Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Moving Van

Someone parked a very large moving van in front of our house all morning. This van was blue and white and said "Delancy Street Movers" on the side. It had New Mexico license plates, front plate: rG3597 Apportioned; back plate: 7332FTC Freight Trailer. There's nothing else nearby us, so I can only assume this was harassment and/or a not-so-subtle hint?

This is not the first incident of this kind by any means; we have had all manner of strange vehicles left for varying periods of time in front of our house: vans, stock trailers, very old pickups (often in unusual colors like purple or orange), etc.

On the evening of 8/31/06, someone parked a large brown and tan Allegro Bay R.V. in the street directly across from the entrance to our driveway. This RV had stickers on its windshield reading "Department of Defense" and "Tyndall Air Force Base", and it had Florida license plate C95-7UU. We did not see who left it there (no one seemed to be inside) or who drove it off.

Later, on the morning of 10/12/06, we woke up to find this same vehicle again parked across from our driveway. Again we did not see anyone inside, but a bright orange dog leash was hanging from the side. This time, my daughter walked up and wrote down the number from the Dept. of Defense sticker on the front window: 528 V0V.

Because this vehicle was partially blocking our street just past a sharp curve and was clearly a traffic hazard, I called the city police around 11 AM when no one had moved it. The officer that responded claimed the R.V. was legally parked and said he couldn't do anything but that he'd "talk to the owners" (but we saw him drive off instead).

Later, my daughter saw a different city police officer sitting in a marked patrol car just around the corner from the R.V., so she went over to ask him about getting it moved before someone plowed into it. She said the officer drove over to the R.V. very slowly, make a show of looking at it, and then drove off. [She said the officer did not give his name, but he was heavy-set, balding, and had a very distinctive hooked nose that she could recognize again. Her impression was that he was watching the R.V. as some sort of look-out until she came up to him.]


jhoerste said...

so the crime of parking on your street occurred 3 years ago is this when the cops showed up drunk?

ML said...

The photos of this van that I posted from my cell phone were removed from this site by someone else, not me.