. Some of the stories told in these complaints are heart-wrentching. Collectively they tell the stories of people from all over the U.S. who were first victimized by law enforcement in various ways and then were victimized again by Kamau and his associates. The stories of what happened with Kamau and the PCC are remarkably similar: people were conned into believing they needed to purchase various expensive goods and services based on PCC employees "professional expertise" (which was believable based on the facts that the PCC website was linked to other legit. law enforcement websites, advertised having done award-winning investigations for major t.v. networks, was staffed by law enforcement professionals and professors, etc.); they purchased these goods and services based on these recommendations; and they never received what they'd paid for. When they confronted Kamau and his associates, they were threatened, harassed, etc. For more info. on this (some of which is frankly scary), see the posting by Guest entitled "Fraud Alert" on the LEO Affairs website.

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jhoerste said...

diop must have done a lot of work for the 60k you sent him you ought to send him a nice birthday present, after all he had to deal with you for a year....not an easy thing at all