Wednesday, December 16, 2009

What's The Buzz Revisited

This small article was published in this morning's issue of the San Antonio Express-News. Now go back and re-read my 11/24/09 blogpost entitled "What's The Buzz?" and consider the amazing coincidences--my firstborn and I got the number correct and everything!

Now please read the comments my ex-husband posted at the end of the above-mentioned blogpost. After doing that, I ask that you please also go back and re-read the piece I posted on 12/8/09 entitled "Texas As A Third World Country". By the time you finish it, you should be asking yourself some hard questions--whether this could be a national security issue, for example.

You should also know that last spring, my kids and I saw my ex-husband admitted to a restricted area at a NASA-sponsored event where he wasn't authorized to be and that security personnel allowed him to remain in this area for over an hour before a NASA official finally insisted that he leave.


Anonymous said...

in paranoid personality disorder neutral events are perceived as personal attacks

im al's mind this is absolute proof that military choppers flew over her house specifically to harass her.

i think this is a diversion from discussing her ties to yemen and sudan too

Anonymous said...

ml is so severly impaired by her ppd she assumes any event she observes (or more precisely believes she observes) is directly aimed at her personally, every car on the road every person walking by her every cop she sees every aircraft, everone are all looking and laughing or grinning at her.
she pays crooks thousands , trying to to prove the unprovable

she thinks people are constantly listening to her

she has never presented credible evidence of any harrassment or any illeagle activity involving her personally

she refers to "our case", of which there is none

she is so impaired she has wasted almost $200,000 chasing imanginary demons

she will be broke poor and bitter before long if she doesnt get sime mental counseling

Anonymous said...

regarding the last paragraph,,ml cannot accurately relate the "nasa event" or little else, whet she will not tell her audience is she sat at the event talking to her IMAGINARY FRIEND for over two hours while we all watched , stunned at this disturbing sight

much like ml at a football game there is a zone around her which is sterile because she cannot relate to other people, or more precisely she is so afraid of otherpeople and accuses every benign or neutral gesture that anyone who know who she is avoids her like the plague

ML said...

The above comments are all totally false.

Anonymous said...

actually ml made some bizarre and disturbing comments about this time , i guess she was so impaired by her personality disorder that she "forgot" she was (and still is)extremely disturbed about her house being monitired, that when she looked in the attic for bugs she discovered the attic was finished without her knowledge! she swore to diop in her own hand to this! later when she pathetically appealed to the cheif of the dps she changed her story to say some sheetrock and a door was added.

this made me think her impairment was improving but she just recently wrote that her ex was doing utility work on her street and choppers were looking at her before going to mexico to fight the drug war.

we will examine her battle with severe agoraphobia later if she wishes to extend this line

Anonymous said...

tell us again how your attic was finished without your knowledge (and more insulation was added to add insult to injury!)