Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Learn Something Every Day

My kids and I were channel-surfing the other night and came across a show about an Austin couple who'd been awarded $32 million in a toxic mold case a few years back. My kids reminded me that they'd received strange letters from their paternal grandfather (hand-written) around the same time that appeared to have been written solely to help justify a toxic mold claim their grandfather said he'd made with his insurance company that had resulted in his doing some extensive remodeling to his house he and his wife had actually been talking about wanting to do for years. My kids say they still have these letters, so we're going to find them and check the dates.
My children have quite a collection of these strange hand-written letters from their grandfather. When they turned 16, their grandfather gave them each a check for $5,000.00 and a weird letter telling them about how money was the most important thing in the world (which we thought strange coming from someone who'd taught a Sunday School class for years and never missed church on Sunday).
Between the strange wording of the letters my children were sent about the supreme importance of money in life and the size of the Austin couple's award in their court case, we wonder if insurance companies might also be victims of organized crime??

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jhoerste said...

for the record, dad said that money MANAGEMENT was important . you changed the entire meaning of the letter..most people would be extremely grateful to a wonderful grandfather to be so generous to our kids..comments like thes are the most hurtful and frankly disgusting things you write about..i would accuse you of being deliberately misleading if you didnt otherwise have a severe untreated case of paranoid personality disorder/ schizoaffective disorder