Monday, August 24, 2009

Secret Rooms

Years ago when my former brother-in-law and his wife were building their current home, I remember them showing me a large room they'd had carved into the hillside behind their house that was accessed by a hidden door. When I was shown this room, it was completely filled with firearms that I was told were their "gun collection".

When my ex-husband built his current home, my children told me they were shown numerous secret rooms, cupboards, and niches that were being hidden throughout the house, garage apartment, and attics. My children said one larger room also contained their dad's "gun collection", which they said was "very large".

A few years after my husband left, we discovered a large hidden space inside our own house we'd never known about before. Unlike the others, ours was empty--except for a large amount of food-related trash (that appeared to have been left deliberately to attract vermin) and a large pile of cedar shavings that had been left in a back corner that could be accessed separately through a concealed opening in the wall.

Back in the 1990s, my ex- and his friends all became licensed gun dealers. They also all became obsessed with reloading bullets, and my ex- purchased extensive equipment for this and spent many hours out in our garage workroom making large amounts of ammunition he said was for "target practice out at the ranch". (I have no idea what happened to all the ammo. he made.)

Since President Obama's election, these same people have started talking about secession.


jhoerste said...

mary lou, you designed your house and were there for every day of its construction. we had part of the attic roughed in, is this the secret space you" discovered" years later, is the trash from greg slate's stay there?

is the large room in my brothers house the 2 by 3 foot closet?

we have a texas tech storm room, its no secret to anyone

did you just "discover" i had a gun collection when you kept my whole collection at your house for 2 years til our divorce?

at least my hobbies are legal and hurt no one as opposed to spending $179,500* on pi's for nothing.

* added up from your original narrative which you omtted in this blog why? embarrassed?


ML said...

Notice in his comment above that my ex-husband directs your attention to attic of our house, not the basement.

ML said...

Also, for the record, the "large room in my brothers [sic] house" is most definitely not a "2 by 3 foot closet"; it is at least 10 feet by 10 feet, and probably more. It's not accessed as a closet, either--it's entered through a hidden doorway.

Anonymous said...

ill bet $179 000 on this ,