Saturday, August 29, 2009

How To Steal Property In Four Easy Steps

1) Get the county clerk's office to file a clearly manipulated trust document that isn't even notarized properly.
2) Get the local tax office to change the addresses on the property (without telling the owner, of course). [See sample document shown here; I have more.]
3) Get the county attorney, D.A., state attorney general, and DOJ to refuse to do anything to investigate or prosecute. [Don't believe me?--I'll be glad to show you their responses.]
4) Put the owner under intensive illegal surveillance so you know every attorney they try to contact; then either scare off or buy off all of these attorneys so the owner is unable to obtain proper legal representation.


jhoerste said...

when you put your assetts in a trust you turned over complete control to the trustee (hodges,etc)they were under no obligation at all to include you in any decision making...this YOU did of your own free will. if you didnt understand what you were getting into you shouldnt have agreeed to it.

i have seen only once that you acknowledge we had JOINT OWNERSHIP of the the land in question most of the time you deceptively imply that all the land was owned by you exclusively. i made a huge effert to not ever set foot on the land that you were to eventually receive, i did indeed go on the 4.5 approx acres that were to go to me in the divorce decree ...i had a dividing fence built to get my own livestock after you refused to let the game trappers on "your side" of the property.. i had every legal right to have them trap anywhare on the property but i told them not to to try to appease you

you should gave been thrilled to have the cross fence and later Milam street put in so you could have your side to yourself...unfortunately you let your paranoid personality disorder really go unchecked

i might be your only reader but if there are others


2there were never any blueprints or plans of any kind involving your land that i'm aware of

3 almost certainly no one has ever monitored you in any way

4 me , the cops your various lawyers pi;s and trustees . my dad your dad have never even remotely discussed acquiring your land for any reason at any time

5 your dad never threatenend you in any way

6 no one ever for any reason , drove by your house to harrass you

7you wasted $179 500 on hodges diop, all the pis and lawyers , i suspect much more and all this has done is drag you into many lawsuits with a potential loss to you of much more

8 you objected to the commercial zoning of your land eve though it made it much more valuable

9 your life has almost no benifit to society, you coud get a job as a geoligist, volunteer your time to some charity, even go to law school but you have produced almost nothing in ten years and have thrown away likely 200k+++ you should be ashamed of youself

Anonymous said...

Her life has no value to society? That's a horrible thing to say. You sound like an abuser. At least she knows how to spell!!

Anonymous said...

your champion doesn't know how truly evil you are

your life is based on revenge

you truly have not produced any good to society!!!

ML said...

I've posted additional information and documentation on the ongoing inability of myself and others to obtain the proper legal representation we are entitled to by law at "The Legal Situation", posted 6/23/10.

There is a great deal of additional information about the situation of myself and my children posted under "My Story" at the beginning of this blog and also scattered throughout this blog.