Monday, July 6, 2009


Last night around 11 PM I faxed the following to my local property tax appraisal office:
"Protest on the 39% (= not quite 40%?) raises of my appraised land values is based on a federal complaint of criminal fraud and criminal conspiracy to illegally obtain land for development involving multiple illegal acts by public officials that has been submitted to the U.S. Department of Justice. This complaint may include multiple related capital murders (with no statute of limitations) that are also under federal investigation. Further support of this protest has been provided to the DOJ, along with the observation that the land immediately adjacent to the western boundary of my tracts is currently experiencing new construction located well away from any existing development, down in a deep gully, and almost directly underneath major power lines. The commercial building located immediately east of my property has been closed and abandoned and is in obvious disrepair at the present time." Along with this, I submitted a signed copy of the proper protest form and also a summary of the long-term tax history of my tracts (which contains proof of some of the illegal acts mentioned above; I have documentation for ALL of this).
No one who knows anything at all about what goes on around here will be surprised to learn that as soon as I stepped out of my front door to get my newspaper at 8:30 this morning, a large amount of (very noisy) heavy construction equipment was suddenly turned on just to the east of us (by the abandoned building).

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jhoerste said...

actually the guy in the gully is named cornett, he paid you a courtesy call and you yelled at him to STAY OFF MY PROPERTY I KNOW YOU ARE INVOLVED WITH STEVE (paraphrased but accurate in its meaning)

for your information, i have absolutely nothing to do with this property but you wouldnt bother to find out because it wouldnt jibe with your ridiculous conspiricy theory