Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death Connections

Deaths around here are often connected by the most amazing coincidences. For example, when a woman whom I believe might have had connections to our case was murdered in San Antonio on 1/1/09 (a day after her parents' home near the LBJ ranch was broken into), a newspaper story about the death in the 1/8/09 San Antonio Express-News featured an interview with a high school classmate of hers--whose family just happens to own property close to mine.

That doesn't impress you? Let's look at a more complicated set of connections involving more than one death. An article in the 6/2/09 Fredericksburg Standard about a 5/14/07 homicide (with similarities to the one above, by the way) featured an extensive interview with a close friend of the victim's who was one of the first people at the crime scene. This friend, who helped fund a reward in the case, had lost her frail, elderly mother on 2/24/03 when she was found dead under a bridge on I-10 near Comfort, TX during an ice storm. (The mother had been using a walker, and I hadn't seen her driving herself in some time. She was a well-known environmentalist who would not have wanted her ranch developed.) This friend also just happens to share an office with the same local doctor who is supposedly developing the property in the gully just west of mine. (Although they have the same office address, the friend is not a doctor and I have never known what she does for a living. She is a close friend of my ex-husband and his family.)

Still just coincidence? Possibly--but wait, there's more. Back on 8/20/03, a rancher with property near the elderly mother/victim's was found dead under a tractor by a neighbor who is related to my former father-in-law. (There is now a major development there called Boot Ranch that locals refer to as "Boot Hill".) Also, the boyfriend of the 5/14/07 homicide victim died on 2/22/09; he was employed at the Office of the Attorney General in Austin at the time.

These are just some of the examples of connections between deaths that I'm aware of; there are many more.


jhoerste said...

mary lou and i went to new orleans for a convention in about 1984, while i was at the convnetion she was gone for long periods of time on so called "tours" to the garden district etc .. later , we visited a friend in thibideaux la named "mo"

i realiize now there may have been a connection with mary lou and the jfk assassination,, i "remembered" that marina oswald, the russian immigrant that lee harvey oswald married and many assume was knowlegable of the jfk plot lived in new orleans

could ml have left the meeting to conspire about the coverup of jfk with marina? was the reason for visiting mo a hidden message? ie m.o.= marina oswald?

although mary lou was about 10 at the time of the jfk plot, she could well be involved in the conspiracy to cover up the facts

it turns out mary lou was in delaware and jfks older brother may have been stationed there before wwii

the parallels are incredible

Anonymous said...

ml is exploiting the unfortunate passing of several locals

she com;letely made up the parts she uses to support her case
eg that xx mom was some sort of environmental activist or that she no longer drove

she wants you to think her daughter somehow caused her mom to have a wreck in which her car went maybe 40 feet off a bridge, the perp then somehow walked away un hurt

i dont know who the rancher was but boot hill is purely fantasy

ML said...

Update: The Boot Ranch development and golf course are now in foreclosure. The attorney for the development just happens to be the same lawyer my former brother-in-law partnered with in Houston for a few years after he graduated from law school.

Anonymous said...

Bitch. Dana Edwards is off limits . Her death was horrible and I am sick of you using her name to support claims of a conspiracy in Fbg. Stop dropping Jimmy Browns name and anybody else who has passed away. And be warned you will eventually *uck with somebody who will beat your sorry ass. I would love to spit in your disgusting face.

Anonymous said...

Oh MaryLou you are a crazy old bat if you claim all the people above who have died were killed for land. The Edwards girl was killed by her ex-boyfriend and you know it yet you continue to slander her name to support your claims of the hospital having people killed to get property. As for Mr. Chance, he had a heart attack. People have heart attacks all the time especially when they are elderly. You are a sick person who deserves to die old ,broke and alone. As for all the people who are mad at you,I would be really careful. You have so many people mad at you that if something happens to you law enforcement wont come or care especially since you make false police reports all the time. You are basically the little boy who cried wolf.

ML said...

I have NEVER filed a false police report. Period.

You should be aware that I forward copies of all threats I receive to the U.S. Department of Justice and that computers can be traced by law enforcement.