Friday, August 28, 2009

Check Connections

When I filed a criminal fraud complaint against Diop Kamau in Florida, where he was licensed as a private investigator, officials there asked me to obtain copies of the backs of my checks to Kamau so they could see who had endorsed them. When these arrived, I was told it was indeed Kamau's signature on the backs of the checks. However, I was surprised to discover that all of my checks had been converted to wire fund transfers without my knowledge (and some of my check numbers had been changed). Even more surprising were the bank stamps from Louisville, KY; Philadelphia, PA; and "JAX", which I assume is Jacksonville, FL. [Samples shown here.] It just so happens that my father has financial ties to both Louisville and Philadelphia. Diop Kamau lives in Talahassee, FL, which is on the other side of the state from Jacksonville--but my ex-husband and his family just happen to have a close business associate who lives near Jacksonville; this is the same business associate of theirs that the FBI asked me about in 2000.


jhoerste said...

i m amazed that your sophistication is gone!!!!!no one could make anything about your theory.. louiville and philly are branches of the federal reserve and jax is a branch of bank of america for checkclearing do you never check any facts before posting your garbage?

you are implying that diop manipulated the federal reserve to make a point.

the more you write , the more i think diop earned his money many times over!

when we were still married you never acted this nutty, i guess i was the one person in the whole world who kept you from going off the edge

it's almost like you are calling for help

ML said...

FYI, there is no branch of the Federal Reserve in Louisville.

ML said...

Also, the man I mention at the end (the one the FBI asked me about) is the same man I later discuss in much more detail in "The Mystery Man".

Anonymous said...

poor mary lou has no idea how checks are cashed there is indeed federal resereve branches in many cities used for clearing checks

only a paranoid schizophrenic or ppd would try to make any think of this

your buddy is nowhere near jax this is classic paranoid ideation why dont you look at checks from 20 yrs ago

ML said...

More check backs with these markings are now posted at