Monday, December 14, 2009

The French Connection

One of the attorneys connected with our case seemed to be obsessed with France--many of her legal documents had stamps connected with France or Paris on them as the examples here show. She repeatedly refused to explain this to me, other than simply telling me she "liked France a lot". She also mentioned a number of times that she was an equestrian who owned horses; much later, I remembered that my cousin (the well-known equestrian mentioned in "My Story" at the beginning of this blog) used to work for a French multi-millionaire in upstate New York.

I do know of a number of prominent Texas attorneys with various ties to France, and my children have told me that my ex-husband's parents and aunt and uncle were visiting France on 9/11/01. (On that same day, my father, stepmother, and aunt and uncle happened to be in Scotland, and my ex-husband was in Alaska.)

Other people with various connections to our case have ties to other foreign countries that I also don't fully understand: Germany, China, Great Britain, the Czech. Republic, and more. My ex- owns a house in Canada (W. Coast) and travels there frequently. Many people from around here seem to own property overseas--far more than you might expect. I'm not sure if there's anything to all this or not, but at the very least, I find it interesting. Hopefully, someday someone can explain it all to me.


Anonymous said...

dont forget ml you have ties to yemen that you havent explained adequately

ML said...

I have no ties to Yemen.

Anonymous said...

and your psychiatric history should be added to give context, i see your previous psych problems as a forme fruste of your current contiditon

if we would have only known

ML said...

I believe it's important for me to point out that whoever made the first comment after my blog above (probably my ex-husband) made it before the Christmas incident in Detroit took place.